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A healthy diet is one way to control blood pressure naturally.

You have a spiritual partnership with your body and a literal one as well. You need each other. Your body needs you to feed and care for it. And it is all that stands between you and the eternal darkness. Your earthly plans mean nothing if your body is not well enough to carry them out.

Usually, when your body has a problem it will send you a signal, a warning, a cry for help, known as a symptom. Symptoms are important and should never be ignored. Symptoms are your body’s early warning system, a request for assistance and materials. It’s telling you something is wrong, and it needs your help to fix it. There might be a sharp pain or nagging cough, an ear ringing or finger numbness, a problem not sleeping or a tendency to fall down. Maybe something so subtle as just not feeling like yourself. But something. In retrospect, there is always some sign.

High blood pressure is different. It’s a “gateway” disease that leads to so many others. It is the quiet killer, the thief in the night come to steal your existence. It has no symptoms, until you’re being rushed through a brightly-lit corridor flat on a gurney. Then you know.


Blood pressure is directly connected to heart activity. It is a way of measuring how hard the heart is working to circulate blood. Much the way a speedometer measures how fast a car is going. In both cases there is a safe normal and the higher the number the more danger invited.

The heart does its job through a pump action. Each beat moves blood along 100,000 miles of arterial pathways made up of all the arteries, veins, and capillaries in one adult body (about 60,000 miles for a child). This system feeds blood, and therefore nutrition, to every location. It also carries away life threatening toxins.

The force of blood against an arterial wall indicates how rigorous the heart is working to circulate blood. This force is referred to as blood pressure. A normal-range blood pressure indicates the heart is doing its job without working so hard that it’s hurting itself and other organs in the process.


To determine blood pressure two measurements are taken. The result is presented as a fraction:

The pressure exerted on the arterial wall during each heart beat is the systolic measurement. It is the top number.

The pressure exerted on the arterial wall between beats, when the heart is still and resting, is the diastolic measurement. It is the bottom number.

Ideal blood pressure for an adult ranges between 120/80 up to 140/90. Nowadays, we’re looking for a number even lower than 120/80. If you come in at 115/78, you will get a gold star. High blood pressure is indicated when this fraction is higher than the ideal range, and is known medically as hypertension.


Primary high blood pressure is the most common and develops slowly over years as a person ages.

Secondary high blood pressure is caused by another medical condition, like anxiety, or use of certain medications. It is temporary and usually returns to ideal once the cause is removed.


There are countless reasons for a temporary spike in blood pressure. If you’re out partying with friends, shouting over the music, your pressure will go up. Having an argument, giving a speech, getting dumped or fired, putting away groceries, taking a test, wolfing down a meal, giggling, having sex, being chased by a bear … all can temporarily raise your pressure. But what if your blood pressure is high all the time?


The two key reasons for sustained high blood pressure not caused by meds or another medical condition are both diet related, (a) osmosis connected to salt intake, and (b) organic plaque causing arterial blockages.


Osmosis is why your doctor and all trusted medical sources tell you to watch your salt intake. It’s due to the havoc osmosis creates in your bloodstream.

You can remember osmosis from biology class when they explained why soaking an injured swollen foot in heavily salted water or magnesium-rich Epsom salts would reduce swelling and discomfort.

Osmosis is the process whereby a solvent, like water, tends to pass through a membrane, like skin, always moving from an area of lesser concentration of an organic, like salt, into an area of greater concentration.

This natural movement of water is the body’s attempt to equalize the salt concentrations on both sides of the membrane. Osmosis is the body seeking an internal balance.

In the case of the foot: Swelling is caused by the foot tissue taking on water to cool an inflammation. The water in the foot, the area of lesser salt concentration, will flow through the membrane (skin) into the soaking water, which is the area of greater salt concentration. Voilà, the swelling disappears, because the extra water causing it has moved out of the foot and into the soaking liquid.

The same thing happens in the bloodstream as relates to blood pressure. High salt usage raises blood pressure due to osmosis. By how much is an individual assessment. When your bloodstream is carrying a lot of salt, osmosis draws water into the blood stream trying to equalize the salt on both sides of the vessel wall.

Any extra water in the bloodstream adds to the liquid load the heart has to move, forcing it to work harder, and raising your blood pressure to bring that about.

Osmosis is an especially thorny problem for people whose body’s are inclined to hold on to water due to another condition, like congestive heart failure. People with CHF can have swollen lower extremities where blood pools due to the heart’s inability to pump hard enough to move it back up. High blood pressure can lead to CHF, because HBP literally wears out the heart, ages it prematurely, makes it old before its time.

group-exercisingelderly black couple on bicycles.jpg

Exercising, even as little as 20 minutes two to three times a week, will strengthen your heart and lower your blood pressure.


HBP causes the arterial walls to stretch outward. This stretching makes the walls susceptible to the growth of plaque. Plaque is the build up of fats, cholesterol, calcium, and other organic wastes on the walls of the arteries. (Interestingly, plaque only forms in arteries, but not in veins or capillaries, which are less susceptible to it.)

Plaque formation is also increased by a diet of fatty foods heavy in cholesterol and triglycerides. Even if you didn’t have HBP to begin with, eating these food would cause plaque on their own, and you’d end up with HBP anyway. Talk about a vicious circle.

The simple act of improving your diet with the addition of, say it with me, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, and lean meats, while also cutting back on foods eaten out of a bag, will help regulate and lower blood pressure. You also need a good emulsifier like lecithin to prevent and remove plaque formation in your arteries.

Note: According to the CDC, 90% of Americans consume too much salt, equal to 50% more daily than is recommended. 40% have high cholesterol, and 33% have high triglyceride levels. The whole maze of illness connected to HBP is totally diet related and fully controllable. Only you decide what you eat.


HBP related damage doesn’t stop with the heart. It weakens and injures other organs as well, and through the same processes. All due to including too much salt and poor food choices in your diet.


If you take a balloon and continually blow it up past its ultimate stress point, certain spots will thin and finally burst.

HBP puts pressure on artery walls until they can no longer maintain the continual stretching, and they rupture like the balloon, causing an aneurism stroke. When this happens in the brain, it devastates an individual and her family. Nasty business, that, but it can also happen anywhere in the body and cause internal bleeding. It is always bad.


If you have a truck moving food supplies to an isolated city, and the only road there from the warehouse becomes blocked with abandoned vehicles, then fewer and fewer supplies will be able to get through. The continued lack of foodstuffs will lead to malnutrition and possibly starvation in the waiting populace.

Like all organs, the kidneys have a considerable network of blood vessels supplying them. Over time HBP weakens blood vessel walls and makes the vessels more susceptible to the buildup of plaque. One follows the other—high blood pressure and plaque. The plaque blockage reduces the amount of blood and nutrition carried to the kidneys, making them work harder until they can fail entirely.


By the same analogy as in kidney damage, the arteries surrounding the heart can become vulnerable to blood clots due, again, to the constant pressure exerted on the walls by HBP. In this environment plaque forms and grows faster, causing (a) atherosclerosis/hardening, and/or (b) a blockage that can turn into a blood clot or simply prevent enough blood from reaching the heart, until you have an attack or other episode.


Plaque in the brain that follows HBP is also responsible for memory loss and for the same reasons. If the arteries are blocked less blood will get through, starving brain cells die, and you face memory loss.

This same scenario can be presented for any number of body areas, because they all rely on sustenance being fed to them by blood vessels. All arteries are subject to plaque if you have HBP.

Full disclosure: I am a salt hound. I’ve gone places and actually not eaten, asked the host to wrap it up so I could take it home, because they didn’t have any in the weekend rental. I’ve sometimes become nauseated trying to eat food with no salt. I certainly don’t enjoy it. I think my body needs the salt, because it doesn’t seem to affect my BP. My most recent reading was 109/71 with a pulse of 60. Maybe my high vitamin load prevents the process or maybe it’s a genetic aberration. Just remember, the rule is that too much salt presents a huge danger to your body and must be heavily regulated. You can use it, in fact you need it, but pay close attention to your intake. Too much salty food one day warrants the decision to eat less or none the next day. Look for a balance and you’ll be safe.


Shortly after publishing Vitamin Remedies That Really Work!, I got a call from Tobi Knight, public affairs host on KIIS radio in Los Angeles. She wanted to interview me in person, not by phone, which is the usual way. Good thing, because we went out for a drink afterward and had a good conversation. I learned that her blood pressure was so high her doctor made her take a reading three times a day and then email the readings to him each day. This practice enabled me to track what effect Lecithin has on blood pressure on a daily basis.

I naturally suggested Lecithin and put her on a high dose of 6 softgels twice daily, plus 1 tablespoon of granules in a blender drink each morning.

The results surprised me.

Tobi was honest and admitted that she didn’t take Lecithin every single day, more like four days a week. But on the days that she did take it, her readings dropped into the normal range on that same day. Tobi’s pressure averaged as high as 180/120. With Lecithin the readings hovered around 120/80.

Until then I knew what Lecithin was capable of, but I assumed it would take a while, maybe weeks, to clean the arteries and bring down blood pressure. Apparently, that’s not always the case, and for some people Lecithin works to lower blood pressure the same day it’s taken!

Lecithin is an emulsifier. It keeps organic particles in suspension, as a mixture, by creating an environment where oil and water don’t separate. Lecithin is a natural substance extracted from soybean oil. It is known to be safe and has been used in our food supply since the early 1900’s. Take a look in your cabinets and refrigerator. Lecithin is used as an ingredient in countless foods and cosmetics because of its ability to emulsify, stabilize, thicken, and moisturize.

Without Lecithin, when you opened a box of biscuit mix, it wouldn’t come out in a nice powdery stream, but would plop into your bowl in funky clumps. Without Lecithin, your facial moisturizer wouldn’t be creamy and smooth when you stuck your finger in, but would show the oils coagulated and greasy. Without Lecithin, your mayonnaise would be a congealed mess, unspreadable. Likewise, your peanut butter. Lecithin is what keeps oils from separating from each other and other ingredients.

Lecithin’s ability to keep organic particles in suspension makes it a valuable food supplement. Is it such a huge leap from witnessing Lecithin’s known properties on other organic material outside our bodies to understanding that it can also do the same thing inside them? To me it’s a straight line of logic.

Lecithin does the same thing in your body as it does in food and cosmetics. It prevents organic particles from clumping together. Lecithin patrols your bloodstream, looking for an organic waste molecule to bind with. Once found, Lecithin prevents the waste molecule from joining with other similar waste molecules, by holding it in suspension until it can be safely eliminated from the body.

Lecithin will NOT cause chunks of plaque to rupture and fall off the artery wall into your bloodstream, threatening a blood clot and flow stoppage. Lecithin works on a molecular level, mincing away at the blockage, breaking off molecule-sized bits and escorting them through your blood stream (like a cop holding onto a criminal), keeping them in suspension (under arrest), and making sure they don’t team up with other criminals to commit more crimes (clump together and cause a blockage), until they can be disposed of safely.

Without enough Lecithin in your diet, oils, fats, and other organic compounds will accumulate, harden (they used to call it hardening of the arteries after all), and cause blockage disorders like heart disease and high blood pressure. With enough Lecithin, plaque and other organic wastes can’t settle on the walls of your arteries and drive up your blood pressure.


Definition: White Coat High Blood Pressure: If going to the doctor makes you nervous you’ll probably have a raised but artificially high blood pressure when they take a reading. It is the act of seeing the doctor that actually raises your blood pressure. There’s nothing to be done about it. They make a lot of people nervous. Just be sure to let your physician know that you have this tendency.


Supplement Breakfast Dinner Brand Strength
Lecithin softgels 4 softgels 4 softgels Puritan’s Pride Item #300 1200 mg
Lecithin granules (optional) 1 tbls in a blender drink NA Puritan’s Pride Item #1680 NA
One full tablespoon of granules is equal to six softgels. You can’t take too much. Feel free to use additional amounts liberally.
Coenzyme Q10 1 capsule NA Jarrow Brand, bought at vitaminlife.com 100 mg
Beta Carotene

(they’re tiny)

20 softgels 20 softgels Puritan’s Pride Item #1223 25,000 IU
Vitamin D3 1.0 ml 1.0 ml Puritan’s Pride Item #30405 5,000 IU



If an ancient water bearer one day has his load increased by half, he will have to work harder by half to move the increased amount of liquid.

The same is true of your heart. If you’re eating incautiously, you’re giving your entire body a one-two punch of jeopardy. (a) Your salt intake causes extra water to be taken on by the blood stream, while (b) plaque caused by that same salt-related HBP narrows the blood vessels, giving the increased load less room to transport. And the heart pounds on, trying harder and harder to move the heavy load. Together, and over time, this double blow damages your body and shortens your life.

Don’t forget, even if you eat well—fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, lean meats, and drink plenty of water—HBP will still cause plaque to form in your arteries if your salt intake is high.


You don’t have to be a saint to be completely healthy, meaning you can cheat maybe 15 percent of the time and still be okay. What counts is what you do most of the time, the other 85 percent. If the bar is set too high and you don’t think you can make it, you may use that as an excuse to not try at all. So give yourself a break.

Specifically, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you were to eat as much of whatever the hell you want once a week, as long as you’re taking lecithin to emulsify the carbs and grease, and, eating well the rest of the week. Knowing you can cut loose on your special day, guilt-free, might even help you behave on the other six days, since you will have something to look forward to on the seventh.


Remember, you’re not taking pills, but concentrated food supplements. This isn’t medicine. It’s nutrition. You need as much as it takes to get it done.

Additional recommended supplements are Co-Enzyme Q10, which strengthens the heart muscle. Beta Carotene fights inflammation that accompanies plaque buildup, and Vitamin D3 assists Beta Carotene in its functions. (If you can’t find D3, use Vitamin D.)

Puritan’s Pride Soya Lecithin contains a minimum of 61 percent phosphatides in each 1200 mg softgel. The value of a Lecithin product is determined by the percentage of phosphatides it contains, because they activate the fat emulsifying, plaque-removing process. I’ve rarely seen another brand that maintains this high level. You may use another brand, but make sure it conforms to these specifications, or it won’t work as described here.

Never take Lecithin softgels on an empty stomach as you may experience some stomach upset. Try to take it after you eat.

Lecithin granules are best used in blender drinks. You can also sprinkle them on salads, fresh fruit, and cereals. Be sure to consume it uncooked. You can use it in cooked recipes to improve texture and smoothness, but those amounts don’t count toward your daily maintenance dose.


PLEASE DONATE. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Lynn Capehart Wellness Foundation is a nonprofit charity. All donations are tax deductible. We appreciate your support for our Vitamin Scholarship Program to provide supplements to those who can’t afford them. Make donations in the name of lynncapehartnonprofit@outlook.com at www.paypal.com using any credit card or bank. Contact me: lynncapehart@gmail.com. Thanks for your support.



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I am retracting my warning about not using Puritan’s Pride soya lecithin. I tried non-GMO sunflower and egg yolk lecithin but was amazed at how ineffective they were. I was trying to treat several conditions that I know to be easily healed with lecithin, to no avail. In desperation and in reliance on my memory of the efficacy of soya lecithin, I returned to using Puritan’s Pride soya lecithin. I was amazed!!! Using only a third of the doses I had tried with the other products, I, and others, got immediate relief…just hours later, when we never did get the complete relief we were expecting using the other lecithins.


I discovered that making sure to take the Puritan’s lecithin after, or during the meal, eliminated the nausea that I experienced when taking it with just juice in the morning. Hopefully this way will help others who experienced nausea as well.

So despite the fact that Puritan’s may use GMO soybeans for their lecithin, their product has the highest emulsification factor and works best on all the conditions for which I have recommended using lecithin. Also, despite my pronouncements against Puritan’s lecithin, you have the best chance of relieving all sorts of blockage conditions like heart disease, blood clot stroke, erectile dysfunction, lung congestion, gout, dementia, and others with their product.

The other products I found to be a waste of money and time when it counted most. If you did get relief from these products you may continue to use them, but know that if you switch back to the higher emulsification Puritan’s product the healing process will go faster and be more complete.

Therefore, please consider returning to Puritan’s soya lecithin if you have to address any blockage problems. I can only vouch for Puritan’s Pride brand, and not any other brand of soya lecithin, which may have a lower emulsification factor, which is what eliminates blockages.

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Recommended Supplements:

Beta Carotene, D3, Lecithin, L-Cysteine, Vitamin C, B12



This blog is dedicated to the brave 9-11 first

responders and their families.



These emotions seem quite different, but they stand together along a continuum as partner expressions. Even though they are opposites, they often travel together. Everyone feels fear, even the mighty. Not everyone can find their courage in the face of fear.

Courage is one thing that helps us confront our own particular fears. Courage isn’t evoked solely by fear, however. It will make an appearance for love, anger, devotion, hatred, duty, pride, and more.

9-11 brought out the fear in all of us—of what was happening and what would happen. It also endowed us with the courage to keep moving regardless

When I think of 9-11 I don’t conjure up the towers as they cascaded to the ground, the people jumping to their deaths before. I don’t see the smoke and ash that covered everything for miles.

I don’t see the devastating mountain of debris and broken bodies in the aftermath. I don’t hear the unfathomable and eerily unnatural silence once it all stopped.

When I think of 9-11 I think first of the fear you first responders must have felt, and the courage you had to muster to see it through anyway.

When I think of 9-11 I see you first responders climbing those steps at the World Trade Center, passing others fleeing in the opposite direction, fleeing for their lives from what was certain death.

Thinking of your families, no doubt, and the job at hand. Maybe an errand or task left incomplete that now would perhaps go undone forever.

I don’t have your kind of courage. My legs would never have carried me up those stairs. I am serenely humbled by your ability to do otherwise than I.

We have watched you be punished for your bravery and good deeds on that day with prolonged and painful illness, uncertainty about your future, and forced begging for what should rightfully be yours.

Thankfully, legislation was passed that will ensure you can continue to receive medical treatment. Sadly, it was done reluctantly and under pressure from caring citizens like Jon Stewart, when it should have been offered to you freely as your due.

Courage is just one reason I have so much respect, admiration, and awe for any first responder, but especially those of you who answered the call on 9-11. You were there not just for New Yorkers but for the nation, for all of us, when we needed you. Now you need us to climb out of our complacency, to reach out and help you for a change.

That’s where I come in:

I’m trying to think of a way to tell you this without sounding like I’m out of my mind. I’m not an egomaniac nor a narcissist, but I have every reason to believe that I have worked out a natural cure for cancer. Plural, actually. A universal cure.

My treatment is based on information I gleaned from public records. It took a bit of reverse engineering, because I first figured out the therapy then proceeded to search for citations that would support my theory. So it is just a question of interpretation of that information now held in the public domain.

My biggest problem is that the process is so simple, it appears too good to be true. So let’s think of it instead as an exception that makes a rule.

What I’m seeking now is this:

I am asking just one of you, just one first responder who was there on 9-11 or thereafter, and who now has cancer or some other set of symptoms, to come forward, to contact me. To be courageous one more time. To take a chance on a natural treatment that I promise will help you. You will be healthier at the end of the treatment regardless.

If even one of you is treated successfully, others will follow and be helped as well. I need someone to show the way to the others, to lead, to point them toward the path, to set an example, to be a role model.

It doesn’t matter how sick you are.

It doesn’t matter how old you are.

It doesn’t matter what “kind” of cancer you have.

It doesn’t matter where it is located in your body.

You can be just weeks from death, sent home to get your affairs in order, say goodbye to loved ones.

It doesn’t matter.

You are still a good candidate for this therapy, as long as you can eat and swallow.

If you’re reading this and you’re not a first responder, maybe you know someone who knows someone who knows a first responder. Please pass this blog on to them. I only need one volunteer to make a difference.

I know it’s almost impossible to believe that someone like me, not a physician, could find a universal cure for cancer when the best minds in the world have been trying and failing for over a 100 years. (I don’t know if we have a monetary figure that would cover all the money spent in the pursuit of curing cancer.)

Maybe it’s because I don’t have an M.D. that I was able to figure it all out. That’s what I’m telling you; I’ve figured out cancer!

I have personally witnessed this treatment cure breast cancer, lung, liver, and esophageal. I’ve also seen it work on a man with over 100 visible tumors, who was sent home to get his affairs together because he was told he had only six weeks to live. He lived another five years.

This vitamin therapy is noninvasive and painless.

No doctors’ appointments

No chemo.

No radiation.

No hair loss.

No vomiting.

No hopelessness and dark moods.

No debilitating fatigue.

No associated anxiety.

No sexual side effects.

Look, it won’t be the best time you’ve ever had in your life, but if you had to you could keep working. I’ve seen people do it. It takes about eight to twelve weeks for most cancers. If you have tens of tumors it will take longer, but it can be done.


I will pay for all the food supplements necessary

for your treatment. I want nothing from you

except to see you well again.


I started this blog in 2011, because I wanted to share my unique body of knowledge about wellness and healing. It is currently read in 146 countries. A lot of people have a lot of faith in me and my treatments. I have been at this a long time and never harmed anyone.

From what I can tell the biggest health problem of your group is cancer. May I suggest that you take a look at the following blogs where I discuss it in depth:

Blog 3: The Danger of Inflammation explains how all cancer begins with the body’s response to exponential free radical growth. Without free radical growth there can be no inflammation or subsequent cancer. Therein lies the secret; if you want to stop cancer you must stop free radical growth.


Blog 4: Cancer gives a simple, in-depth analysis of how all cancer proceeds regardless of where it begins or what “kind” of cancer it is.

The equation for cancer progression is: (C = FRG > X + O + I), where cancer equals free radical growth greater than X, with X representing an individual’s personal tolerance of free radicals, plus oxidation, plus inflammation.


 Blog 16: Cancer In Cats And Dogs shows that all cancer begins the same in other mammals as well, besides humans, and will respond to the same natural treatment.


Blog 26: Essay 1: Why Nutrition Can Heal And Prevent Any Disorder clarifies why food and supplementation is the answer to curing cancer and other diseases.


Blog 30: Essay 2: The Seven Categories of Illness describes the theory—underling all my treatments—that there are only seven things that go wrong with the physical body and cause thousands of different disease manifestations.


Blogs 36-45: Cheryl’s Cancer Log features ten entries—concerning a 60-year-old woman with breast cancer—from diagnosis through remission in six weeks, using only food supplements to treat her disease. https://lynncapehartwellness.com/2016/03/06/blog-36-entry-1-csheryls-cancer-log/

If you take the time to read these blogs, you will have a solid understanding of why food supplements work on cancer when taken in appropriate dosages.


 It bears repeating that this will cost you only

your time, which I know is valuable, but still, yours

to spend as you choose. I will pay for the supplements

for the entire treatment until your cancer is gone.


The supplements are only concentrated food sources. They cannot hurt you. They also will not interfere with any current cancer treatment you are undergoing with a physician. It will work despite their participation.


Beta Carotene is the number one cancer killer, an anti-inflammatory that will “neutralize” the cancer cells one at a time. There are other anti-inflammatory vitamins, but this works best and fastest on all inflammation, including cancer.

D3 supports the function of Beta Carotene and prevents a vitamin D deficiency.

Lecithin is an emulsifier that removes from your system the dead cells and other organic debris resulting from your treatment.

L-Cysteine is an amino acid that speeds up detoxification in the body through the lungs and liver.

Vitamin C supports the function of L-Cysteine and strengthens muscle function, making you feel stronger.

B12 increases the amount of oxygen carried by your red blood cells, thereby boosting your energy levels.

Please give my proposal serious consideration. Please.

It can’t hurt to talk about it with me.

Thank you for your service.

You can reach me at lynncapehart@gmail.com





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Maribel is 41, a struggling actor living in North Hollywood who daylights part time as a pet store clerk.

About a year ago her upper teeth started to drift downward and began banging against her lower teeth. This worsened over time until one of the lower teeth became infected from the abuse and turned into an abscess.

Her dentist recommended a root canal and crown that together could cost thousands, depending on where you live and which dentist you use. He also told her that she needed braces to move the upper teeth back up, and a retainer to make sure they stayed there.

When you get a root canal the dentist removes the nerve. Over time, the tooth will darken and become conspicuous against the rest of your whiter teeth. Like many actors and people who depend upon their special looks, good or bad, Maribel whitens her teeth regularly. A dark tooth right up front was not acceptable.

Because of this a crown is now part of getting a root canal. As soon as the tooth is stabilized after the root canal, a crown is applied. The cost of the crown is quoted as part of the root canal package.

However, it is not mandatory to get a crown right away. You could wait a couple of months or more before the tooth became truly noticeable by others. The problem was that Maribel didn’t have the money for even a root canal, let alone the other procedures, which were not covered in her very basic dental plan.

She wanted to know if there was some way she could treat the abscess naturally and avoid the high cost of a root canal and crown. There is, and it costs around $250 for the supplements, and takes about six weeks of diligent daily dosing.

(Smart Maribel realized that she could use her bleach tray–which she got before her teeth started to drift–as a retainer to push her teeth back up to where they belonged. She tried it and it worked pretty fast. Now she wears the tray every night while she sleeps whether or not she is bleaching.)

One thing you can’t do is simply ignore the abscess problem. First, because of the pain, and second because the bacteria actually eats away at the bone of the tooth, causing it to become loose and eventually fall out.


An abscess is a combination of (a) infection/inflammation and (b) the dead bacteria and pulp tissue remaining in a pus ridden liquid around the root. A root canal removes the nerve and drains the liquid. No nerve, no pain. If the tooth is not treated, if will fall out.

In treating an abscess you have to first get rid of the infection, which can be treated the same way you would fight inflammation. They are both a result of rampant free radical growth damage. Then you have to clear out the liquid left behind around the root of the tooth.

According to my paradigm, “Seven Categories of illness,” infection and inflammation are a Category 2 problem treated with Beta Carotene and supported by Vitamin D3, while blockage is a Category 3 illness treated with Lecithin. Read more at: https://lynncapehartwellness.com/2013/09/01/blog-30-essay-2-the-seven-categories-of-illness/

Note: Nothing natural is better than Beta Carotene for inflammatory pain or pain caused by infection. Nothing. And accept that there is no “high” associated with it, Beta Carotene will do as good a job as most drug options for the same time period. If you take enough, of course.


TOOTH ABSCESS Quick Glance Chart
Supplement Breakfast Lunch Dinner Brand Strength
Beta Carotene 75 softgels 75 softgels Puritan’s Pride #1223 25,000 I.U.
Beta Carotene Notes:

You can’t break this up into more than two doses daily. It’s vital that very large amounts get into your body at the same time to counteract the exponential growth of free radicals.

Vitamin D3 5 softgels 5 softgels Puritan’s Pride #17618 2000 I.U.
Vitamin D3 Notes:

D3 is simply a support vitamin for Beta Carotene. Beta Carotene uses D3 to make itself available to the body for assimilation. Therefore, without D3, you would develop a Vitamin D deficiency by taking such large doses of Beta Carotene for an extended period.

Lecithin 10 softgels all at once, or 6 softgels twice daily if you split the dose. (See, notes.) 6 softgels if you split the dose Puritan’s Pride #303 1200 mg
Lecithin Notes:

If you take the once a day dosage level, you can take the ten softgels with dinner instead of with breakfast.

Softgels: It is better to take the Lecithin softgels all at once if you can. All ten. That way it will not be diluted by the body’s other blockage demands, and more of it can be assured to get to the infected tooth. If you must split the dose you will have to take 6 softgels twice daily, at breakfast and dinner. You will need more if you split the dose.

Granules: You can treat an abscess with softgels only. If you want to speed up the cleansing process you can also add Lecithin granules to your regimen. They are less expensive and more powerful. (I tbls = 6 softgels in potency.)

The problem is that they don’t mix well with liquids even if they are hot; their mouth feel can be pretty gross; their taste is not good; and they will change the texture of some foods if mixed with or sprinkled over and taken together. On the other hand, I know a woman who eats them by the spoonful, and says, Yum, afterward. So who’s to say?

The best way is to use a tablespoon of granules in a blender drink with a cup of liquid like milk or apple juice, some fruits like banana, blueberry, strawberry, and melon—whatever your favorites—and a few ice cubes. Mix on high for 30 seconds.

You can also add other ingredients to the drink like protein powder, sea kelp, vitamin C, L-Glutamine, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, etc. And if you are not gluten intolerant you can add bran, wheat germ, or wheat grass. Or sweeten it with honey or sugar. Lecithin granules along with banana give the shake a pleasant, full texture like a milk shake, even if you don’t use milk.


Your support is greatly needed.


Lynn Capehart Wellness Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Any donation you make is tax deductible. We appreciate your support for our current efforts to administer a Vitamin Scholarship Program, so that we may supply supplements to those who could be cured of their diseases but cannot afford the cost. You may make your donations through lynncapehartnonprofit@outlook.com at www.paypal.com using any credit card or bank anywhere in the world. You can contact me directly at lynncapehart@gmail.com to make other arrangements. Thank you for your support.


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I have always said that Lecithin can prevent and control almost half of the diseases that plague us. Here is a comment from someone who personally discovered its value.

Dear Lynn,

Forgive me for disturbing you again. I’m just writing to thank you deeply for literally saving my life. Ever since starting the lecithin my chest pain has slowly but surely completely disappeared. My blood pressure dropped 15 points in two and a half months I feel my mind and my body feel clearer than they have been in a very long time. There are no words to explain or convey my gratitude to you. I hope everyone reads this and understands that, yes they can live a long healthy life! I have put my parents and husband on a lecithin regime and I am diligent that they follow it every single day!

I also purchased your book and of course, the first thing I did was flip to chapter nine. I plan on following the lecithin protocol there seeing that it’s much more detailed. I am assuming that’s the correct thing to do?

I just have one more thought to add. I realized that the non gmo soy lecithin has a decent amount of omega 6, my understanding is there has to be some balance between the threes and the sixes so I have taken up to adding a tablespoon of flax and a tablespoon of chia seeds to my daily diet along with a fish oil capsule to balance everything. These seeds are void of saturated fats but pretty high in polysaturated fats, I’m assuming that this shouldn’t be a problem bc of the lecithin emulsifying action. Is my thought process correct?

Thank you again a million and a million times over for being an angel of health on this planet.

Peace and joy,
Maria Nikopoulos

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Cheryl is still trying to recover from the medical mistake of receiving MRI dye despite her 18 years of kidney malfunction.

But the good news is that she recovered enough to go in for an x-ray. Her benign tumor is gone, completely disappeared. She has been cancer free since May 22, when she received the results of the MRI scan. Now the tumor too is gone. The tumor took longer to eliminate than simple cancerous tissue, because it had greater mass.

That means Cheryl defeated cancer and eliminated a tumor by using only natural food supplements for the cancer, including beta carotene, vitamin D3, and lecithin. After the reaction to the dye, I added L-Cysteine and vitamin C to assist in the detoxification.

If you would like more detail please read the other nine entries above.

I will still need to show more case results as proof that I truly have discovered a universal cancer cure, but I am certain that this treatment will cure any cancer in any mammal.


PLEASE DONATE NOW TO HELP OTHER CANCER PATIENTS                                         www.paypal.com    for: lynncapehartnonprofit@outlook.com    

Some people can’t afford the cost of the cancer supplements, as inexpensive as they are in comparison to prescription meds. Their insurance will only pay for conventional medical treatments. You can make a tax deductible donation through paypal.com to help them. Any amount, even $5.00 can help save a life. Please donate today. If you do not have a PayPal account, please contact me to make other arrangements to donate lynncapehart@gmail.com. Thank you.





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I started to worry when Cheryl missed her second weekly check-in. I couldn’t get a response to voice mails and texts. Her computer was glitching so I didn’t bother with email. After almost three weeks out of contact she finally picked up the phone one morning, only to tell me in a hushed tone that she couldn’t talk because she was in the hospital.

Three days later I got a voice mail from her telling me she had been too sick to even have a conversation. That they didn’t know what was wrong with her. That she had been tested for several diseases, including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which were all negative.

What? Didn’t I just cure her of cancer?  


Gadolinium Contrast Medium (GCM), (aka, MRI Contrast Medium), is used in a third of MRI’s, and was injected intravenously as part of the scan. In magnetic resonance imaging, GCM makes the scan clearer and easier to read. It makes it easier to see soft tissue abnormalities, disease processes such as inflammation, or a tumor.

Using GCM is akin to taking a photo and then photoshopping it to sharpen the focus. GCM is how you photoshop an MRI scan. The dye can easily be seen traveling through the bloodstream, and blood goes everywhere inside your body.

GCM has a carrier molecule called a “chelating agent.” It helps to ensure that GCM is distributed equally throughout the body. Equal and balanced distribution is important in order to overcome GCM’s known toxicity, while still maintaining important contrast properties. One of the worst things that can happen is to have GCM clump up in spots and not remain equally distributed.

Under ordinary circumstances GCM is almost entirely expelled through the urine within 24 hours. The problem is some people have trouble getting GCM out of their system once the MRI is over. That is what Cheryl is facing now.


  • The minor side effects from GCM are headache, nausea, and dizziness. They occur in only 5% of patients. Even more infrequently, a feeling of coldness may occur at the injection site for a short period.
  • More serious allergic side effects are experienced by about 1 in 10,000, and include difficulty breathing and swelling of the lips and mouth. These reactions occur immediately, usually while still in the MRI department, and typically respond well to emergency drug treatment.
  • Also serious is when the body cannot excrete the dye in a timely fashion. It usually settles in the lower extremities causing an inflammatory reaction and grave water retention.
  • A small fraction of people contract a serious and sometimes life threatening disease reaction called Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF). NSF manifests as localized thickening and tightening of the skin. It can lead to internal organ damage, because the same thing can happen to connective tissue. NSF only occurs in people with impaired kidney function. That is why anyone with kidney problems is not supposed to be given GCM.

(Molan, Maurice, Dr., Goergen, Stacy, Prof., (2009) The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists. “Gadolinium Contrast Medium (MRI Contrast Agents).” http://www.insideradiology.com.au/)


It is too soon to tell if Cheryl has NSF specifically, but she does have a nasty set of GCM side effects. She also has serious kidney impairment.

Cheryl has had renal colic for almost five years, ever since her kidneys were injured in a serious auto accident. There is ample information in Cheryl’s medical records regarding this accident, including MRIs, ultra sounds, and other tests.

Ordinarily renal colic is a type of pain due to the presence of kidney stones. Cheryl does not have kidney stones, but she has severe pain that comes in waves, and clearly she has kidney impairment. Nevertheless, Cheryl was given GCM, which is not supposed to be given to anyone with kidney impairment.

Her doctors never discussed the use of GCM with Cheryl. She was given tests for kidney and liver function prior to the MRI, and they indicated no problems. But there was never a conversation about its use and the danger it presented to her. If they had bothered to read her medical records carefully or discuss it with her she could have avoided all of this misery.

Cheryl is in real distress right now and has several excruciating problems due to the side effects of the GCM dye:

  • There is substantial swelling in both legs and feet that make it difficult to stand and walk. Sitting on the front left ankle and right hip are water sacs the size of large grapefruits. Both are tender and painful. When touched it is obvious they are filled with liquid.
  • There is a sensation of extreme cold that extends from her left hip all the way down past the affected ankle sac. It is also present in her right foot. These areas feel normal when touched, but to Cheryl they are painfully cold.
  • There are dark lines about a quarter inch thick encircling both ankles. Her skin color above the line is her normal white color, but it is a darker grey color below the line. Cheryl feels very sick, nauseated and achy like with the flu. She had to quit one job because she is exhausted all the time.
  • There is a serious problem with her mouth. Her teeth and gums are sore and painful, making it hard to chew. She has a bad, metallic taste in her mouth that ruins the taste of whatever she eats. She rinses with salt water every couple of hours, trying to get rid of the taste.


Her doctors say they have no idea what is wrong with Cheryl, or how to fix it. Yet they also say this reaction occurs from time to time with the use of GCM. So which is it? And why the mystery? If the doctors have seen this reaction with the dye before, why are they giving her all sorts of tests to find out what is wrong? Why are they not attributing it to the dye?

This is the same irrational logic of Cheryl’s oncologist. He witnessed the elimination of the cancerous tissue and the benign tumor shrinking, but still wanted to cut into her to get at what was left of the tumor. Why not wait and see if the tumor continues to disappear on its own? It is shrinking after all. And it’s benign, so why the rush to cut?

For now her medical team continues to test for any number of diseases, whether or not it is possible for Cheryl to have contracted them. They simply don’t know what else to do. I am worried that they may do more harm before they are finished.

I ask myself why practitioners in the medical industry don’t react well to new information and try to utilize it to get a better outcome for their patients. Why aren’t they more curious? When the oncologists saw that whatever Cheryl was using had caused the cancer to disappear and the benign tumor to shrink, why weren’t they more excited? Where was the passion? Why didn’t they question her and try to find out more so they could learn and help others?

It’s seems like medical school deprives them of the ability to seek out new truths, and think new thoughts. It shuts down the creative process so that they never question what they have been told and never seek further clarity.

Making it all worse is their certainty that they are always right, to the point of arrogance, which is not supported by reality because they are wrong more often than they are right. They have failed miserably in carrying out their Hippocratic oath to first do no harm. Cheryl is one more small example in a sea of mistakes.

All Cheryl’s doctors had to do was talk to her about the MRI and the use of GCM. They would have discovered she had the accident that damaged her kidneys and would not have used GCM. In that case Cheryl would be celebrating her recent win over cancer, and getting on with her new life, instead of having to face all this additional and unnecessary misfortune.


Cheryl was scheduled for an x-ray of the benign tumor on June 27, 2016 to see if it continues to shrink. The appointment was canceled because she was too ill.

I have added L-Cysteine and Vitamin C to her regimen to assist her body in detoxifying, and bee pollen and honey to calm her allergic reactions.



Breakfast Dinner Brand Strength
Beta Carotene


100 softgels 100 softgels Puritan’s Pride #1223 25,000 IU
Note: Cheryl was taking 125 BC twice daily to cure her cancer. Two weeks after the cancer was gone, I dropped her dosage down to 50 twice daily. But due to the obvious inflammatory reaction she has had with the dye, I moved her back up to 100 twice daily.
D3 2 softgels 2 softgels Puritan’s Pride #19377 5,000 IU
Note: D3 is important only as a crucial support vitamin for beta carotene.

Sunflower Lecithin

4 softgels 4 softgels NOW at Vitamin Life 1,200 mg



3 capsules 3 capsules Puritan’s Pride #0100 500 mg
Note: L-Cysteine may cause allergic reactions in people who are allergic to shellfish, but not always. In fact, Cheryl is allergic to shellfish but she needs this so bad that I want to try it with her anyway. She will start with lower doses and work up to what is listed here. She will be on bee pollen for a week before she starts L-Cysteine, in order to calm her immune system so it won’t react to the L-Cysteine.

Vitamin C Crystals


½ tsp ½ tsp Puritan’s Pride 2500 mg
Note: Vitamin C is used only as a support for the L-Cysteine, because it facilitates its assimilation.

Bee Pollen

1 tbls pellets 1 tbls pellets Locally Sourced NA

I realize that my universal cancer cure won’t go far if it remains solely on my blog. So I am writing a white paper to submit to a peer review medical journal. Maybe they will listen. They certainly need to.

(Note: Can anyone tell me why the lines in my charts and boxes show up in the WP edit but disappear when published? I use the charts and boxes to separate information and make it easier to read. I am so sick of this problem but can’t get any help from Word Press. Thanks.) 

PLEASE DONATE NOW TO HELP OTHER CANCER PATIENTS                                             www.paypal.com for: lynncapehartnonprofit@outlook.com                                         Some people can’t afford the cost of the cancer supplements, as inexpensive as they are in comparison to prescription meds. Their insurance will only pay for conventional medical treatments. You can make a tax deductible donation through paypal.com to help them. Any amount, even $5.00 can help save a life. Please donate today. If you do not have a PayPal account, please contact me to make other arrangements to donate. lynncapehart@gmail.com Thanks.





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There is an aspect to the natural cure that did not occur to me before now. That is the profound loss of privacy faced by cancer patients.

The invasion happens literally and figuratively. Literally, because they actually invade your bodily privacy. Figuratively, because a conventional cancer patient can’t keep the news to themselves. Getting over cancer is not something you can do alone if you use conventional means.

Even if you try to keep it secret the physical toll prevents that. We’re all familiar with the bald eyebrows, bandana wrapped head, weight loss, and haggard look that signal cancer treatment. Word gets around and then comes the sympathy, and more than a little pity. People don’t like being pitied.

Along with other unhappy features of conventional cancer treatment, Cheryl avoided any intrusions to her privacy by using natural means. Outside of her medical team only I, and a nurse friend, know that she had cancer. (I love using the past tense to refer to Cheryl’s cancer.)

Cheryl continued to work during my treatment for her breast cancer. Two, sometimes three, jobs, even during the first three weeks, which were the hardest. Long hours on her feet bartending and doing hair, shuttling a friend’s kids to school. She is single and did her own shopping, cooking, laundry, and housekeeping. She went to church and brunch on Sundays, and played mahjongg with the girls on Tuesday nights. Since she was keeping her cancer a secret, she had to keep up her routine, and she couldn’t ask for help.

And yet, Cheryl was able to do all of that, as though everything were fine, because the natural treatment doesn’t take a toll on you. It doesn’t make you heave and hurl. Doesn’t rob you of energy and vitality. Doesn’t kill your sex life. Doesn’t cause hair trauma, bruising, or anemia. Doesn’t make you prone to systemic infection. Doesn’t cause sleep problems. Doesn’t rot your gums and cause throat distress. Doesn’t cause constipation and diarrhea, all in the same day. Doesn’t make you look and feel like something the cat dragged in.

Let’s face it. Conventional cancer treatment only adds to the sheer wretchedness of the disease itself. It adds its own set of ugly burdens on top of having cancer. It is always intrusive, sometimes fatally so.

The natural treatment does no harm and causes no discomfort. There are no side effects. And no one has to know that you have cancer unless you decide to tell them.

I’m seeing how much the ability to remain silent about her treatment actually means to Cheryl. Even more than she anticipated, I believe. I know this, because she still doesn’t want me to divulge her real name or where she lives on the blog.

Frankly, I can’t blame her for her attitude, and will honor her request. It can be freeing to be able to keep your business your business.


Cheryl is still scheduled for an x-ray of the benign tumor on June 27, 2016. The MRI showed that it was significantly reduced. She will continue her high doses of beta carotene, D3, and lecithin in order to continue shrinking the tumor. I will let you know the results of that x-ray as soon as I have them.


Cheryl’s cancer was gone after six weeks, but that wasn’t long enough to remove the benign tumor. It had shrunk but was still there. From what we’ve witnessed with Cheryl, apparently simple cancerous tissue can be eliminated faster than can a tumor, even a benign one. It’s probably a simple question of volume as the tumor has more mass than the diseased tissue.

Therefore, for purposes of costing out the treatment I have given 10 weeks as an outside estimate of how long it will take the average person to get over cancer. That should include even malignant tumors of a reasonable size and number.

If the cancer case is a difficult one, it will take longer. For instance, my first cancer subject, Jim, had 100 visible tumors. It took three full months for even the smallest of them to disappear, because there were so many. It was over six months before the visible ones were gone completely.

Empirical observation tells us so far that depending on the circumstances of the cancer, it can take from approximately 6 to 26 weeks to cure cancerous tissue and remove tumors naturally. Once cured, however, a simple twice daily maintenance dose will ensure that you never have cancer again.


The cost for 10 weeks of supplements to treat cancer is approximately $650.00 per person. Add an additional $65.00 for every week that treatment continues after 10 weeks, with a presumed maximum cost for six months being $1690. This is a startling amount for access to a ground breaking, universal cancer cure.

Remember, this treatment will work on any cancer, anywhere in the body of any mammal. That is why it is “universal.”

For two of the three vitamins needed to cure cancer (beta carotene, D3), I recommend Puritan’s Pride brand. For the third cancer supplement (non-GMO soya lecithin granules, and/or sunflower lecithin softgels), I order NOW brand from Vitamin Life.)


This is it. A real alternative. And it’s available right this minute. If you have cancer I urge you to try it. Just think, you can brush that horrific burden right off your shoulders. Turn things around and be fine in a few months. You can duplicate Cheryl’s results just as easily as she did. If you have been sent home to get your affairs in order it doesn’t matter, you can still beat it.

I would like to hear from people with cancer, or people who love someone with cancer. It doesn’t matter what kind of cancer it is. It doesn’t matter where in the body it is located. It doesn’t matter how horrible the prognosis is. If you are still alive, you can be helped.

The subject can be human or animal. Any mammal.

As hard as it is to believe, cancer is a simple nutrient deficiency. If you have it that means you are not consuming enough anti-oxidants generally, and beta carotene specifically to counter and match free radical growth.

My foundation coffer is very low at this time, so I cannot offer you free or discounted supplements now. I am hopeful that Cheryl’s story may elicit an increase in tax exempt donations to my 501c3.  For now I can offer you guidance and support while you go through my cure. All I ask is that you (1) keep a cancer diary, (2) stay in regular contact with me, and (3) let me chronicle your experience in The Road Back, the book on cancer I am writing.

When I get the money my dream is to sponsor research into how to give oil soluble supplements like beta carotene intravenously. Right now I can only help people if they can eat and swallow. A lot of times that precludes someone who could be helped otherwise. This is especially unfortunate with animals, who can’t be persuaded, who don’t understand that it is important for them to eat in order to live.

Just a dream, but sometimes dreams come true, right?



for: lynncapehartnonprofit@outlook.com

Some people can’t afford the cost of the cancer supplements, as inexpensive as they are in comparison to prescription meds. Their insurance will only pay for conventional medical treatments. You can make a tax deductible donation through paypal.com to help them. Any amount, even $5.00 can help save a life. Please donate today. If you do not have a PayPal account, please contact me to make other arrangements to donate. lynncapehart@gmail.com Thanks.


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CATEGORIES: 2: Inflammation, 3: Blockage

RECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENTS: Beta Carotene, Lecithin, L-Cysteine,

My father, Raleigh, was career Army. He loved it. Loved the order and organization. The discipline and polish. The precision and pomp. He considered it a true meritocracy, and believed there was no more level playing field for a man of color then, than in the U.S. Army. Thankfully, he never tried to impose his love of order and discipline on me. He didn’t bring home the soldier, only the dad.

But whatever made Raleigh a good warrior also fed a bit of an obsession with my safety and well being. His only child, and him a single parent. Thus it was his habit to try to incorporate defense information into our everyday activities. But it never came across like a “lesson.” He was smart and always teaching me new things. The defense part seemed all of a piece with the other information.

More often than not he made it a game, like “Front Door Intruder,” where he would knock on the screen door and pretend to be an intruder. I would open the front door, spot the malice in his face. He would pull the screen and come at me. The game was to see if I could turn and make it up the stairs to my bedroom and lock the door before he could catch me. Of course he taught me not to open the door in the first place; this was just his backup plan in case I forgot.

If we were watching a show on television and a woman was on her way into a trap, he would turn to me and want to know what was wrong with the picture. What mistake was she making? What should she do? When the victim was a man, my father would identify himself with that person and ask how I would go about rescuing him. If I gave a wrong answer I might hear something like, “No, no, first you have to create a diversion.” Then we would run through my options for creating a diversion.

Among other things, Raleigh signed me up at the Police Athletic League for rifle lessons, taught me himself how to use a hand gun, and the correct way to hold a knife as a weapon. He showed me the best escape routes out of the house from every single room, how to get to the police station through a series of backyards, and that a well placed kick to the shin would slow an attacker as quickly as one to the groin. If you’re wearing shoes.

He also schooled me on basic survival techniques. Sundays, when the family was lazing around the house reading the newspapers and funny pages, and laboring over the New York Times crossword puzzle, he would suddenly pull out The Army Survival Manual (ASM) for a bit of light reading and discussion. Groans might be heard from another room but I usually cooperated, and he usually reciprocated with ice cream, sometimes homemade by him.

The ASM makes for absorbing reading. It tells a soldier how to survive in a battle situation when she is separated from her unit. How to think, psychologically, and what to do. But there are survival tips that serve civilians just as well: What if your car breaks down in the desert? What if your small boat washes out to sea while you’re napping? What if your snow mobile runs out of gas on an Alaskan ice ledge? What if you get separated from your camping party and lost in the woods?

The ASM instructs that if you are stranded in a survival situation, there are fundamental steps to be taken if you want to make it out alive. And the steps should be taken in specific order if possible. If you are injured, first aid takes priority. Second is to find water, because we can only live a few days without it; third is build or find shelter for protection from the elements, whether rain, snow, wind, sea, or sun; fourth is find food; and fifth is find a way to signal rescuers who will be looking for you, or, make plans to travel from the site on your own.

Notice that none of the steps tells you to find an air source. We expect air to always be there. We can live without it only minutes at best. So no one cautions searching for an air source. But what if you couldn’t depend on getting enough air, and had no real control over the situation? What if once you got air in, got your lungs all filled up, you couldn’t get the air back out? In a very literal sense, asthma steals your breath away.


Asthma is a chronic inflammation in your lungs, which triggers certain responses from your body that together form what we call an asthma attack.

Let’s say you’re on vacation with three friends, renting a seaside cottage on the Maine coast. It’s a hot July day and the bees are out busily pollinating flowers. You have a cigarette on the porch with a cup of Earl Grey. Watching the waves entices you to take a swim in the Atlantic, where you push yourself beyond your normal limits. As you leave the water you feel a tightness forming in your chest. Your heart speeds slightly in anticipation of an imminent asthma episode. By the time you get back to your room, you’re coughing and having trouble breathing.

An asthma attack starts with inflammation. That’s what asthma medicines like inhaled and swallowed corticosteroids try to achieve, the control of inflammation. You can have inflammation anywhere in your body, but in the lungs is possibly the worst place to have it. If you suffer from asthma, you walk around with a chronic, low grade inflammation in your lungs all the time, making them overly sensitive and therefore susceptible to certain triggers.

When those triggers are activated as they were in the opening hypothetical, by pollen dust, cigarette smoke, hard exercise, and fatigue, that low grade inflammation flares inside your lungs into a full blown one. When inflammation reaches a base point threshold in your lungs, it triggers an asthma attack.

We’re all familiar with the symptoms of inflammation. If you bang your wrist on a fence, the affected area will redden and warm due to increased blood flow as your body reacts to the damage; it will swell as the body dispatches fluids, trying to cool the heat it just produced; it will be painful from a chemical released in reaction to the damage that over stimulates nerve endings; and there will be a loss of function, because of all the other reasons.

When that process happens on a wrist it’s an annoyance but you get on with your day. If it happens inside your lungs, it’s a catastrophe, and you could suffocate. Let’s walk through an asthma attack, step by horrible step:


Step 1: your specific trigger causes inflammation to explode inside your sensitive lungs;

Step 2: your body acts to protect the area by expanding capillaries, which increases blood flow to the lungs, and causes reddening and warmth;

Step 3: the reddening and warmth signal your body to send extra fluids to your lungs, attempting to cool the heat it just produced there;

Step 4: the extra fluids are absorbed by the lung tissue and result in swelling and the production of excess mucus;

Step 5: as lung tissue swells and the lungs fill with mucus, airways constrict (narrow); this lethal combination of swelling, mucus, and airway narrowing reduces the space in the lungs, until there isn’t enough left for air to move in and out. (You try to take a breath but there’s no place for the air to enter into.)

Step 6: the narrowed airways cause chest tightening, and pressure in the chest as your muscles work harder and harder for every breath; it can get so bad that no air can circulate in and out, and you lose function in the lungs.

There is pain and discomfort throughout this entire frightening process.


environmental trigger inflammation reddening and warmth fluids swelling mucus narrowed airways trouble breathing loss of lung function → with pain and discomfort throughout the entire process


As you can see from the steps above, if you can stop inflammation from flaring, you can stop the chain reaction that leads to an asthma attack. All of the symptoms associated with asthma have inflammation as the core problem. Because of the chain reaction asthma causes in the lungs, it takes several supplements to control and prevent it naturally.

There is no better inflammation fighter than Beta Carotene, along with its support partner, Vitamin D3. (Please see Blog 3: The Dangers of Inflammation for more information.) You are given the option of taking from 15 to 25 softgels twice daily. If you start with 15 and do not get the results as described here, simply increase your dosage and keep increasing it until the asthma is under control, even if it means taking more than 25 softgels twice daily. This is only nutrition and will not hurt you. Let me say that again. Beta Carotene will not hurt you. It is perhaps the kindest gift the universe has ever given us. Whatever dosage works to control your inflammation is your specific daily maintenance dose of Beta Carotene.

Lecithin will keep lungs clear of the mucus produced by your body as it tries to heal the usually low grade, but never ending, inflammation in your lungs.

L-Cysteine, along with its support partner, Vitamin C Complex, has an incredible ability to heal and cleanse the lungs fast and efficiently.

You can avoid the side effects of asthma medicines with these food supplements that actually heal the condition without causing harm. Taken together, they are all that you need to control and prevent asthma. You should plan on taking the extra nutrition in these supplements daily, as a maintenance dose, to make sure you keep asthma completely in check. Otherwise it will return if you stop.

ASTHMA Quick Glance Chart
Supplement Breakfast Dinner Brand Strength
Beta Carotene (softgels only) 15-25 softgels 15-25 softgels Puritan’s Pride #1223 25,000 IU (equivalent to 15 mg)
Vitamin D3 (softgels only) 1 softgel 1 softgel Puritan’s Pride #17621 2000 IU
Lecithin (softgels) 6 softgels 6 softgels Puritan’s Pride #303 1200 mg
Lecithin (granules) 1 heaping tablespoon Puritan’s Pride #1064 (equivalent to 6 or more softgels)
L-Cysteine (capsules only) 3 capsules 3 capsules Puritan’s Pride #100 500 mg
Vitamin C Complex 3 tablets 3 tablets Puritan’s Pride #3140 1000 mg


► If you take Beta Carotene without also taking Vitamin D, you will deplete your stores of Vitamin D and develop a Vitamin D deficiency. It may manifest as sores on the inside of the mouth. Always take Vitamin D when you take Beta Carotene. Vitamin D3 is recommended because it more closely replicates the Vitamin D made naturally on your skin from contact with the sun. If you can’t find D3, take straight Vitamin D.

Lecithin is the best natural emulsifier available, and will safely breakup and remove congestion from your lungs and sinus. I have recommended Puritan’s Pride brand because theirs is from soybeans only, and contains a minimum of 732 mg of phosphatides in each 1200 mg softgel, equivalent to 61 percent phosphatides. The value of a Lecithin product is determined by the percentage of phosphatides, because they activate the emulsifying process in your body. You may use another brand but make sure it conforms to or exceeds these specifications or it will not work as I described.

► When you use Lecithin regularly, in the beginning you will notice that you are coughing up and blowing out of your nose, a lot more mucus than usual. And it may appear thicker, nastier, and more opaque than usual. This is happening because Lecithin is breaking up congestion blockages in your lungs and other areas, causing mucus and other wastes to be expelled. This is a good sign and will taper off as your body cleans itself.

► Lecithin Granules are best used in blender drinks and sprinkled on salads, fresh cut fruit, and cereals. Make sure to consume it uncooked, in its natural state. You can use it in cooked recipes for texture and smoothness, but those amounts do not count toward your daily maintenance dose. It’s completely safe so take as much as you want.

► When you open a bottle of L-Cysteine you will notice a strong odor. It’s supposed to smell like that. It’s the sulphur. If you have a sulphur allergy do not use L-Cysteine.

► In order for L-Cysteine to work effectively it must be taken with twice its weight in Vitamin C. So, if you were to take 1000 mg of L-Cysteine, you would need 2000 mg of Vitamin C in order to get the L-Cysteine to work properly. This therapy will not work as I have described if you take L-Cysteine alone, or without enough Vitamin C.

Please be nice to each other, and look for my next blog: Blog 28: Raynaud’s Syndrome (Numbness In Extremities),where I tell you how to eliminate it forever in just days.


Your support is greatly appreciated.


Lynn Capehart Wellness Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, meaning that any donation you make will be tax deductible. We appreciate your support for our current efforts to establish a Vitamin Scholarship Program, so that we may supply supplements to those who could be cured of their disorders but cannot afford the cost. You may make your donations through www.paypal.com using any credit card or bank anywhere in the world. Donations should be made there to the account of lynncapehartnonprofit@outlook.com Thank you.


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CATEGORIES: 2: Inflammation, 3: Blockage, 11: Pet Health


(I purposely misspell antioxidant to make a point.)


The same stressors that cause cancer in people also cause cancer in cats and dogs; or rabbits and mice for that matter. Cancer is the leading cause of death in cats, and after euthanasia the number one killer of dogs as well. Any multi-cellular creature that tries to exist in our oxygen rich environment, from ant to acrocanthosaurus, is subject to constant cellular bombardment and degeneration from free radical formation. Degeneration that is the road to cancer.

Formula: Cancer: I understand cancer, know how to prevent it, how to stop it once it’s started, even how to grab the coat tails of someone who’s been sent home to die with it, and give them back their years. From my experience I see cancer as a mathematical equation that looks something like the following, elegant and predictable:

 (C = FR > X + (O + I).) 

Where cancer equals Free Radical growth greater than X, with X representing a tolerance level that varies depending on other individual factors, plus subsequent Oxidation (cell decay), and Inflammation.

Cells are damaged and free radicals created in your pet’s body by many stressors: (a) naturally, of course, as a result of simple metabolism, but also from (b) irritation, like a too tight collar or harness that frays the coat and leaves under-skin red and tender, (c) injury, like getting a paw run over by a full shopping cart in the parking lot, causing tenderness, (d) infection, like that from stepping on a nail or eating an infected rodent, (e) toxins, like radiation or cigarette smoke, (f) poor diet, that has a lower level of anti-oxidants than the amount of free radicals created, and (g) other stressors specific to an individual animal.


Your pet’s body is comprised of cells. Inside a cell, each electron has to have a partner electron in order for the cell to remain stable and healthy—and non cancerous. In other words, the two electrons have to remain together inside the cell or there will be trouble. Trouble comes when something happens to damage the bond between the partnered electrons in a healthy cell. If they become separated, or one of them is destroyed, the single electron left behind becomes a free radical, unstable and dangerous.

The single electron, who is now a free radical, goes berserk when it finds itself suddenly alone, without its partner electron. (How would you feel if someone took your spouse or partner away?) It turns and immediately attacks a nearby healthy cell that has both electrons. It desperately tries to break them apart, so it can steal one electron and become stable and healthy again itself. If it is successful it once again becomes stable with its stolen electron, but the cell it disrupted and stole from becomes a free radical itself and continues the angry process. A cascade effect leads to severe cellular damage and mutations like cancer.

As an analogy, think of the bonded electrons in a healthy cell as a married couple in a social system where being single is prohibited. In this system, two people (electrons) who are part of a marriage are stable, acceptable. No problem. Live long and prosper. But a single person (electron) without a partner is a free radical who can only prosper by breaking up another married pair. Like someone who breaks up a marriage and runs off with one of the partners, free radicals seek to destroy other nearby stable cellular relationships for their own benefit, so they can survive. A free radical is an electron fighting for its life.

Although free radicals are a natural part of living, like the home wrecker, when too many of them build up due to the factors listed above, you have oxidation and inflammation. Any area of the body can take a certain amount of free radical growth in their neighborhoods and be fine. It’s when too many free radicals show up that the problems begin. Think of your own house or apartment. If you were having a party and planned on 15 guests, how chaotic would it be if 1500 people showed up?


Oxidation is predicated on reaching a threshold level of free radicals that overwhelms the body. The simplest way of thinking about oxidation is that it is spoilage, aging, decay, and eventual cell death. You know what happens to an avocado slice left out in the “open air.” The exposed flesh turns brown from contact with oxygen. It oxidizes, spoils, due to an excess of free radicals. The same thing happens inside your body. After a while the avocado will begin to brown and rot, and you won’t eat it. That’s a good instinct, because you would be literally eating free radicals! That’s why you should never eat salad that has browned, or other food that is obviously past its prime, unless you absolutely have to. Broadly speaking, living on Earth is being left out in the “open air” and that’s why aging is another form of oxidation caused by free radicals.



Anti-oxidants protect your pet’s body from free radical damage because they have a unique characteristic. Anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals by donating one of their own electrons to the free radical, helping it to become partnered and healthy again. It’s as if the anti-oxidant marries the free radical and thereby calms it down.

An anti-oxidant cell also has two partnered electrons, but wonderfully, anti-oxidants are stable in either form, as a single electron or a married pair. Unlike the partnered electrons in a healthy cell that become free radicals when separated, anti-oxidants give up one of their electrons without becoming a free radical.

Anti-oxidants stop the problem at its source. When an anti-oxidant cell encounters a free radical it ends the electron-stealing chain reaction by freely donating one of its electrons, turning the free radical back into a healthy cell. Like evil Mr. Hyde drinking an antidote and turning back into the good Dr. Jekyll.

As an animal’s guardian, you have a choice to either let free radicals run loose in your pet’s system, and hope they don’t turn into cancer, and subject it to surgery if they do. Or you can send in anti-oxidants to partner with the free radicals and return them to normalcy, thereby avoiding disease without stressing the animal.

The first thing a sous chef does after cutting avocado slices, and before serving them with your grilled chicken sandwich, is to sprinkle on some lemon or lime juice. She does this because the anti-oxidants in the citrus keep the flesh from turning brown and decaying right in front of you. The same thing can happen in your pet’s body, because anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals. Your pets need Beta Carotene in supplement form to avoid cancer. If you have an outdoor cat who regularly hunts and eats its kills there is a greater risk of free radicals.

Make sure you feed your pet with a quality pet food. Read the labels of the pet food you purchase. If it’s made out of animal by products instead of real meat, with strange sounding additives that have no food value, or doesn’t have added supplements, you’re putting your pet at risk. Poor quality food won’t give your animal companion any more protection against cancer than it does you. Your animals need enough anti-oxidants to fight the free radical production that comes from a natural part of living. It is the lack of anti-oxidants that causes your cats and dogs to get cancer.


Samira has the softest white coat you’ve ever touched, with random sized patches of black and rust, especially on her tail. She is both dainty and thug like. Will sit primly in your lap purring and accepting caresses until you think you’ve lost the use of both legs to circulation failure. And then suddenly lean over and bite her housemate, Trill, sleeping nearby. Or bound across the room in two leaps to attack, Phoebe, her other housemate. She also has daily skirmishes with an imaginary enemy that no one but she can see. She gets in such a frenzy chasing and running from this specter that I have photos of her twisting manically five feet in the air. She might suddenly decide that Trill needs grooming. And she can be a very aggressive groomer, sometimes using her tongue like a slap upside the head.

Sami is also a cancer survivor, but only because she underwent the terrifying ordeal of surgery to remove a tumor on her leg. Sami had a rough start in life, and the stress from the various elements of that ordeal are what caused her to get excess free radicals, which escalated into inflammation and cancer. I was around Sami while she had her surgery, and saw firsthand how unhappy it made her and her guardians. By supplementing your pets’ diets with Beta Carotene you can all avoid the cancer trauma.

The following was written by David Rubincam, who saved Samira’s life. It is excerpted from a longer version that first appeared in the online newsletter of Vashon Island Pet Protectors, a no kill nonprofit. For a photo of Samira visit vipp.org. Click “Adopt” and “Paw Print Stories.”   


I worked as the Legal Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2008. Nothing in the U.S. can prepare you for the harsh and inhospitable landscape in Saudi Arabia, which has the world’s largest desert, Rub al-Khali, and the dubious distinction of being a country with no permanent rivers or bodies of water. Yet even in the most unforgiving places, you can discover miracles that result from the actions of many good people. One of those miracles was Samira, whose name means “delightful companion,” in Arabic. I chose that name because it perfectly describes her, a small, mostly white Calico.

Unlike Americans, Saudis generally don’t keep pets. The cats you do see are usually street strays with a projected life span of four miserable years in the hostile, arid climate. Kittens usually die in their first week.

I spent time in a remote desert area at a security airbase protected by the Saudi Royal Guard and the U.S. Air Force. Just outside the entrance to the base, Samira gave birth to a litter of four kittens. By the time she was discovered, two of the kittens were dead. Knowing that the Americans had an Army vet assigned to the base, the Royal Guard kindly turned over the severely dehydrated and starving animals. The vet returned them to good health and placed the kittens in good homes.

But what to do about Sami? When it came to adoption, she had more than the harsh environment and the streets working against her. She had also apparently suffered blunt force trauma to the left side of her face, the kind that might result from hitting a wall or falling from a high distance, and possibly a stroke, which led to some paralysis and loss of feeling. She lost control over her left eye, which she can’t completely close or blink, and the left side of her mouth which lets a tooth protrude. Even her whiskers on the left are not as long or as full as the ones on the right side.

For nine months people came and stared at Sami, who is a truly beautiful cat, but saw only her handicaps and left without taking her. It didn’t help matters that she wouldn’t let anyone touch or pick her up. You risked getting scratched if you tried—if you could even get your hands on her; she was that fast. Still, the vet wouldn’t give up and kept looking for a home.

I happened across a photo of Sami on the clinic’s website, and was immediately smitten. I told myself it was okay to just look. I couldn’t easily adopt a cat, given my constraints. I thought it would be impossible to transport her back to Vashon at the end of my assignment. When I got to the clinic there were workers waiting in bemusement to see what would happen when I tried to pick her up. They warned me off, so I sat in a chair in front of her kennel, and didn’t approach her. She came out, sauntered directly over to me, hopped up on my lap, curled in my arms and purred. She stretched up and licked my face with a look in her eyes that said, “What took you so long?”

Everyone in the room realized immediately that I had just been adopted. Now I had to worry about the logistics of getting my new girl home. I made arrangements to pick her up the next day—which would also give me time to see what, if any, cat supplies I could find in Riyadh! When I returned, inside waiting to greet me and offer congratulations was the Air Base Commanding General, who it turns out is a “cat person” too. There were about 15 U.S. security personnel who had helped care for Sami over the past nine months, and had come to say goodbye. Most surprising was seeing that the Royal Guards who first found Sami had come to say goodbye as well. Despite her feisty nature she was a sweet presence and would be sorely missed by all.

It took two months to complete all the paperwork necessary to bring Samira home to Vashon Island, in Puget Sound. She needed an Export Permit from the Saudi Ministry of Agriculture, a European Union health certificate to land in France, and a U.S.D.A. Health Certificate to land and disembark at Sea-Tac. These documents were her “pet passport.” In the end, Samira came home in style, riding all the way to Seattle in the cabin with me.

The day we left, Samira was too sleepy to notice due to a sedative the vet gave her; something I was soon to regret. The first leg was from Riyadh to Paris. About half way through the seven-hour flight, Sami began to cry, scratch and bite at the webbed sides of the carrier. The sedative that worked according to prescription at ground level was suddenly affecting her like PCP, and she was freaking out. Fortunately, most of the airline crew were either “cat people,” or had seen this happen before. They let me take Sami into the crew’s lounge. After two hours the sedative wore off. Sami calmed down finally, genuinely exhausted from the ordeal. The Air France crew was incredibly supportive. They each came to see how she was doing, and brought her breakfast. To my surprise, even the airport veterinarian stopped by.

Sami is now at our home on Vashon, and has learned to trust my wife, Uwanna, and get along with at least Trill, one of our other two cats. We have to keep her separated from the baby, Phoebe. I believe the lesson of Samira’s story is that it took caring and charitable actions by a lot of people from a number of countries, backgrounds, and religions to save her and bring her here, to a loving home with acres of fenced property, where she is discovering the color green, cold weather, and yes—rain—for the first time. When it rains, and since this is Seattle that means all the time, she can’t wait to get outside and play in it. It fascinates her!

Epilogue: Sami is healthy and cancer free, still a little crazy, and living in Moscow with her guardians and housemate cats. She’s quite the international gadabout.

Beta Carotene will neutralize free radicals in your pet’s system, but it needs the help of Vitamin D3, which assists Beta Carotene in its free radical fighting functions; and Lecithin, which will break up blockages and cellular wastes generated by free radicals.

Preventing And Fighting Cancer In Cats And Small Dogs Quick Glance Chart
Supplement Breakfast Dinner Brand Strength
Beta Carotene (softgels only) 1 softgel 1 softgel Puritan’s Pride #1520 10,000 IU
Vitamin D3 (softgels only) 1 softgel 1 softgel Solgar (visit vitaminlife.com) 400 IU
Lecithin Granules 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon Puritan’s Pride #1064 NA
Cats and dogs can be finicky about what they’ll eat. Unless you have trained your companion to accept pills directly from your hand into her mouth, it’s best to conceal the supplements. Both Beta Carotene and D3 are small and can easily be hidden in her food. You can try concealing the softgels in the food itself, or find something else she likes to wrap it in before placing it in the food.For Dogs: cream cheese seems to work really well. It comes in different flavors, and the original is tasty too. It shapes easily around the supplements and can be buried like a seed in the food, or placed on top like an extra treat. Beta Carotene and D3 softgels can be wrapped in one ball of cream cheese together because they’re small.For Cats: I’m wracking my brain to think of something other than cream cheese to wrap the supplements in, because a steady diet of dairy is not good for cats. Peanut butter, tofu? If anyone has any suggestions please write a comment so we can share it with others. Lecithin granules are tasteless and may be mixed with the pet food.
Preventing And Fighting Cancer In Medium Sized Dogs Quick Glance Chart
Supplement Breakfast Dinner Brand Strength
Beta Carotene (softgels only) 2 softgels 2 softgels Puritan’s Pride #1223 25,000 IU (equivalent to 15 mg)
Vitamin D3 (softgels only) 1 softgel 1 softgel Puritan’s Pride #15605 1000 IU
Lecithin Softgels 2 softgels 2 softgels Puritan’s Pride #303 1200 mg
Lecithin Granules 1 tablespoon 1 tablespoon Puritans Pride #1064 NA
Dogs can be finicky about what they’ll eat. Unless you have trained your companion to accept pills directly from your hand into his mouth, it’s best to conceal the supplements. Both Beta Carotene and D3 are small and can easily be hidden in his food. You can try concealing the softgels in the food itself, or find something else he likes to wrap it in before placing it in the food.Cream cheese seems to work best for dogs. It comes in different flavors, and the original is tasty too. It shapes easily around the supplements and can be buried like a seed in the food or placed on top like an extra treat. Beta Carotene and D3 softgels can be wrapped in one ball of cream cheese together because they’re small. The larger Lecithin softgels can each be wrapped in its own ball of cheese. Lecithin granules are tasteless and may be mixed with the pet food.
Preventing And Fighting Cancer In Large Dogs Quick Glance Chart
Supplement Breakfast Dinner Brand Strength
Beta Carotene (softgels only) 3 softgels 3 softgels Puritan’s Pride #1223 25,000 IU (equivalent to 15 mg)
Vitamin D3 (softgels only) 2 softgels 2 softgels Puritan’s Pride #15605 1000 IU
Lecithin softgels 2 softgels 2 softgels Puritan’s Pride #303 1200 mg
Lecithin granules 1 tablespoon 1 tablespoon Puritans Pride #1064 NA
Dogs can be finicky about what they’ll eat. Unless you have trained your companion to accept pills directly from your hand into his mouth, it’s best to conceal the supplements. Both Beta Carotene and D3 are small and can easily be hidden in his food. You can try concealing the softgels in the food itself, or find something else he likes to wrap it in before placing it in the food.Cream cheese seems to work best for dogs. It comes in different flavors, and the original is tasty too. It shapes easily around the supplements and can be buried like a seed in the food or placed on top The Beta Carotene and D3 softgels can be wrapped in one ball of cream cheese together because they’re small. The larger Lecithin softgels can each be wrapped in its own ball of cheese, like an extra treat. Lecithin granules are tasteless and may be mixed with the pet food.


► If Beta Carotene is taken without also taking Vitamin D, it will deplete the stores of Vitamin D and a Vitamin D deficiency may develop. As a rule, Beta Carotene and Vitamin D should always be taken together.

► I have recommended Puritan’s Pride brand because their Lecithin is from soybeans only, and contains a minimum of 70 mg of phosphatides in each 1200 mg softgel, equivalent to 61 percent phosphatides. The value of a Lecithin product is determined by the percentage of phosphatides it contains, because they activate the emulsifying process in mammals. You may use another brand, but make sure it conforms to or exceeds these specifications or it will not work.

Please be nice to each other, and look for my next post: Blog 17: Constipation, where I give you a quick way to get immediate, long lasting, and natural relief.


Your support is greatly appreciated.


Lynn Capehart Wellness Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, meaning that any donation you make is tax deductible. We appreciate your support for our current efforts to establish a Vitamin Scholarship Program, so that we may supply supplements to those who could be cured of their disorders, but who cannot afford the annual cost. You may make your donations to lynncapehartnonprofit@outlook.com at www.paypal.com using any credit card or bank anywhere in the world. Thank you.

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