CATEGORY: 1: Simple Malnutrition


The problem is that if you have blood leakage in your mouth, it means you also have blood leakage elsewhere in your body that you can’t see, such as, in your brain where it can manifest as a brain aneurysm or a “ruptured” blood vessel stroke.

Expanding or collapsed blood vessels are also a sign of weak walls, and show up in your cheeks as rosacea, which is an enlargement or ballooning of blood vessels there, and of course in your legs as varicose veins.

With strong blood vessel walls none of these disorders, including bleeding gums, is possible. If you have sufficient Rutin in your system at all times, your hygienist can poke away in your mouth without a drop of blood showing up. Know that you are in big trouble if your gums bleed with just normal tooth brushing.

It’s a simple concept: Anything that is closed off must have walls.

Consider then the nature of walls, to keep things separated. In your body your blood vessel walls keep your blood from seeping into other tissue and causing damage.

Your arterial system of arteries and capillaries—that take blood away from the heart and distribute it throughout your body, and veins—that return blood to the heart for replenishment, also has walls. It is a closed system.

You will never attain 100 percent non leakage in your arterial system; it’s just something that happens. But with strong arterial walls you can have the barest minimum of leakage.

Rutin is part of the C Complex, which includes Vitamin C, Citrus Bioflavonoid, Rutin, Hesperiden Complex, and sometimes Acerola, Alfalfa, and Barley Grass.

Vitamin C is water soluble, and therefore cannot be stored in your body. Meaning, it washes out of your system everyday and must be replenished everyday. Since you will be taking larger doses of Rutin, which is part of C Complex, you will also need to take a maintenance dose of Vitamin C Complex.


 BLEEDING GUMS Quick Glance Chart


Supplement Breakfast Dinner Brand Strength



2000 mg


2000 mg

Solgar or Puritan’s Pride #1561  

500 mg

Vitamin C Complex 1000 mg 1000 mg Puritan’s Pride #3140 1000 mg+



If you follow the Quick Glance Chart recommendations and find that you still have bleeding gums, increase each Rutin dose by 500 mg until the condition stops. That level where the bleeding stops will be your best personal maintenance dose. 


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Maribel is 41, a struggling actor living in North Hollywood who daylights part time as a pet store clerk.

About a year ago her upper teeth started to drift downward and began banging against her lower teeth. This worsened over time until one of the lower teeth became infected from the abuse and turned into an abscess.

Her dentist recommended a root canal and crown that together could cost thousands, depending on where you live and which dentist you use. He also told her that she needed braces to move the upper teeth back up, and a retainer to make sure they stayed there.

When you get a root canal the dentist removes the nerve. Over time, the tooth will darken and become conspicuous against the rest of your whiter teeth. Like many actors and people who depend upon their special looks, good or bad, Maribel whitens her teeth regularly. A dark tooth right up front was not acceptable.

Because of this a crown is now part of getting a root canal. As soon as the tooth is stabilized after the root canal, a crown is applied. The cost of the crown is quoted as part of the root canal package.

However, it is not mandatory to get a crown right away. You could wait a couple of months or more before the tooth became truly noticeable by others. The problem was that Maribel didn’t have the money for even a root canal, let alone the other procedures, which were not covered in her very basic dental plan.

She wanted to know if there was some way she could treat the abscess naturally and avoid the high cost of a root canal and crown. There is, and it costs around $250 for the supplements, and takes about six weeks of diligent daily dosing.

(Smart Maribel realized that she could use her bleach tray–which she got before her teeth started to drift–as a retainer to push her teeth back up to where they belonged. She tried it and it worked pretty fast. Now she wears the tray every night while she sleeps whether or not she is bleaching.)

One thing you can’t do is simply ignore the abscess problem. First, because of the pain, and second because the bacteria actually eats away at the bone of the tooth, causing it to become loose and eventually fall out.


An abscess is a combination of (a) infection/inflammation and (b) the dead bacteria and pulp tissue remaining in a pus ridden liquid around the root. A root canal removes the nerve and drains the liquid. No nerve, no pain. If the tooth is not treated, if will fall out.

In treating an abscess you have to first get rid of the infection, which can be treated the same way you would fight inflammation. They are both a result of rampant free radical growth damage. Then you have to clear out the liquid left behind around the root of the tooth.

According to my paradigm, “Seven Categories of illness,” infection and inflammation are a Category 2 problem treated with Beta Carotene and supported by Vitamin D3, while blockage is a Category 3 illness treated with Lecithin. Read more at: https://lynncapehartwellness.com/2013/09/01/blog-30-essay-2-the-seven-categories-of-illness/

Note: Nothing natural is better than Beta Carotene for inflammatory pain or pain caused by infection. Nothing. And accept that there is no “high” associated with it, Beta Carotene will do as good a job as most drug options for the same time period. If you take enough, of course.


TOOTH ABSCESS Quick Glance Chart
Supplement Breakfast Lunch Dinner Brand Strength
Beta Carotene 75 softgels 75 softgels Puritan’s Pride #1223 25,000 I.U.
Beta Carotene Notes:

You can’t break this up into more than two doses daily. It’s vital that very large amounts get into your body at the same time to counteract the exponential growth of free radicals.

Vitamin D3 5 softgels 5 softgels Puritan’s Pride #17618 2000 I.U.
Vitamin D3 Notes:

D3 is simply a support vitamin for Beta Carotene. Beta Carotene uses D3 to make itself available to the body for assimilation. Therefore, without D3, you would develop a Vitamin D deficiency by taking such large doses of Beta Carotene for an extended period.

Lecithin 10 softgels all at once, or 6 softgels twice daily if you split the dose. (See, notes.) 6 softgels if you split the dose Puritan’s Pride #303 1200 mg
Lecithin Notes:

If you take the once a day dosage level, you can take the ten softgels with dinner instead of with breakfast.

Softgels: It is better to take the Lecithin softgels all at once if you can. All ten. That way it will not be diluted by the body’s other blockage demands, and more of it can be assured to get to the infected tooth. If you must split the dose you will have to take 6 softgels twice daily, at breakfast and dinner. You will need more if you split the dose.

Granules: You can treat an abscess with softgels only. If you want to speed up the cleansing process you can also add Lecithin granules to your regimen. They are less expensive and more powerful. (I tbls = 6 softgels in potency.)

The problem is that they don’t mix well with liquids even if they are hot; their mouth feel can be pretty gross; their taste is not good; and they will change the texture of some foods if mixed with or sprinkled over and taken together. On the other hand, I know a woman who eats them by the spoonful, and says, Yum, afterward. So who’s to say?

The best way is to use a tablespoon of granules in a blender drink with a cup of liquid like milk or apple juice, some fruits like banana, blueberry, strawberry, and melon—whatever your favorites—and a few ice cubes. Mix on high for 30 seconds.

You can also add other ingredients to the drink like protein powder, sea kelp, vitamin C, L-Glutamine, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, etc. And if you are not gluten intolerant you can add bran, wheat germ, or wheat grass. Or sweeten it with honey or sugar. Lecithin granules along with banana give the shake a pleasant, full texture like a milk shake, even if you don’t use milk.


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Category: 5: Virus

Recommended Supplement: L-Lysine

TIME Magazine’s year end issue tells us to expect a “fiercer-than-usual” flu season this year for several reasons.


First, because the season has started earlier than usual, which is “one indicator of an aggressive virus.”

Second, because Australia’s flu season, which typically predicts that of the U.S., has experienced 2.5 times as many cases this year as usual.

Third, because “experts report that the flu vaccine, designed to inoculate hundreds of millions, may not be as effective this season as they had hoped.”

Fourth, and perhaps the most chilling, is that the decades old process of growing flu vaccines in millions of chicken eggs, may actually be contributing to lower effectiveness. 

There are other problematic issues, like the medical industry’s attempt to produce a new vaccine for different strains of the flu based on the best guess of the World Health organization as to which strain we can expect each year. They must do this months before the flu season actually starts in order to gear up. This process ensures that they often get it wrong.

Manufacturers depend on this “guess” to guide them in producing vaccines. Sometimes they get it right, but often they don’t and a completely different strain will circulate for which the produced vaccine doesn’t work.

Another problem is that the virus can mutate so quickly that even if they get the vaccine right, by the time it is administered to the population, it doesn’t work on the newly mutated virus. (Time Magazine, 12-28-17/1-1-18, pp 7-8)

The biggest problem with the current approach to stopping the flu is that they are constantly trying to react to treat each strain differently, when the body sees all virus as the same.

L-Lysine taken regularly during flu season can prevent your catching it. If you do contract any flu strain, L-Lysine can stop it within six to eight hours. 

In order to keep you sick the flu virus has to breed, because each generation doesn’t live long enough to sustain the process that makes you sick. By breeding and replicating themselves, when one generation of the virus dies another is being born within your tissue.

Therefore the focus has to be on stopping the virus from replicating a new generation of itself. If you can do that, stop the next generation from invading your tissue, you can stop the flu in a few hours.

L-Lysine actually disrupts the virus’s DNA replication cycle, thereby stopping the next generation of any flu strain from being born, and ending the cycle.

What’s vital to this process is that you continue the doses even after you are feeling well again. If you don’t the virus will reproduce another generation and you will get sick again.

For more detailed information please read the whole story of preventing and eliminating the flu in Blog 24: The Flu. https://lynncapehartwellness.com/2011/11/22/blog-24-the-flu/



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Lynn Capehart Wellness Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Any donation you make is tax deductible. We appreciate your support for our current efforts to administer a Vitamin Scholarship Program, so that we may supply supplements to those who could be cured of their diseases but cannot afford the cost. You may make your donations through lynncapehartnonprofit@outlook.com at www.paypal.com using any credit card or bank anywhere in the world. You can contact me directly at lynn@lynncapehart.com. Thank you for your support.



CATEGORY: 1: Simple Malnutrition


Summertime is here, and feet are back on display, but they are not usually the prettiest parts of the human form.

beach ocean and two cocktails

One thing that keeps feet out of the “pretty” category is fungal infections of the toenail and the nail bed. These infections result in misshapen nails that can be up to ten times as thick, are hard and brittle, darkly discolored, smelly, and painful. In really bad cases the nail may separate from the bed.


Note: I hate to be the one to tell you this, but did you ever wonder why fungal nails thicken and become hard, brittle, and smelly? That is caused by the poop from the invading fungal microbes, and then their tiny dead bodies as they die off. The organic debris builds up over time and raises the nail away from the bed. That in turn causes pain as the nail is pushed into the surrounding skin.


These symptoms can lead to painful ingrown toenails and people averting their eyes, necessitating a trip to the podiatrist. These microbes can show up in fingernails too, but this blog focuses on toenail fungus. The treatment works as well on fingernails; just use disposable gloves instead of socks to cover the nails.

There is a natural way to control toenail fungus that requires only minimal upkeep and has no side effects. This treatment works faster if you attack the problem both internally and topically with probiotic Acidophilus. You will also need vitamin E oil, or a substitute like baby oil, along with a good metal nail file, and a pair of old socks. Try to get E oil, because it seems to help with softness and pliability over other oils.


Acidophilus is the best probiotic for controlling fungal infections. There’s a little bit of work to the process, but the payoff is big, as it will keep your toenails looking normal without threatening your health.

The common medications available for fighting fungal infections under nails carry with them side effects such as, nausea, stomach pain and cramping, diarrhea, itching rash and hives, and damage to taste buds. There is also a larger danger of harming your liver after protracted use.

Internal Use

For one week only, take one Acidophilus capsule each morning with a cup of water. Take it fifteen minutes before you eat anything. After the week is up, stop taking it internally, and use it only topically as described in the next section.


Supplement Breakfast Brand Strength

(daily for 1 week only)

1 capsule with a cup of water first thing Solaray, with goats milk (can be purchased at vitaminlife.com)  

3 billion count


Mixing Acidophilus For Topical Use

At the same time you begin taking Acidophilus internally do the following:

Always wash your feet and dry thoroughly before you begin.

With a spoon, mix the contents of two Acidophilus capsules with several drops of Vitamin E oil. (You can use another oil like baby oil if you can’t get Vitamin E, but E works best.) You will have to eyeball it until you get used to doing it.

Ideally, you want the mixture to be the consistency of a light paste—runny enough to flow off a spoon onto your toenails, but not so runny that it won’t stay put on the nails. Make sure the mixture completely covers the entire nail surface to the edges and under the top of the nail as well.

You will have to sacrifice one or two pairs of socks to this process. Cut them off below the ankle. After putting a dab of the mixture on each nail and spreading it around, roll the socks back so that you can get your toes in first, then slowly unroll them up your foot. This way will prevent your losing too much of the mixture to the inside of the sock as you pull it on.

You will still need regular maintenance treatments to change the color back and return your toenails to fully normal. To that end, continue using the mixture topically twice a week for three months. After that, once a week should be enough maintenance to keep the fungus away. If it returns, start the treatment over with a week of internal and topical use.


Supplements Before Bed Brand Strength

(daily for 1 week; then twice weekly for 3 months, before reducing to once a week as maintenance)

2 capsules (mix with Vitamin E or other oil and then apply directly to toenails) Solaray with goat’s milk (can be purchased at vitaminlife.com) 3 billion count
Vitamin E Oil mix with Acidophilus Puritan’s Pride #810 NA
Keep both Acidophilus and Vitamin E oil refrigerated. Note: Puritan’s Pride Vitamin E oil is so pure it can be taken internally.


A Recap of The Steps For Topical Use

Always wash your feet and dry thoroughly each time before you apply the mixture.

First Week:

a. Use the Acidophilus mixture daily for first week, while you are also taking a daily capsule internally. But don’t try to file, cut, or trim your toenails this first week. Leave them alone except for this first step: Wash your feet, apply mixture, put on socks, done.

b. Apply Acidophilus mixture to entire nail surface all the way to the edges and under the toenail at the top. It will run onto the skin around the nail, but don’t worry about that.

c. Leave mixture on for one hour minimum; ideally, apply mixture before retiring and leave it on all night while you sleep.

Second Week And Continuing

This is when you start the twice weekly level that you will continue for three months, before reducing to once a week as maintenance.

a. After washing your feet and drying thoroughly, clean under toenails as best you can.

b. Shave toenail surface with a metal file until it is as thin as a normal toenail, or as close as you can get it. You will not have to do this every time you use the mixture, just this first time to start and as needed thereafter.

c. After shaving the surface, cut and trim the nail, and file the leading edge evenly.

d. Apply Acidophilus mixture to entire nail surface all the way to the edges and under the toenail at the top. It will run onto the skin around the nail, but don’t worry about that.

e. Leave mixture on for one hour minimum; ideally, apply mixture before retiring and leave it on all night while you sleep.


After the first week of use, the Acidophilus will have partially worked its magic. Your toes will be softer, more pliable, and easier to trim. But don’t start cutting yet.

First, use the “sharp” side of a metal nail file to shave down the surface of each affected toenail. You want it to be as thin as an unaffected toenail when you are finished. Clean the file often while you work.

If you use the Acidophilus mixture regularly twice weekly for three months, and then once a week, the fungus and its effects will stay gone. If you don’t use the mixture regularly, surface shaving can still help prevent ingrown toenails and some of the effects of the fungus. Also, shaving will decrease pain and tenderness, because by reducing the nail you are relieving the pressure on the skin bordering it.


Some spots on the foot—the outer edge of the big toe, the ball of the foot, and the heel—can get rough and scratchy. Using an emery board on these spots can quickly smooth them out. Also make sure to use a good hydrating lotion on these same areas to keep them soft and smooth.

Please be nice to each other, and look for my next blog. 



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I have always said that Lecithin can prevent and control almost half of the diseases that plague us. Here is a comment from someone who personally discovered its value.

Dear Lynn,

Forgive me for disturbing you again. I’m just writing to thank you deeply for literally saving my life. Ever since starting the lecithin my chest pain has slowly but surely completely disappeared. My blood pressure dropped 15 points in two and a half months I feel my mind and my body feel clearer than they have been in a very long time. There are no words to explain or convey my gratitude to you. I hope everyone reads this and understands that, yes they can live a long healthy life! I have put my parents and husband on a lecithin regime and I am diligent that they follow it every single day!

I also purchased your book and of course, the first thing I did was flip to chapter nine. I plan on following the lecithin protocol there seeing that it’s much more detailed. I am assuming that’s the correct thing to do?

I just have one more thought to add. I realized that the non gmo soy lecithin has a decent amount of omega 6, my understanding is there has to be some balance between the threes and the sixes so I have taken up to adding a tablespoon of flax and a tablespoon of chia seeds to my daily diet along with a fish oil capsule to balance everything. These seeds are void of saturated fats but pretty high in polysaturated fats, I’m assuming that this shouldn’t be a problem bc of the lecithin emulsifying action. Is my thought process correct?

Thank you again a million and a million times over for being an angel of health on this planet.

Peace and joy,
Maria Nikopoulos



CATEGORY: 1: Simple Malnutrition


Worry comes in all sizes, shapes, and forms. No matter the subject, there is someone somewhere anxious about it right now.

A lot of performers experience performance anxiety, what used to be called stage fright. It can also happen to doctors, teachers, lawyers, homemakers, office professionals, chefs, and others who never step onto a stage. Simple staff meetings can turn into the stuff of palm sweat.


It typically starts with a feeling of panic overlaid with dread. Usually, way out of proportion to the actual danger. Then suddenly your heart is pounding out of your chest. Your breathing may become shallow, because your chest muscles are so tight you cannot take a deep breath.

Maybe you can’t concentrate, can’t remember what you’re supposed to say. Your hands may shake, and your knees too. Sometimes your voice is thin and trembling. Sometimes you cannot speak at all, because your voice box is temporarily paralyzed.

You may be nauseated and may throw up before an event. Or you may not be able to eat for days prior to it. Perhaps you don’t sleep well for days at a time, because anxiety is the number one cause of insomnia. Your vision may be reduced to a tunnel, while tiny spots appear before your eyes. And you are profoundly afraid.


Perhaps your anxiety is not associated with a special event. You may experience a continuous low-grade anxiety not severe enough for you to seek help. It can be mild to moderate, and you try to ignore it and soldier on, but it seems to never go away.

It is the constant knot in your stomach or clench in your chest, partnered with an overall feeling of apprehension and unease. You might be a bit jumpy and startle easily. You feel tense whether you go out or stay at home. It is subtle but relentless.


If any of this is familiar, you’re not alone. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, over 40 million adults between the ages of 18-54 suffer from anxiety. And this number only represents people who seek help. Many others suffer in silence.

When you worry you create free radicals that can lead to inflammatory disorders such as cancer and faster aging. It doesn’t matter how precious something is to you, worrying doesn’t help any situation, and it lends you harm.

Unfortunately, there are few professions that don’t require public speaking in some manner, if you want to move up the ranks and be successful.

There are two things you can try in order to curb anxiety: Sea Kelp and a thought control exercise. The exercise probably won’t be effective unless you are using Sea Kelp, but together the combo can be very effective in tamping down anxiety.

Remember, you may not be able to control the stress in your life, but you can control your response to it.


Plain dried kelp from the sea in tablet form is a natural source of iodine and has incredible calming and sleep-aid powers. For that reason, it also helps to still restless legs and quell childhood hyperactivity.

(Childhood hyperactivity is covered briefly below in this blog. Restless legs will be discussed in another blog, but you can use the anxiety dosages in the Quick Glance Chart below to get relief.)

Don’t be fooled by fancy marketing into buying expensive, exotic kelp mixtures. They don’t work any better than the plain stuff. And if not made authentically from sea kelp, may not work nearly as well, if at all.

Puritan’s Pride sells Sea Kelp for what it’s worth: $6.99 for 500-750 tablets, through its buy one bottle, and get one or two free sales. You won’t run out for a long time.


Recommending Kelp dosages is difficult because of the varying, individualized nature of anxiety in each person. The Quick Glance Chart below shows an average dosage schedule, but it may not be right for everyone. You will have to experiment. 

HIGH ANXIETY Quick Glance Chart For Adults
Supplement Breakfast Dinner Bedtime Brand Strength
Sea Kelp ½ tablet ½ tablet ¼ tablet (optional) Puritans Pride #623 150 mcg
You may be fine on a certain dosage for several days but suddenly start feeling over-relaxed or a bit manic. That’s the time to adjust your dosage. Be especially alert for feeling too relaxed, and respond by lowering your dosage or eliminating one dose. If you start feeling manic increase your dose. The doses start low, because Sea Kelp is a very effective substance.
  • The ½ tablet at breakfast is designed to help slow you down at the start of your day, so you can face things with a quality of calm confidence instead of fretful panic.

(I prefer only ¼ tablet in the morning, because I need to be revved up early on, as I am not a morning person. I take a second ¼ tablet at dinner, and ½ tablet at bedtime. I have a hyperactive lawyer friend who takes two whole tablets with breakfast, none at dinner, and a whole tablet at bedtime.) Everyone is different. You will have to experiment.

  • The ½ tablet at dinner is designed to relax your stomach so you can be comforted by a good meal. You won’t have to face choking down food you can’t taste, because stress has stolen your appetite. Sea Kelp will help you have a truly enjoyable meal despite a stress filled day. It is recommended that you take Sea Kelp 20-30 minutes before you eat.
  • The optional ¼ tablet taken 30 minutes before bedtime is meant to help you get to sleep and stay asleep. When you get the dosage right falling asleep is easy. You get comfortable, drift off, and don’t want to move, because it feels like your muscles are melting. Glorious.

Note: You may not need the ¼ tablet at bedtime, if you are relaxed enough from the prior two doses to fall asleep. Or you may need more. If you don’t need this dose to fall asleep, don’t take it.

There is no drug hangover the morning after using Sea Kelp. A couple of minutes after you wake up you are fully alert.

The schedule posted above may be too much during times when you are naturally relaxed, such as on vacation. But these same doses may not be enough if you are going through a high stress process such as moving, exams, or a breakup. You will have to experiment.


You don’t have to take regular daily doses of Sea Kelp if you don’t need to. You can use it just when you are facing a stressful situation, like the Monday morning staff meeting when it’s your turn to make the presentation.

At those times you can start the above regimen a few days before the event, increasing the dose on the day of. Or, you can take ½ tablet at bedtime the night before and a ½ tablet or more at breakfast the day of.

Use the chart as a base line and experiment. Find what works best for you.


Sea Kelp is safe for everyone, except people with slow metabolisms. It can even help a hyperactive child who would otherwise be prescribed the drug Ritalin.

Children are calmer after only a few days using Sea Kelp. They remain engaged and interested and are better able to listen to instructions, comprehend what is expected of them, and control their behavior while they follow through. This new-found control makes them feel better about themselves.

Hyperactive children move so fast that they miss a lot and make mistakes. The same way you might miss a highway exit if you were speeding. Sea Kelp puts on the brakes and slows them down so they can catch life’s exits.

This treatment is not for children who are simply precocious and enthusiastically engaged. What might be called “a handful.” It is for kids who are missing out because of their hyperactivity and lack of control.

HYPER ACTIVITY  Quick Glance Chart For Children
Supplement Breakfast Dinner Brand Strength
Sea Kelp ¼ tablet ¼ tablet Puritans Pride #623 150 mcg
As suggested throughout this blog, you may have to experiment to see what dosage is best for your child. A quarter tablet twice daily is a good start and works fine for many children. Some will need less and some more. It washes quickly out of the system. If the child you are trying to calm down is under the age of seven, start with only one dose, either breakfast or dinner. Move up from there if you need to.


Whenever you are stressed, it’s the amygdala’s fault. It is your early warning system to threats, whether real or not. It controls the way you react to threatening stimuli whether remembered, newly learned, or only imagined.

In the beginning when humans first started evolving, fear was the one emotion necessary to give the species the best chance of survival. That’s why fear was our first emotion. The fear reaction is located in the amygdala, a brain structure responsible for the generation of other emotions, but especially fear.

The amygdala is referred to as the reptilian, or snake, brain and was the original brain to evolve in humans. It is located in the limbic system, the center of our emotions, learning, and memory. The amygdala is darkly moody, suspicious, untrusting, and always on guard.

The amygdala also has a lot of power. For instance, it has the authority to send a message directly to the limbs without prior consultation with the cerebral cortex, the “you” area responsible for decision making. That means the amygdala can make you act without thinking.

Each time the amygdala does this it also sends a simultaneous message to you, telling you what it has just done. If you act quickly you can countermand the amygdala’s order. Otherwise, the ordered limb will follow through with no input from you. It will appear to be acting on its own. In truth, it will be acting under the direction of the amygdala.

If you think about it, isn’t it better to jump back from a shadow that makes the amygdala suspicious but turns out to be only a chimney, than to not jump back and get hit by falling bricks? The order to jump back comes from the amygdala.

Another example: I was lying in bed reading, and in my peripheral vision I saw something crawling on the wall. Before I had a chance to turn my head and investigate, my left hand had turned the magazine into a weapon and swatted it.

At the last second I saw it was a spider and shouted no, just as the magazine hit the wall. I was too late to countermand the amygdala’s kill order to my left arm.

As it happens, I like spiders and never kill them. But my amygdala spotted a potential danger realized millions of years ago and went straight into run for your life mode. Before I could explain that it was just a spider.

Admittedly, despite the grief it brings fear is necessary, because it leads to avoidance of danger and promotes safety. It couldn’t be any other way, as without the amygdala and a powerful fear response, humanity would not have been around long enough to evolve.

There was a study done where the amygdala was removed from a group of test rats. After the surgery the rats lost all fear of everything, even cats. They became easy prey without the amygdala to warn them of danger.


Many of your body’s alarm circuits have pathways that assemble inside the amygdala in order to quickly provide it with direct information about threats.

When your amygdala suspects danger to you, it can suck your mind into a fear loop that leads to intense anxiety:

It starts by sending you a warning to beware of something, say, to remind you that you are deathly afraid of speaking to an audience, when you have just agreed to give a Rotary Club speech.

When you receive amygdala’s warning, you are alerted and proceed to get anxious. You begin to consciously consider the warning and remember other disasters in your public speaking career.

This conscious consideration results in you resending the same message back to the amygdala—that it’s true, you are afraid of speaking in public—and unwittingly setting up a loop.

The confirmation from you to the amygdala that it is correct in its assessment, sends it into overdrive.

The amygdala then propels an even stronger warning to you, and you again respond in kind. Voila, the loop is firmly established, and you begin truly stressing about the event.

This damaging internal dialogue can continue back and forth until you work yourself into a panic attack. Powered by inertia, the loop can continue until interrupted by an outside force.


This exercise appears simplistic, but used along with Sea Kelp it can help to alleviate anxiety. It also helps to improve your overall outlook on an event, on a day, or on life.

At the beginning of the anxiety loop process you have a choice: agree with amygdala, start stressing, and stay in the loop until you are paralyzed with fear and worry.

Or, don’t accept the amygdala’s interpretation. Instead, create a new, sunnier message to send back to it. Assuage the amygdala by telling it that its reading of the situation is wrong. That in fact everything is fine. To relax, because you got this. If necessary, lie to yourself, or I should say to your amygdala.

In short, stop agreeing with the amygdala when it sends you fear messages regarding something your mind tells you is not threatening, like public speaking. It matters what thoughts you let rattle around inside your head. When you catch yourself thinking negatively and fearfully, stop. Simply think something cheerful instead.

Use calming return messages such as: Relax, there’s nothing to worry about; Relax, everything will be fine; Relax, you’re doing a great job; Relax, you can do this, etc.

If you do this each time you get anxious, just lie to yourself and tell yourself you’re ok, you will be amazed at how it can pull you back from the brink of unnecessary anxiety.

Remember that this exercise is done in conjunction with taking Sea Kelp. Alone, it will not have much chance against the force of a strong biological reaction to stress.

Please be nice to each other, and look for my next post: Blog 49: Ugly Toenails, where I show you how to make them beautiful again.



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A man’s body has been preprogrammed by evolution to orgasm as fast as possible. The better to sooner initiate the joining of ovum and spermatozoa before coitus could be interrupted by a cataclysmic event, and thereby increasing the odds that new humans would be created.

If you have ever seen animals engaged in sex you will notice that it’s all over quickly. They follow their programming only, without thought or planning. There is no finesse, no technique, no lingering, no concern about a partner’s satisfaction. Just the male working diligently to get the job done fast. (Admittedly, there is plenty of interesting foreplay behavior in the animal kingdom.)

When you hop on your partner, quickly lose control and hop right off, you too are just following your programming without thought or planning. But said behavior will not endear you to your partner.

Speedy ejaculation was a noble sentiment eons ago when the evolutionary goal was to populate the globe with humans, but it is of questionable value now, if any. Nowadays, with 7.5 billion people in the world, we aren’t as concerned with using sex to make other humans, as we are with using it to enjoy ourselves and others. Simply put, PE ends the fun too soon.

There is no quick fix by way of a supplement, and what I’m going to tell you won’t work for a lot of men. This post is about your ability to strengthen your “sexual will” by practicing an exercise of denial during the act. It will  help you build your “sexual will” the same way you might try to strengthen a muscle through targeted physical exercise. Just know that it can be done.


Note: Women, and men, don’t want a partner who orgasms before they can even get into a groove. They also don’t want an automaton who can bang away all night without ever getting lost in the moment. Believe it or not, there are men who have too much control, and it makes them boring lovers. The following exercise will help many of you increase your ability to hold back an orgasm. But remember, if you take it too far and get too good at it, it can make you appear disinterested. Find a nice balance with the minimum goal being to outlast your partner’s orgasm.

Note: Also worthy of mention is that some women “suffer” from premature orgasm as well. They love the act and want it to last, but can’t control themselves. They too orgasm sooner than they would like, and they too can be helped by this exercise.



Don’t use porn during the exercise. It will get you too excited and interfere with your ability to remain in control.

The goal of this exercise is to prolong how long you last during the act, not to facilitate your path to orgasm. The basis for this exercise is that you will practice denial all the way through the act, and thereby strengthen your ability to hold back an orgasm. You will do this with timed pauses where you remain in penetration but stop all activity.

You will need a clock with a second hand to time your active and pause periods.


Even if you can last a lot longer than the times specified here, follow them anyway when doing the exercise. You might be happily surprised at your increased performance and duration over time. The longer the act lasts, the more pleasure you will experience. Isn’t that the point?

Stay at each level until you can make the act last 15 minutes. When you can remain in penetration for 15 minutes without losing control move up to the next level. Even when you reach Level 4, make yourself adhere to the active and pause periods during the exercise to ensure that your “sexual will” remains strong.

Level 1:

Begin the act, alone or with a partner.

Stop after 30 seconds.

Wait 30 seconds.

Repeat, so that you are on for 30 seconds and off for 30 seconds.

If you find that you are unable to last even for the first 30 seconds, just stop sooner. If necessary, start at 10 seconds active and 30 seconds paused. Then slowly increase the active times until you reach Level 1.

If you orgasm before you can even enter your partner, you will need to practice alone until you can go for at least 8 minutes without losing control. You owe at least that much time to any potential partner.

Level 2:

Begin the act, alone or with a partner.

Stop after 60 seconds.

Wait 30 seconds.

Repeat, so that you are on for 60 seconds and off for 30 seconds. 

Level 3:

Begin the act, alone or with a partner.

Stop after 90 seconds.

Wait 30 seconds.

Repeat, so that you are on for 90 seconds and off for 30 seconds. 

Level 4:

Begin the act, alone or with a partner.

Stop after 2 minutes.

Wait 30 seconds.

Repeat, so that you are on for 2 minutes and off for 30 seconds. The goal at this level is to last 16 minutes, not 15 as in the other levels. 

Once you have mastered Level 4—gone 16 minutes without losing control—you can continue to add 30 seconds to the active stage for each session, but always maintain a minimum 30 second pause interval. Yes, pauses count toward the time period, because you remain in penetration the whole time.

Try to work your way up to remaining in penetration for 25 minutes to an hour before orgasm. You don’t have to stop there; you can go for hours using the start/stop method to remain in control. 


The idea behind the 30 second pauses is that they give you a chance to calm down and stay in control.

During pauses, all your energy should be focused on staying in control and not giving in to pleasure, to prevent orgasm. If 30 seconds are not enough to slow you down, increase the pauses to 45 seconds, or even a minute or more. Whatever it takes to stay in control. Never pause for less than a 30 second interval.

Down time during the pauses is not dead time. It is a whole different pleasure experience. It is rather like floating in a blanket of sensuality, more subdued than what movement brings, but still sexually pleasurable.


It will help if during the active parts you concentrate on not holding on to the pleasure you’re feeling, not letting it build up. What builds up must release; release is what you’re trying to forestall. Holding back release is the reason for the pauses.

Rather, picture that the sensation comes into your brain, is experienced by you in the fullest way possible, and then flows down through your body and out through the soles of your feet. When you feel it building up inside, tell yourself to let go. Don’t hold on to the sensations, instead let them drop away and flow out of you.

The point is by not letting pleasure build up, you increase your control over when you orgasm.

Ordinarily, when engaged in sex, pleasure takes over and leaves you pretty much helpless. If you can remain in control during the pauses you can learn to give and accept pleasure for hours without losing control. It will take practice and plenty of discipline, but it’s worth the trouble.


Note: If in the beginning you fail more than you succeed, keep trying. Also know that you don’t have to leave your partner hanging while you mope about your failure and suck up the proffered pity. Get over it and get back in there. You still have functioning hands, mouth, and a tongue, so get busy. Help your partner over the hump by other means. Use a toy if you have to, but get it done.


Please be nice to each other, and look for my next post: Blog 48: High Anxiety, where you will learn about a supplement that melts worry away, and a mental exercise to help prevent its onset.



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CATEGORY: 5: Viruses


You’re being told to wear long sleeves and pants, to use special mosquito repellants, to be especially vigilant for mosquitoes during daylight hours, to screen windows, and especially, to avoid areas where outbreaks have been reported. All of this is good information. But you are being misled when you are told that there is no substance that can protect you from Zika, or eliminate it once it has struck.


Zika virus is a living entity that craves life and will fight for it much as you would. In furtherance of the goal to survive, increase its population and pass on DNA, it also breeds—in a manner of speaking. Interrupting this breeding cycle is the key to avoidance and elimination of any virus, including Zika.

Each generation of a virus has a limited life span. In order to make and keep you sick, a virus has to continually replicate itself in a new generation. This is necessary because each generation doesn’t live long enough to sustain the process of the illness.

Breeding and replication ensure that as one generation is dying another is being born. L-Lysine works by actually disrupting this DNA replication cycle, thereby stopping the next generation. It’s fast, easy, and safe.

The focus for Zika has to be on stopping its replication of a new generation. If you can do that, then you can stop Zika in a few hours. You have to continue the doses for five days after you feel normal or a succeeding generation may get you again.


In most cases the body will likely fight off and weaken succeeding generations of the virus until it is expelled. But Zika presents a unique danger to pregnant women by way of birth defects.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of babies with microcephaly born to mothers who contracted Zika. Microcephaly is a condition in which the brain does not develop properly, causing a smaller head, distorted facial features, and learning disabilities. L- Lysine is safe to use up to and through delivery. It is often used to safely stop genital herpes, another virus, during pregnancy.



The main ones are Fever, Skin Rash, Joint Pain,

Red Eyes, Achy Muscles, and Headache.

Zika usually manifests in mild symptoms that can last several days to a week. The symptoms are similar to other viruses spread by mosquito bites, like Dengue Fever, West Nile, and Yellow Fever. People rarely die from Zika, and usually don’t get sick enough to seek medical help. Many people may not even realize they have been infected. The biggest danger is to pregnant women.


Mosquitoes transmit Zika through saliva that contains the virus.

Besides mosquitoes Zika can be transmitted through sex with an infected partner even before symptoms are present; condoms are highly recommended if there is any doubt.

If you are wondering how mosquitoes got infected with Zika in the first place, they got it from humans. Zika can be transmitted from human to mosquito. If a healthy mosquito bites someone who already has Zika, it gets infected as well, and can transmit Zika to others. It’s a two way street; mosquitoes infect humans, but humans infected mosquitoes first. The mosquito is simply the carrier of the tainted human blood.


L-Lysine is a simple amino acid, one of the “building blocks” of protein. Taken in appropriate doses it will stop any virus, including Zika, within hours. L-Lysine will stop any strain of virus, because in order for the virus to survive and prosper it has to continually replicate. Stopping that replication is L-Lysine’s specialty.


PREVENTING ZIKA  Quick Glance Chart
 Supplement  Breakfast  Dinner  Brand  Strength
 L-Lysine  4 tablets  4 tablets Puritan’s Pride #3060  500 mg
 Puritan’s Pride has a 1000 mg strength tablet but it’s almost impossible to swallow. You can also purchase other brands, as most L- Lysine is the same if the brand is reputable.
 Amino Acid Complex  1 softgel  1 softgel Puritan’s Pride #5505  various





At First Sign of Symptoms Every 6 Hours Thereafter Twice Daily For Five Days After Symptoms Are Gone  






 L-Lysine  8 tablets  4 tablets  4 tablets  Puritan’s



 500 mg


If your symptoms do not get better, or if they return after you lower your dosage at any time, increase the dose back up to where it gave you relief, or higher if necessary. It is important that you continue daily doses for the minimum time period mentioned. You will feel better, and your symptoms may all be gone, but the virus is still viable for several days. You have to kill the current generation plus several that will follow, before you can be sure it will stay dormant.

Be aware that after taking L-Lysine for a while your bowel movements may be runny. This is not true diarrhea. You won’t move your bowels more than normal, but when you do they might be watery. This is not a cause for concern and will stop as soon as you lower your L-Lysine dose.

Please be nice to each other, and look for my next post: Blog 47: Premature Ejaculation where I introduce a technique that will help many men.




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Cheryl is still trying to recover from the medical mistake of receiving MRI dye despite her 18 years of kidney malfunction.

But the good news is that she recovered enough to go in for an x-ray. Her benign tumor is gone, completely disappeared. She has been cancer free since May 22, when she received the results of the MRI scan. Now the tumor too is gone. The tumor took longer to eliminate than simple cancerous tissue, because it had greater mass.

That means Cheryl defeated cancer and eliminated a tumor by using only natural food supplements for the cancer, including beta carotene, vitamin D3, and lecithin. After the reaction to the dye, I added L-Cysteine and vitamin C to assist in the detoxification.

If you would like more detail please read the other nine entries above.

I will still need to show more case results as proof that I truly have discovered a universal cancer cure, but I am certain that this treatment will cure any cancer in any mammal.


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I started to worry when Cheryl missed her second weekly check-in. I couldn’t get a response to voice mails and texts. Her computer was glitching so I didn’t bother with email. After almost three weeks out of contact she finally picked up the phone one morning, only to tell me in a hushed tone that she couldn’t talk because she was in the hospital.

Three days later I got a voice mail from her telling me she had been too sick to even have a conversation. That they didn’t know what was wrong with her. That she had been tested for several diseases, including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which were all negative.

What? Didn’t I just cure her of cancer?  


Gadolinium Contrast Medium (GCM), (aka, MRI Contrast Medium), is used in a third of MRI’s, and was injected intravenously as part of the scan. In magnetic resonance imaging, GCM makes the scan clearer and easier to read. It makes it easier to see soft tissue abnormalities, disease processes such as inflammation, or a tumor.

Using GCM is akin to taking a photo and then photoshopping it to sharpen the focus. GCM is how you photoshop an MRI scan. The dye can easily be seen traveling through the bloodstream, and blood goes everywhere inside your body.

GCM has a carrier molecule called a “chelating agent.” It helps to ensure that GCM is distributed equally throughout the body. Equal and balanced distribution is important in order to overcome GCM’s known toxicity, while still maintaining important contrast properties. One of the worst things that can happen is to have GCM clump up in spots and not remain equally distributed.

Under ordinary circumstances GCM is almost entirely expelled through the urine within 24 hours. The problem is some people have trouble getting GCM out of their system once the MRI is over. That is what Cheryl is facing now.


  • The minor side effects from GCM are headache, nausea, and dizziness. They occur in only 5% of patients. Even more infrequently, a feeling of coldness may occur at the injection site for a short period.
  • More serious allergic side effects are experienced by about 1 in 10,000, and include difficulty breathing and swelling of the lips and mouth. These reactions occur immediately, usually while still in the MRI department, and typically respond well to emergency drug treatment.
  • Also serious is when the body cannot excrete the dye in a timely fashion. It usually settles in the lower extremities causing an inflammatory reaction and grave water retention.
  • A small fraction of people contract a serious and sometimes life threatening disease reaction called Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF). NSF manifests as localized thickening and tightening of the skin. It can lead to internal organ damage, because the same thing can happen to connective tissue. NSF only occurs in people with impaired kidney function. That is why anyone with kidney problems is not supposed to be given GCM.

(Molan, Maurice, Dr., Goergen, Stacy, Prof., (2009) The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists. “Gadolinium Contrast Medium (MRI Contrast Agents).” http://www.insideradiology.com.au/)


It is too soon to tell if Cheryl has NSF specifically, but she does have a nasty set of GCM side effects. She also has serious kidney impairment.

Cheryl has had renal colic for almost five years, ever since her kidneys were injured in a serious auto accident. There is ample information in Cheryl’s medical records regarding this accident, including MRIs, ultra sounds, and other tests.

Ordinarily renal colic is a type of pain due to the presence of kidney stones. Cheryl does not have kidney stones, but she has severe pain that comes in waves, and clearly she has kidney impairment. Nevertheless, Cheryl was given GCM, which is not supposed to be given to anyone with kidney impairment.

Her doctors never discussed the use of GCM with Cheryl. She was given tests for kidney and liver function prior to the MRI, and they indicated no problems. But there was never a conversation about its use and the danger it presented to her. If they had bothered to read her medical records carefully or discuss it with her she could have avoided all of this misery.

Cheryl is in real distress right now and has several excruciating problems due to the side effects of the GCM dye:

  • There is substantial swelling in both legs and feet that make it difficult to stand and walk. Sitting on the front left ankle and right hip are water sacs the size of large grapefruits. Both are tender and painful. When touched it is obvious they are filled with liquid.
  • There is a sensation of extreme cold that extends from her left hip all the way down past the affected ankle sac. It is also present in her right foot. These areas feel normal when touched, but to Cheryl they are painfully cold.
  • There are dark lines about a quarter inch thick encircling both ankles. Her skin color above the line is her normal white color, but it is a darker grey color below the line. Cheryl feels very sick, nauseated and achy like with the flu. She had to quit one job because she is exhausted all the time.
  • There is a serious problem with her mouth. Her teeth and gums are sore and painful, making it hard to chew. She has a bad, metallic taste in her mouth that ruins the taste of whatever she eats. She rinses with salt water every couple of hours, trying to get rid of the taste.


Her doctors say they have no idea what is wrong with Cheryl, or how to fix it. Yet they also say this reaction occurs from time to time with the use of GCM. So which is it? And why the mystery? If the doctors have seen this reaction with the dye before, why are they giving her all sorts of tests to find out what is wrong? Why are they not attributing it to the dye?

This is the same irrational logic of Cheryl’s oncologist. He witnessed the elimination of the cancerous tissue and the benign tumor shrinking, but still wanted to cut into her to get at what was left of the tumor. Why not wait and see if the tumor continues to disappear on its own? It is shrinking after all. And it’s benign, so why the rush to cut?

For now her medical team continues to test for any number of diseases, whether or not it is possible for Cheryl to have contracted them. They simply don’t know what else to do. I am worried that they may do more harm before they are finished.

I ask myself why practitioners in the medical industry don’t react well to new information and try to utilize it to get a better outcome for their patients. Why aren’t they more curious? When the oncologists saw that whatever Cheryl was using had caused the cancer to disappear and the benign tumor to shrink, why weren’t they more excited? Where was the passion? Why didn’t they question her and try to find out more so they could learn and help others?

It’s seems like medical school deprives them of the ability to seek out new truths, and think new thoughts. It shuts down the creative process so that they never question what they have been told and never seek further clarity.

Making it all worse is their certainty that they are always right, to the point of arrogance, which is not supported by reality because they are wrong more often than they are right. They have failed miserably in carrying out their Hippocratic oath to first do no harm. Cheryl is one more small example in a sea of mistakes.

All Cheryl’s doctors had to do was talk to her about the MRI and the use of GCM. They would have discovered she had the accident that damaged her kidneys and would not have used GCM. In that case Cheryl would be celebrating her recent win over cancer, and getting on with her new life, instead of having to face all this additional and unnecessary misfortune.


Cheryl was scheduled for an x-ray of the benign tumor on June 27, 2016 to see if it continues to shrink. The appointment was canceled because she was too ill.

I have added L-Cysteine and Vitamin C to her regimen to assist her body in detoxifying, and bee pollen and honey to calm her allergic reactions.



Breakfast Dinner Brand Strength
Beta Carotene


100 softgels 100 softgels Puritan’s Pride #1223 25,000 IU
Note: Cheryl was taking 125 BC twice daily to cure her cancer. Two weeks after the cancer was gone, I dropped her dosage down to 50 twice daily. But due to the obvious inflammatory reaction she has had with the dye, I moved her back up to 100 twice daily.
D3 2 softgels 2 softgels Puritan’s Pride #19377 5,000 IU
Note: D3 is important only as a crucial support vitamin for beta carotene.

Sunflower Lecithin

4 softgels 4 softgels NOW at Vitamin Life 1,200 mg



3 capsules 3 capsules Puritan’s Pride #0100 500 mg
Note: L-Cysteine may cause allergic reactions in people who are allergic to shellfish, but not always. In fact, Cheryl is allergic to shellfish but she needs this so bad that I want to try it with her anyway. She will start with lower doses and work up to what is listed here. She will be on bee pollen for a week before she starts L-Cysteine, in order to calm her immune system so it won’t react to the L-Cysteine.

Vitamin C Crystals


½ tsp ½ tsp Puritan’s Pride 2500 mg
Note: Vitamin C is used only as a support for the L-Cysteine, because it facilitates its assimilation.

Bee Pollen

1 tbls pellets 1 tbls pellets Locally Sourced NA

I realize that my universal cancer cure won’t go far if it remains solely on my blog. So I am writing a white paper to submit to a peer review medical journal. Maybe they will listen. They certainly need to.

(Note: Can anyone tell me why the lines in my charts and boxes show up in the WP edit but disappear when published? I use the charts and boxes to separate information and make it easier to read. I am so sick of this problem but can’t get any help from Word Press. Thanks.) 

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