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I am retracting my warning about not using Puritan’s Pride soya lecithin. I tried non-GMO sunflower and egg yolk lecithin but was amazed at how ineffective they were. I was trying to treat several conditions that I know to be easily healed with lecithin, to no avail. In desperation and in reliance on my memory of the efficacy of soya lecithin, I returned to using Puritan’s Pride soya lecithin. I was amazed!!! Using only a third of the doses I had tried with the other products, I, and others, got immediate relief…just hours later, when we never did get the complete relief we were expecting using the other lecithins.


I discovered that making sure to take the Puritan’s lecithin after, or during the meal, eliminated the nausea that I experienced when taking it with just juice in the morning. Hopefully this way will help others who experienced nausea as well.

So despite the fact that Puritan’s may use GMO soybeans for their lecithin, their product has the highest emulsification factor and works best on all the conditions for which I have recommended using lecithin. Also, despite my pronouncements against Puritan’s lecithin, you have the best chance of relieving all sorts of blockage conditions like heart disease, blood clot stroke, erectile dysfunction, lung congestion, gout, dementia, and others with their product.

The other products I found to be a waste of money and time when it counted most. If you did get relief from these products you may continue to use them, but know that if you switch back to the higher emulsification Puritan’s product the healing process will go faster and be more complete.

Therefore, please consider returning to Puritan’s soya lecithin if you have to address any blockage problems. I can only vouch for Puritan’s Pride brand, and not any other brand of soya lecithin, which may have a lower emulsification factor, which is what eliminates blockages.

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CATEGORY: 3: Blockage


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One caveat with this blog is that the therapy will work if the problems are indeed physical, and caused by a slowdown of blood flow to the penis. It won’t work if the problems are psychological, in your head—like maybe you don’t like your partner so much anymore, or you lost a bundle in a bad investment and aren’t feeling very sexy at this time.

On the other hand, if you have trouble performing when you really want to, that can mess with your mind and cause its own set of psychological problems, even though the cause is truly physical. For that reason, let’s start by assuming the problem is physical for now, and that Lecithin can help you. A few men will notice improvement the same day they start Lecithin therapy. Some within 72 hours of regular use. For others it could take as much as 21 to 30 days of regular use. But it will work. If it’s physical, and there isn’t some other profound medical problem going on.

The most common reason for an inability to achieve and hold on to an erection is a blockage in the blood vessels inside the penis. An erection is all about blood flow—into, and out of, the penis. The more blood flowing into the penis the more rigid will be the erection. The more constricted the blood flow, the limper will be the penis. If not enough blood gets into the penis in time, or if too much blood flows out of it too soon, full erection is not possible to achieve or maintain.

All that the common medications do is cause more blood to flow into the penis and to be held there. Sometimes for too long past arousal, and hence the four hour erection warning. But Lecithin can do this naturally, so you don’t have to worry about drug side effects or being ready at the right moment. You will be ready whenever you want to be. You may even experience spontaneous erections for no reason as men do when they’re fairly young.

Tip: Penis Size: Men make a big deal about penis size. There are all sorts of tongue-in-cheek references in movies, TV, and books, to the point that the “size matters” allusion has entered the popular lexicon. I have news for guys. Even though orgasm and ejaculation are possible without a full erection, all the women I’ve ever talked to care less about size and more about the erection. To most women, the strength of the erection is far more important than the size of the penis. If it’s small but hard, you can make your partner happy. If it’s large but limp, they won’t be nearly as impressed. Size doesn’t matter, but hardness does.    


When you are sexually stimulated, physically or psychologically, the brain sends messages to your penis that relax the smooth muscles in and around the blood vessel walls of the corpus cavernosum, causing them to open wider and fill with blood. It is this increased blood flow that gets the penis to harden and enlarge.

Definition: Corpus Cavernosum: The inner shaft of the penis is divided into two side-by-side erectile tunnels. Together they make up the corpus cavernosum. Inside both tunnels is a spongy tissue that consists of smooth muscle and lots of blood vessels. It is these blood vessels that are responsible for creating an erection. They determine whether the erection is strong or weak, based on the amount of blood they receive and hold on to.

At the same time the blood vessels in the penis are filling up, the veins that carry blood away from the penis shut down, causing an increase in blood pressure that swells the penis and traps blood there. It is this trapped blood that keeps the penis hard and erect.

If the blood vessel walls in the penis become blocked with plaque and other organic debris, blood can’t get inside, and you won’t be able to have a full erection. The blood vessels in the penis are part of your body’s complex arterial system. That same system feeds your brain and heart and stomach—all parts of you. A blockage in brain arteries will lead to stroke and or Alzheimer’s. A blockage in the arteries feeding the heart will lead to angina and or heart attack. A blockage in stomach arteries will lead to incredible pain and digestion problems. And a blockage in the blood vessels of the penis will prevent full, or even any erection.

That’s why you find men with heart disease, Alzheimer’s, or other blockage disorders, who also can’t achieve erection. It’s not because the disease is causing the failure, but that all the conditions stem from the same cause—blockages within a closed arterial system. Problems getting and maintaining an erection also have little to do with age. Men are told that their reactions will take longer as they age. But this is true only because the older a man’s body gets, the more time has passed in which blockages can begin, accumulate, and decrease blood flow to the penis.

If you can eliminate the blockages preventing full and unfettered blood flow to the penis, you will eliminate most erectile dysfunction.


When you eat something your body has trouble processing, like a double bacon cheeseburger with extra mayo, French fries, onion rings, and a deep fried Snickers bar, without also providing it with an emulsifier, it stores the left over gunk it can’t get rid of in all sorts of inner nooks and crannies. Just like you do in real life. But instead of a drawer, closet or garage, the body stores it in a number of places, including the arteries in your penis.

Blockages are a whole separate category of diseases unto themselves in my paradigm of wellness. Looking in from the outside, we may call it erectile dysfunction, but it’s actually a blockage masquerading as erectile dysfunction. It could also “pretend” to be Alzheimer’s, heart disease, lung congestion, or a stiff elbow joint. Your arterial pathways have to be kept clear or you will be at risk for many blockage diseases besides erectile dysfunction. But all of the blockage disorders, including erectile dysfunction can be treated successfully with Lecithin.


Lecithin is a natural substance extracted from soybean oil. It is known to be safe, and has been used in our food supply since the early 1900’s. Take a look in your cabinets at the boxes, jars, cans, and bottles there. Lecithin is used as an ingredient in countless foods and cosmetics, because of its ability to emulsify, stabilize, thicken, and moisturize. It also has great suspension qualities.

Without Lecithin, when you opened a box of biscuit mix, it wouldn’t come out in a nice powdery stream, but would plop into your bowl with clumps. Without Lecithin, facial moisturizer wouldn’t be creamy and smooth, but would show the oils coagulated and greasy. Without Lecithin, mayonnaise would be a congealed mess, unspreadable. Likewise, peanut butter. Lecithin is what keeps ingredients in suspension, as a mixture, and keeps the oils from separating from the other ingredients.

It’s Lecithin’s ability to keep organic particles in suspension—and to break up those that have hardened into plaque—that makes it such a valuable food supplement. It does the same thing in your body as it does in the food container: keeps organic particles suspended, not allowing them to clump together. Each Lecithin molecule binds with an organic molecule and prevents it from joining with other similar molecules, by holding it in suspension while it travels through your body and is expelled. Without sufficient Lecithin in your system, oils, fats, and other organic compounds can clump together, solidify, clog up and cause blockages in vital areas, like the penis.

While Lecithin prevents blockages in the arteries that prevent sufficient blood flow from getting into the penis, two other supplements are important and should be added to the Lecithin therapy.

First is Rutin, one of the elements of the Vitamin C Complex. If you’re having problems getting full erections, you have to worry not only about blood getting into the penis, which Lecithin will solve, but also that it doesn’t leave the penis until you are finished. Rutin will strengthen the walls of the entire arterial system, including the veins that are supposed to shut down and trap blood in the penile blood vessels. If these vein walls are weak they can’t trap the blood, which will flow out of the penis prematurely, causing a loss of erection despite sufficient blood flow in.

Second is Gingko Biloba, an herb and a mild but effective natural blood thinner. It will help more blood get through the blockages while Lecithin is cleaning them out.

Supplement Breakfast Dinner Brand Strength
Lecithin (softgels only) 6 softgels 6 softgels Puritan’s Pride #303 1200 mg
Lecithin Granules 1 heaping tablespoon Puritan’s Pride #1064 NA
Gingko Biloba (capsules only) 1 capsule 1 capsule Puritan’s Pride #4544 120 mg
Rutin 4 tablets 4 tablets Puritan’s Pride #1561 500 mg


► When you use Lecithin regularly, in the beginning you will notice other things happening because of its emulsifying abilities. It will clean out not just the arteries in the penis, but throughout the entire arterial system. You may notice that you are coughing up and blowing out of your nose a lot more mucous than usual, because that is one of the body’s channels for getting rid of waste. This is happening because Lecithin is breaking up blockages and causing the wastes to be expelled. This is a good sign and after a while, as more and more organic debris is cleaned out of your body this will end.

► I have recommended Puritan’s Pride brand because their Lecithin is from soybeans only, and contains a minimum of 732 mg of phosphatides in each 1200 mg softgel, equivalent to 61 percent phosphatides. The value of a Lecithin product is determined by the percentage of phosphatides it contains, because they activate the emulsifying process in your body. You may use another brand but make sure it conforms to or exceeds these specifications or it will not work.

Lecithin Granules are best used in blender drinks and sprinkled on salads, fresh cut fruit, and cereals. Make sure to consume it uncooked, in its natural state. One heaping tablespoon is equal to six softgels. You can’t take too much, so feel free to use additional amounts liberally.


Ginkgo Biloba is an effective natural blood thinner. If you are on a prescription blood thinner, like Coumadin, know that Ginkgo Biloba will duplicate your prescription medication.

Please be nice to each other, and look for my next post: Blog 15: Allergies, where I explain how to eliminate them no matter the cause.


Your support is greatly appreciated.


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