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CATEGORY: 5: Viruses

RECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENT: L-Lysine (Lysine for short)

Here We Go Again

Covid 19, lambda, delta, theta, omicron; it’s getting harder to keep the virus’s mutations straight in our minds. Scientists scurry to develop new vaccines, or reintroduce a prior vaccine as a “booster.”

A booster gives you more of what maybe didn’t work well enough in the first place, as many people infected with omicron and other variants were fully vaccinated and boostered.

A virus’s ability to mutate is its deadliest asset and what keeps it infecting new hosts. It’s also what prevents vaccines from being one hundred percent effective.

Yet, vaccines are vital to our good health. They have confined diseases such as polio, tetanus, measles, hepatitis, whooping cough, and influenza, since the first vaccine was created in 1796. A physician collected drops of cowpox abscess—small pox in humans—from a sick woman, and scratched them on the arm of a boy to prevent the disease.

The Worst May Not Be Behind Us

We seem to think the worst is over, that any variant won’t be as destructive as the mother virus. But there is no reason this has to be true.  

Consider this: Sometimes children aren’t as smart as their parents. Sometimes they have equal intelligence. But every so often a couple with average intelligence produces a bona fide prodigy, a lot smarter than the parents and more capable.

Likewise, some covid “offspring” will be weaker than the mother virus, as perhaps omicron will turn out to be. Still, there is nothing to say that a variant stronger than the original covid 19, responsible for 5.43 million deaths worldwide, will not present.

The CDC says that new covid variants will continue to appear, so the assumption that covid, and lockdowns, and isolation, could still be with us years from now is not an unreasonable one.

How much more death and misery must we witness before realizing that relying solely on vaccines and altered social behaviors can’t do it alone?

And it takes too long. As time passes more people die. Yes, people are still dying from covid 19 and its progeny. In the time it takes you to read this blog, approximately 78 people will die somewhere in the world from covid. Deaths that amino acid Lysine could prevent.

The solution is simple: Add Lysine to the current protocol to stop covid and all its variants. In partnership with a vaccine, Lysine supplementation would make a vaccine more effective, certainly eliminate the need for boosters.

For those who refuse vaccines, Lysine supplementation would give them full protection, if they have the discipline to take it every day. Without fail, because Lysine can only protect you from becoming a covid host if it is present continually in your system.  

All Viruses Are Related To Each Other By A Common Factor

Think of viruses as cousins in the same large family. In some ways they are different, but in others they are exactly the same. One familial trait that all viruses have in common is a short life span of 10-14 hours for each single generation.

Anything a virus wants to do has to be done within this time window, including making and keeping a host body sick. Since 10-14 hours is the extent of a virus’s existence, it will die outright after this time period unless certain requirements are met.

The short life makes all viruses vulnerable in the same manner and for the same reason, as the first thing such a miniscule life demands is that each generation quickly get to the breeding process. Otherwise, it cannot continue an infection inside a host once this time period has ended.

Think about it: 10-14 hours is enough time to initially infect a host, but it is not enough time to keep the host sick. For that, succeeding generations have to follow within the same host. 

Compare a virus’s life of 10-14 hours to that of the global average of 72.6 years for humans. We are clearly the dominant species, but also clear is that we can be swiftly brought down by a virus’s ability to work in tandem between succeeding generations. 

Once a virus enters a host, it causes initial symptoms that announce its presence. But if that start-up generation cannot breed a second, third-and-on generation, the virus will die, and the host will recover.

There still might be days more devoted to full recovery from the physical damage already done, but a virus loses its effectiveness to do additional harm within 10-14 hours if the next generation fails to develop.

So, the common trait of a short existence is a virus’s Achilles heel, and the easiest way to kill it outright is to attack it through this shared vulnerability.

Lysine Is The Miraculous Slayer of Viruses

Lysine supplementation is an effective method for preventing infections and curing a host, because Lysine prevents a virus from producing ongoing generations of itself.

Lysine is a logical approach to handling viral infections. It is directly causative, non-intrusive, inexpensive, and readily available around the world.

Lysine renders a virus essentially sterile and unable to “procreate.” Without a new generation being “born,” a virus will die within 10-14 hours, because that is as long as one generation can live on its own inside a host.  

Lysine Works By Preventing L-Arginine From Assisting A Virus To Make A New Generation

It is established that Lysine supplementation will stop a virus and prevent ongoing infection by its use. However, for reasons that make no sense in evolutionary terms, another amino acid, Arginine, will actually assist a virus to make the all important new generations, and by so doing, help it to keep the host sick, and at times to kill it.

The relationship between Arginine and a virus is so intimate that a virus cannot survive in a host without its help in making new generations. That means no Arginine, no new generation, no viral infection.

Note: Lysine and Arginine are in many of the foods we eat regularly, if not several times a day. There is no escaping either of these amino acids in a healthy diet, and they are both vital to the body’s well being. The key is to make sure there is enough Lysine in your system through Lysine supplementation. Otherwise, you leave inside you a dark little enemy unopposed, just waiting to give assistance to a virus. Never forget, this trait vulnerability applies to any virus, because they all live from 10-14 hours, and they all have to replicate a new generation within that time period.

Lysine And Arginine Are Engaged In An Adversarial Relationship That Lysine Dominates Physically

Lysine stops a virus from making a host sick. Arginine does the opposite, helps the same virus to make and keep a host sick. But Lysine holds all the power in this struggle for dominance inside a host. You have only to take Lysine supplementation to achieve its benefits and outwit a virus.

Here’s how it works

Both of these amino acids travel into and through your system via the same “channel.” When they are both in the channel, Lysine dominates it and prevents Arginine from passing through. Think of a seven foot, 300-pound bouncer named Lysine, outside a club with a clipboard. Think of Arginine as an uninvited wanna-be guest.

If Arginine can’t get through the channel, it is powerless to help a virus create new generations. The virus will then die within 10-14 hours. This is true for any virus. True for covid. True for them all.

The Process

1. A virus attacks the host body.

2. if Arginine is present in the “channel,” it immediately provides the virus with a vital missing element it needs to create a new generation.  

3. If Lysine is present in the “channel” it blocks Arginine’s entry and ability to help the virus.

4. Without help from Arginine in creating a new generation, the virus dies and the host recovers quickly, no matter the origin or variant of the virus.


PREVENTING A VIRUS Treatment At A Glance Chart   Suggested Daily Maintenance Dose: 3000 – 4000 mg   If you are not experiencing any symptoms and have not tested positive for a virus.  
Lysine3-4 tablets (1500-2000 mgs)3-4 tablets (1500-2000 mgs)Puritan’s Pride #3060500 mg
Vitamin C+1 tablet (1000 mg)1 tablet (1000 mg)Puritan’s Pride #6901000 mg


STOPPING A VIRUS Remedy At A Glance Chart   Crisis Dose If you have tested positive for a virus, or know you’ve been exposed to one, or are experiencing symptoms that could be caused by a virus.  
Supp.BkfstEvery 3 hours while awake3 times a day (for 5 days) after you feel OKBrandStrength
Lysine (to fight any virus)8 tablets (4000 mg)4 tablets (2000 mg)4 tablets (2000 mg)Puritan’s Pride #3060500 mg
  The following supplements are taken twice a day, not every three hours. If you are sick and too nauseated to eat and take all the supplements, take only Lysine until your stomach can handle it. All you really need for a virus is Lysine. The additional supplements help with other symptoms as listed. Continue the below supplements for 5 days after you feel OK.  
Vitamin C+ (immune support)2 tablets (2000 mg)repeat this dose  at dinnerPuritan’s Pride #6901000 mg
L-Cysteine (to help breathing)2 caps (1000 mg)repeat this dose at dinnerPuritan’s Pride #100500 mg
Lecithin (for lung congestion)6 softgels (7200 mg)repeat this dose at dinnerPuritan’s Pride #3001200 mg  
Beta Carotene (for fever, pain, and inflammation)25 softgels (375 mg)repeat this dose at dinnerPuritan’s Pride #122325,000 IU
B12 (for energy)2 tablets (2000 mg)repeat this dose at dinnerNature’s Life1000 mcg


Note: Do not use L-Cysteine if you are allergic to sulphur.

Note: If you don’t feel better in the first 36 hours of starting Lysine, you can be pretty sure that what you have is not a virus. If it were, Lysine would slow it down almost immediately.   

Note: You can purchase Nature’s Life B12 at Vitaminlife.com, or purchase another brand of your choice, as long as it is NOT time released. You want the blast of the full dose all at once.

Note: According to the CDC, once a virus is destroyed in the host, it can leave behind a small amount of proto-matter that can activate later when the host has recovered and is feeling fine. That is why Lysine should be continued for five days after the host appears recovered.



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