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RECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENT: L-Lysine (Lysine for short)

Here We Go Again

Covid 19, lambda, delta, theta, omicron; it’s getting harder to keep the virus’s mutations straight in our minds. Scientists scurry to develop new vaccines, or reintroduce a prior vaccine as a “booster.”

A booster gives you more of what maybe didn’t work well enough in the first place, as many people infected with omicron and other variants were fully vaccinated and boostered.

A virus’s ability to mutate is its deadliest asset and what keeps it infecting new hosts. It’s also what prevents vaccines from being one hundred percent effective.

Yet, vaccines are vital to our good health. They have confined diseases such as polio, tetanus, measles, hepatitis, whooping cough, and influenza, since the first vaccine was created in 1796. A physician collected drops of cowpox abscess—small pox in humans—from a sick woman, and scratched them on the arm of a boy to prevent the disease.

The Worst May Not Be Behind Us

We seem to think the worst is over, that any variant won’t be as destructive as the mother virus. But there is no reason this has to be true.  

Consider this: Sometimes children aren’t as smart as their parents. Sometimes they have equal intelligence. But every so often a couple with average intelligence produces a bona fide prodigy, a lot smarter than the parents and more capable.

Likewise, some covid “offspring” will be weaker than the mother virus, as perhaps omicron will turn out to be. Still, there is nothing to say that a variant stronger than the original covid 19, responsible for 5.43 million deaths worldwide, will not present.

The CDC says that new covid variants will continue to appear, so the assumption that covid, and lockdowns, and isolation, could still be with us years from now is not an unreasonable one.

How much more death and misery must we witness before realizing that relying solely on vaccines and altered social behaviors can’t do it alone?

And it takes too long. As time passes more people die. Yes, people are still dying from covid 19 and its progeny. In the time it takes you to read this blog, approximately 78 people will die somewhere in the world from covid. Deaths that amino acid Lysine could prevent.

The solution is simple: Add Lysine to the current protocol to stop covid and all its variants. In partnership with a vaccine, Lysine supplementation would make a vaccine more effective, certainly eliminate the need for boosters.

For those who refuse vaccines, Lysine supplementation would give them full protection, if they have the discipline to take it every day. Without fail, because Lysine can only protect you from becoming a covid host if it is present continually in your system.  

All Viruses Are Related To Each Other By A Common Factor

Think of viruses as cousins in the same large family. In some ways they are different, but in others they are exactly the same. One familial trait that all viruses have in common is a short life span of 10-14 hours for each single generation.

Anything a virus wants to do has to be done within this time window, including making and keeping a host body sick. Since 10-14 hours is the extent of a virus’s existence, it will die outright after this time period unless certain requirements are met.

The short life makes all viruses vulnerable in the same manner and for the same reason, as the first thing such a miniscule life demands is that each generation quickly get to the breeding process. Otherwise, it cannot continue an infection inside a host once this time period has ended.

Think about it: 10-14 hours is enough time to initially infect a host, but it is not enough time to keep the host sick. For that, succeeding generations have to follow within the same host. 

Compare a virus’s life of 10-14 hours to that of the global average of 72.6 years for humans. We are clearly the dominant species, but also clear is that we can be swiftly brought down by a virus’s ability to work in tandem between succeeding generations. 

Once a virus enters a host, it causes initial symptoms that announce its presence. But if that start-up generation cannot breed a second, third-and-on generation, the virus will die, and the host will recover.

There still might be days more devoted to full recovery from the physical damage already done, but a virus loses its effectiveness to do additional harm within 10-14 hours if the next generation fails to develop.

So, the common trait of a short existence is a virus’s Achilles heel, and the easiest way to kill it outright is to attack it through this shared vulnerability.

Lysine Is The Miraculous Slayer of Viruses

Lysine supplementation is an effective method for preventing infections and curing a host, because Lysine prevents a virus from producing ongoing generations of itself.

Lysine is a logical approach to handling viral infections. It is directly causative, non-intrusive, inexpensive, and readily available around the world.

Lysine renders a virus essentially sterile and unable to “procreate.” Without a new generation being “born,” a virus will die within 10-14 hours, because that is as long as one generation can live on its own inside a host.  

Lysine Works By Preventing L-Arginine From Assisting A Virus To Make A New Generation

It is established that Lysine supplementation will stop a virus and prevent ongoing infection by its use. However, for reasons that make no sense in evolutionary terms, another amino acid, Arginine, will actually assist a virus to make the all important new generations, and by so doing, help it to keep the host sick, and at times to kill it.

The relationship between Arginine and a virus is so intimate that a virus cannot survive in a host without its help in making new generations. That means no Arginine, no new generation, no viral infection.

Note: Lysine and Arginine are in many of the foods we eat regularly, if not several times a day. There is no escaping either of these amino acids in a healthy diet, and they are both vital to the body’s well being. The key is to make sure there is enough Lysine in your system through Lysine supplementation. Otherwise, you leave inside you a dark little enemy unopposed, just waiting to give assistance to a virus. Never forget, this trait vulnerability applies to any virus, because they all live from 10-14 hours, and they all have to replicate a new generation within that time period.

Lysine And Arginine Are Engaged In An Adversarial Relationship That Lysine Dominates Physically

Lysine stops a virus from making a host sick. Arginine does the opposite, helps the same virus to make and keep a host sick. But Lysine holds all the power in this struggle for dominance inside a host. You have only to take Lysine supplementation to achieve its benefits and outwit a virus.

Here’s how it works

Both of these amino acids travel into and through your system via the same “channel.” When they are both in the channel, Lysine dominates it and prevents Arginine from passing through. Think of a seven foot, 300-pound bouncer named Lysine, outside a club with a clipboard. Think of Arginine as an uninvited wanna-be guest.

If Arginine can’t get through the channel, it is powerless to help a virus create new generations. The virus will then die within 10-14 hours. This is true for any virus. True for covid. True for them all.

The Process

1. A virus attacks the host body.

2. if Arginine is present in the “channel,” it immediately provides the virus with a vital missing element it needs to create a new generation.  

3. If Lysine is present in the “channel” it blocks Arginine’s entry and ability to help the virus.

4. Without help from Arginine in creating a new generation, the virus dies and the host recovers quickly, no matter the origin or variant of the virus.


PREVENTING A VIRUS Treatment At A Glance Chart   Suggested Daily Maintenance Dose: 3000 – 4000 mg   If you are not experiencing any symptoms and have not tested positive for a virus.  
Lysine3-4 tablets (1500-2000 mgs)3-4 tablets (1500-2000 mgs)Puritan’s Pride #3060500 mg
Vitamin C+1 tablet (1000 mg)1 tablet (1000 mg)Puritan’s Pride #6901000 mg


STOPPING A VIRUS Remedy At A Glance Chart   Crisis Dose If you have tested positive for a virus, or know you’ve been exposed to one, or are experiencing symptoms that could be caused by a virus.  
Supp.BkfstEvery 3 hours while awake3 times a day (for 5 days) after you feel OKBrandStrength
Lysine (to fight any virus)8 tablets (4000 mg)4 tablets (2000 mg)4 tablets (2000 mg)Puritan’s Pride #3060500 mg
  The following supplements are taken twice a day, not every three hours. If you are sick and too nauseated to eat and take all the supplements, take only Lysine until your stomach can handle it. All you really need for a virus is Lysine. The additional supplements help with other symptoms as listed. Continue the below supplements for 5 days after you feel OK.  
Vitamin C+ (immune support)2 tablets (2000 mg)repeat this dose  at dinnerPuritan’s Pride #6901000 mg
L-Cysteine (to help breathing)2 caps (1000 mg)repeat this dose at dinnerPuritan’s Pride #100500 mg
Lecithin (for lung congestion)6 softgels (7200 mg)repeat this dose at dinnerPuritan’s Pride #3001200 mg  
Beta Carotene (for fever, pain, and inflammation)25 softgels (375 mg)repeat this dose at dinnerPuritan’s Pride #122325,000 IU
B12 (for energy)2 tablets (2000 mg)repeat this dose at dinnerNature’s Life1000 mcg


Note: Do not use L-Cysteine if you are allergic to sulphur.

Note: If you don’t feel better in the first 36 hours of starting Lysine, you can be pretty sure that what you have is not a virus. If it were, Lysine would slow it down almost immediately.   

Note: You can purchase Nature’s Life B12 at Vitaminlife.com, or purchase another brand of your choice, as long as it is NOT time released. You want the blast of the full dose all at once.

Note: According to the CDC, once a virus is destroyed in the host, it can leave behind a small amount of proto-matter that can activate later when the host has recovered and is feeling fine. That is why Lysine should be continued for five days after the host appears recovered.



Your help is greatly needed.


Lynn Capehart Wellness Foundation is a nonprofit charity. All donations are tax deductible. We appreciate your support. You can make donations in the name of  lynncapehartnonprofit@outlook.com at www.paypal.com using any credit card or bank. To contact me: lynncapehart@gmail.com. Thanks for your support.

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CATEGORY: 5: Viruses


RECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENT: L-Lysine (referred to here as Lysine)

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images


Take a good look at this picture. I don’t know her name, we can’t see her face, but she’s one of the people taking this risk every day for others, for you and me.

We’ve done our part to praise health care workers, the signs, the plaudits, the platitudes, because we are deeply grateful. It is a debt we can never repay, only pay forward. For a couple of months we opened our windows and made noise to show our support. Face to face, we say what we would to any good soldier, “Thanks for your service.”

Think about this. Would you go to work every day to a job, not in law enforcement or fire protection, that put your life at risk? Where they don’t have enough protective gear to go around, making it more likely you could die? Where you aren’t given enough of the right equipment to treat your patients?

I wouldn’t. I don’t have that kind of courage.

But she in the picture does.

This picture doesn’t show just her fatigue. This is exhaustion, beat-down despair and near collapse. This is heartbreak and fear. She isn’t in the lounge checking her phone and getting a cup of coffee on her break. She’s in the parking lot, alone, breaking down.

This picture, without more, brought tears to my eyes.

Still, she will get up, take a deep breath, and return to duty like all good soldiers. No matter what it takes out of her. The question is, should she have to? The answer is no, because Lysine could help to protect her and her patients.

Six months ago I predicted what is happening now. That the virus would keep reinventing itself, over and over again. That reinfections would occur in people who had battled it and won. That it would keep killing us until we could come out of our boxed-in thinking.

But it’s gotten worse than even I expected. Time magazine recently reported that some patients are sick with Covid-19 for months with no hope in sight of getting better any time soon. This is a new virus, and it needs a new approach.

I have tried to get the word out to the right people, but I have failed.

I wrote the first blog about Covid-19 in February 2020. I wrote another blog in April 2020 that was an open letter to the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, and had it hand delivered. I know it arrived, because in the mailroom, Anthony signed for it. I received no response.

I contacted the embassies of China, Italy, and South Korea. No response.

I contacted the governors of New York, Washington state, California, and Nevada. No response.

I wrote an opinion piece and submitted it to The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Arizona Republic, San Francisco Chronicle, and USA today. No response.

Had any one of these outlets responded, lives could have been saved.

Mine is not the only unorthodox treatment suggested for COVID-19, but it is the most sound and the most promising.

Lysine can be our miracle for Covid-19, if we let it.

You don’t need a prescription to obtain it;

if you’re a doctor, you don’t need FDA approval to prescribe it;

it’s in the foods you eat;

it’s present right now in your body;

it’s not toxic, even at very high “crisis” doses;

there are no serious side effects;

it can be administered orally or by drip;

it’s cheap and easily available;

it works on a number of viruses affecting humans;

it is even used by veterinarians for viruses affecting animals;

and, it is universally known to be safe and effective in treating viruses.

Yet, all of this is ignored, while much attention is paid to less scientific methods:

We’ve had a head of state suggest ingesting bleach as a cure and people actually trying it, and of course getting sick.

We’ve had a malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, put forth as a cure, with no connections whatsoever drawn.

A pillow maker said he has a cure, and he was interviewed live on TV, actually given a chance to explain his theories, or lack thereof.

Vladimir Putin has advanced a new vaccine that he is fast tracking without the testing and safety protocols usually employed. A journalist was asked if anyone was taking Putin seriously. His response: “The world is so desperate that people are ready to try just about anything.”

Apparently “anything” doesn’t include Lysine, a supplement that has been successful in treating viruses, including cases of Covid-19.

A Chicago nurse used Lysine to cure her Covid-19 infection in five days. Your treatment can save lives. It worked for me,” she said in an email.

Unfortunately, as there are no clinical results to support the notion that Lysine works on Covid-19, the medical profession won’t consider the idea, even from one of their own. “I have reached out to many colleagues. I don’t understand why no one will listen or even try L-Lysine,” she wrote.

Our system for testing drug treatments in trials sponsored by drug companies is flawed, because it doesn’t provide for alternative-treatment testing based on nutrition.

 The majority of people are unfamiliar with the benefits of Lysine, because there have been only a handful of clinical trials on it’s effectiveness in treating viruses. None on its effectiveness against Covid-19.

It isn’t just about the pandemic, it’s about the whole process of how medicines are approved, and who decides which ones are tested. The current system gives all the power to drug companies to decide what’s tested, and which medical treatments you are going to have access to in the future.

People rely more on nutrition and organic fixes today than they did in 1948, when the first randomized trials were held. Drug companies did it as a marketing strategy, to convince consumers their products were safe to buy.

The public wants more information now on natural, non-drug treatments, and in many cases, like with Covid-19, these treatments are superior to the drug counterpart.

Drug companies pay for over ninety percent of trials. We need funding for trials that aren’t controlled by drug companies, who are naturally biased toward products that will make them a lot of money. Food supplements won’t do that, so they are not tested.

It costs from $160 million up to $2 billion to bring a new drug to market. That’s because drugs are often dangerous and must be extensively tested to protect patients. Such is not the case with food supplements, like Lysine, which are simply concentrated food nutrition.

It would take a less rigorous process to bring nutritional treatments to the public quickly.

Let’s pause here and review:

The drug company pays for clinical trials for a new drug;

it manages and runs those same trials for its own product;

it decides which drugs will be tested—and which ones won’t;

it interprets test results for it’s own products;

the FDA relies on this data to decide whether to release the drug;

the drug company monitors after release for safety and effectiveness;

and, the FDA uses this post-release data in its review of the product.

Name one other business with such a volatile product that gets this kind of leeway to police itself, with little to no overview. Makes me think of the fox in the hen house. He can tell any story he wants about what happened to Polly hen, because it happened in the dark.

This overreaching involvement and influence permits drug companies to massage their results, to focus on the benefits of a drug and perhaps downplay the risks, because they create and handle all the data.

Perhaps most alarming, this system permits drug companies to provide the majority of medical information to the public and their doctors. Did you know that? That your doctor gets advice on how to treat you from the big-pharma sales rep, the one with no medical degree? You don’t need a medical degree to be a pharma sales rep.

Medical school teaches doctors, and when they graduate the drug companies take over their instruction. Good grief! It’s time for a change. Time to get rid of the medical fascism that this system represents. This is one of the reasons people are dying right now. We still don’t get it that prevention is better than fighting off a disease after the fact.

Let’s take a close look at 18 facts about Lysine, one more time.

1. Lysine is an essential amino acid. Essential, because your body can’t produce it on its own. You must get what you need from food or supplementation.

2. Lysine is not toxic. At crisis levels, the worst things that could happen to you are (a) it wouldn’t work, or (b) it may cause a couple hours of runny bowels.

3. Lysine is already being used successfully to prevent and treat certain viruses, including the ones causing cold sores, genital herpes, and a number of flu strains.

4. Lysine is an amazing protein building-block for human physiology that will actually prevent a virus from building its proteins!

5. Therefore, there is no danger in fully reviewing Lysine on Covid-19 infected subjects, and the benefit greatly outweighs any risk involved.

6. Lysine doesn’t stop viruses by attacking the individual qualities of each virus, the way a vaccine is approached.

7. Lysine works by preventing a virus from replicating a new generation, so that it cannot continue the attack on your body.

8. A single generation of a virus doesn’t live long enough to keep your body sick for days, let alone weeks or months. It takes succeeding generations to keep you infected.

9. To keep you infected, Covid-19 turns your body into a production factory for it’s own use.

10. Viruses live only 10-14 hours. During this period, Lysine can be used to prevent the “birth” of a new generation and end the disease.

11. If no new generation is produced during this period, the virus dies in your system.

12. If you can stop a virus like Covid-19 from replicating a copy of itself, your bout with the virus would last only a few days.

 13. A virus is unable to make a viable copy of itself, as long as there are sufficient amounts of Lysine saturating your body.

14. Due to a virus’s ability to keep reinventing itself, Lysine has to be continued at high levels for five to seven days after you feel better.

15. All viruses have the capacity to hide from the immune system and leave behind enough protomatter to start a new generation. This “rebirth” causes reinfection and the whole process starts over. This is the reason for continuing Lysine after you feel fine.

16. Higher doses of Lysine work better on viruses than lower doses, and proper dosing is imperative for defeating Covid-19.

17. Unfortunately, doctors treating Covid-19 have no data regarding alternative choices based on a nutrition model, and therefore they cannot prescribe them.

18. If bleach and a malaria drug can be considered to fight Covid-19, what reason can there be for ignoring Lysine as a treatment? All that is needed is a courageous, enlightened medical team to try it. FDA approval is not necessary. The world is waiting.

Subscribers, can you help me to get this information out.

Will each of you please forward this link to at least five people. Ask them to forward it to five more, and so on. Post it on social media. Think of those who have influence and target them as well.

If you have tried any of my treatments you know they work, that I know what I’m doing. Why should this time be different? Lysine will work as well on Covid-19 as any of my other treatments have worked on their disorders. That is, exactly as I predict.

Someone out there knows someone, or is someone, with enough influence to get me a fair hearing in front of the right people. Please help me to save lives.


Remedy At A Glance Chart (Maintenance Dose)

If you are not now experiencing any symptoms

Supplement Breakfast Dinner Brand Strength
Lysine 5 tablets 5 tablets Puritan’s Pride #3060 500 mg
You can also buy 1000 mg tablets of Lysine, and you would swallow fewer pills. For this chart 500 mg size is used, because they are small-ish and easy to swallow. If you decide on the 1000 mg size, you will need to adjust your intake accordingly.
Vitamin C+ 2 tablets 2 tablets Puritan’s Pride #690 1000 mg

Remedy At A Glance Chart (Crisis Dose)

If you know you’ve been exposed to the virus or are already experiencing the symptoms.

Supp. Bkfst Every 2 hours while awake 3 times daily for 5-7 days after you feel better Brand Strength

(to fight C-19)

8 tablets 4 tablets 4 tablets Puritan’s Pride #3060 500 mg
Vit. C+

(immune support)

2 tablets 1 tablet 2 tablets Puritan’s Pride #690 1000 mg
The following supplements are taken only twice a day, not every two hours.

(to help breathing)

2 caps repeat this dose at dinner 1 cap Puritan’s Pride #100 500 mg
Beta Carotene

(for fever, pain, and inflammation)

25 softgels repeat this dose at dinner 15 softgels Puritan’s Pride #1223 25,000 IU

(for energy)

2 tablets repeat this dose at dinner NA Nature’s Life 1000 mcg

(for lung congestion)

5 softgels repeat this dose at dinner 2 softgels Puritan’s Pride #300 1200 mg

Note: Do not use L-Cysteine if you are allergic to sulphur.

Note: If you are sick and too nauseated to eat and take all the supplements, take only Lysine  until your stomach can handle it. All you really need for Covid-19 is Lysine. The additional supplements help with other symptoms.

Note: You can purchase B12 at Vitaminlife.com. (Never use time released B12; you need the blast of the full dose.)


Your help is greatly needed.


Lynn Capehart Wellness Foundation is a nonprofit charity. All donations are tax deductible. We appreciate your support for our Vitamin Scholarship Program to provide supplements to those who can’t afford them. Make donations in the name of  lynncapehartnonprofit@outlook.com at www.paypal.com using any credit card or bank. Contact me: lynncapehart@gmail.com. Thanks for your support.


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The following letter was delivered to Mayor Bill de Blasio yesterday at City Hall.

bill de blasio 3


Dear Mr. Mayor,

Thank you for the tremendous job you are doing as the City’s leader in these dangerous, uncertain times. You have shown your true grit and it is remarkable.

I am going to make claims in this letter regarding the current Corona virus/Covid-19 pandemic. You will perhaps be unacquainted with this information but will find it helpful. For the sake of lives that could be saved I ask that you read this letter in its entirety. Nothing more. I thank you for doing so. I have included a few short lines at the end about myself.

There Is A Better Approach Than Waiting For A Vaccine

 Let’s Start With A Comparative Analogy of Effect: 

All life forms have something in common that helps explain how we can quickly defeat Covid-19 virus. They all have a limited span of viability. Crucial to their survival is the ability to make copies of their DNA, to pass it on as they breed new generations. Or in the case of a virus, as they replicate new generations. You could eliminate any species by simply preventing individuals from making copies of themselves, from breeding a new generation of offspring. This can be said for any life form, including Covid-19:  Stop the copy process and you eliminate the life form.

Lucky for us Covid-19, like all viruses, has a short life span: “. . . a generation time of between 10 and 14 hours in cells in tissue culture.” (“Requirement of Arginine for the Replication of Herpes Virus,” Valerie B. M. Inglis, (1967) Bacteriology Department, University of Edinburgh Medical School, Scotland.)

This means that every 10-14 hours there is a chance to stop a virus if you can prevent it from replicating the next generation. If it can be stopped in this time period, it is finished. (Ibid.) The virus will die inside the host body as the last viable generation ends without having made a copy of itself. Without that backup, there is no more virus.

Without the ability to replicate properly, the Covid-19 virus lacks enough of the hereditary basics to pass on instructions for creating the proteins that are vital for birth and survival of a new generation. Like trying to make cherry pie without the cherries.

Now Let’s Look Closer At Two Amino Acids: L-Arginine And L-Lysine:

You’ve heard of bad cholesterol and good cholesterol; one harms you and the other gives great benefit. There is a similar relationship between these amino acids. As it relate to viruses, they are opposing forces; one will harm you, the other will help:

The Harm: Arginine Supports The Spread of Viruses In The Body, Including Covid-19:

“Some evidence suggests that high levels of Arginine can make symptoms of herpes worse, potentially leading to outbreaks or cold sores. This is because the herpes virus needs Arginine to multiply. Also, absorbing more arginine may indirectly cause cold sores by disrupting the body’s balance of Arginine and another amino acid called Lysine. [Lysine] can treat and prevent cold sores, and it shares an absorption pathway with Arginine. If more Arginine is present, the body may not be able to absorb enough Lysine.” (“Which Foods Are High In Arginine?” Medical News Today, Medically reviewed by Katherine Marengo, LDN, RD, specialty in nutrition, on October 4, 2018, Written by Jenna Fletcher.)

(See, Addendum at the end of this blog for a list of foods higher in Arginine than Lysine that should be avoided when you have a virus.)

A clinical study found that “Based on tissue culture studies, it is thought that a Lysine/Arginine balance may affect herpes simplex virus (HSV) expression. Arginine-rich proteins are required for reproduction of HSV, whereas Lysine competitively inhibits their synthesis.” (“Lysine For Herpes Simplex Prophylaxis: A Review of The Evidence,” Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, Venthan J. Mailoo, BSc(Hons), MBBS, and Sanketh Rampes, National Institute of Health, Integr Med (Encinitas). 2017 Jun; 16(3): 42–46. PMCID: PMC6419779, PMID: 30881246.)

“HSV-1 requires Arginine . . . in order to grow. Lysine helps prevent the body from absorbing Arginine, making it difficult for HSV-1 to grow and reproduce.” (“Lysine For Cold Sores: Does It Work?” Medical News Today, Medically reviewed by Zara Risoldi Cochrane, PharmD, MS, FASCP on December 17, 2018, Written by Danielle Dresden, Article 324696, March 13, 2019.)

Meaning that Lysine prevents the spread of a virus in the body by preventing Arginine from helping the same virus to breed and grow, and therefore stopping it from replicating a new generation.

The Help: Lysine Blocks Arginine, Prevents Virus Replication, And Lowers Infection Rate:

Lysine helps by impeding all viruses, stopping Arginine from helping any of them, including corona. “[Lysine] hampers the activity of Arginine, an amino acid that promotes the growth of herpes simplex virus. This suggests that increasing Lysine intake might work against HSV infections.” (“By the way doctor: Does Lysine prevent cold sores?” Harvard Women’s Health Watch, Celeste Robb-Nicholson, Former M.D. Editor-in-Chief.)

The Covid-19 virus is simply unable to make a viable copy of itself as long as there are sufficient amounts of Lysine in the body, saturating the tissue for a specified time period. The necessary levels are higher than those used in any clinical trials of Lysine.

Lysine will work as a preventive for someone not tested positive. It will end Covid-19 even if the subject is in the full throes of the disease when it’s first taken. Naturally the bout will weaken a subject, who won’t feel completely better for a couple of days. But the symptoms will abate quickly. Proper dosage is essential for recovery.

I shared the info about using Lysine to prevent Covid-19 virus with my vet at Westside Veterinary in Manhattan. She took to the idea immediately, saying that it made sense because vets routinely use it to treat animals with herpes. She reasoned that since it works on one virus it might work on another. That was a correct intuitive guess, and she is now taking it.

There Are Studies That Show Lysine Works On Herpes Simplex Virus In Humans As Well:

There was a recent study with the primary objective, “To summarize the research evidence for use of Lysine to prevent herpes simplex virus disease recurrence, a use not widely recognized by doctors . . . .” (“Lysine For Herpes Simplex Prophylaxis: A Review of The Evidence.”)

In this study oral Lysine supplements were taken daily. The results were that in doses of less than one gram daily, Lysine was ineffective. However, given “in excess of three grams daily, there was improvement to patients’ subjective experience of the disease.” (Ibid.) The problem with this study and all Lysine research is that they didn’t use high enough doses to have a real effect on the disease. It takes a specific threshold of Lysine saturation to be able to destroy a virus’s ability to replicate and infect.

“As a result, Lysine supplements may reduce the number and frequency of cold sore outbreaks, for which the herpes simplex type-1 is responsible . . . . It can also help with the treatment of genital herpes. Some sources recommend that people with a history of herpes infections take 1,000-3,000 mgs of Lysine supplements a day.” (Lysine For Cold Sores: Does It Work?)

Lysine Has The Ability To Stop The Covid-19 Pandemic In 30 Days If Administered Properly:

Lysine is an essential amino acid that renders Covid-19 sterile and unable to proceed with its attack. Lysine is “essential” because your body can’t produce it, and you must ingest sufficient amounts through food and supplementation. It is easily available and inexpensive as an oral supplement. One of the best vitamin companies in the U.S. is located in upstate New York. Puritan’s Pride could be called upon to concentrate major efforts on producing Lysine until the crisis is over.

(See Addendum at the end of this blog for a list of foods higher in Lysine than Arginine that help slow down a virus’s growth.)

Lysine can be used without harm by all—child, adult, elderly, asymptomatic, prior condition. It is easy on the stomach and can be administered orally or by drip. It won’t interact harmfully with other medications. It is a simple nutritional supplement bought as you would food, without a prescription. I’ve seen it used safely by people all over the world. It is a substance the body readily recognizes and accepts without rejection, because Lysine is only nutrition, but more powerful than any drug against Covid-19.

Some Google research shows side effects listed from diarrhea to kidney inflammation, but this is inaccurate. “Doses of up to 3 grams a day [of Lysine] are thought to be harmless, as oral toxicity has not occurred in humans.” (“Lysine For Herpes Simplex Prophylaxis: A Review of The Evidence.”) The only side effect of taking a therapeutic crisis dose is runny bowels. Not true diarrhea in that you are having to run to the bathroom all the time. It’s just that when you do have to go, the product will be loose.

Lysine Works On Other Viruses; It Will Work On Covid-19

Clearly, physicians and medical researchers have decided there is evidence Lysine is good for dealing with some viruses, like those that cause mouth sores and genital herpes, but they have been unable to make the intellectual leap to understand that Lysine works on other viruses just as well. It has never even occurred to them to try Lysine on Covid-19. Much to the world’s detriment.

There has been speculation for some time regarding Lysine’s ability to effectively treat and control any virus. “There may be benefits that have not yet been proven through research. Lysine may slow or stop the growth of [all] viruses. It may protect against sexual transmission of the herpes virus. It may prevent cold sores (herpes sores) from coming back . . . .” (“Health Encyclopedia, Lysine,” University of Rochester Medical Center, Medically reviewed by Diane Horowitz, MD; Raymond Kent Turley, BSN MSN, RN, and Rita Sather, RN.)

I worry Mayor that when you run this past your health commissioners, which I know you must, they will dismiss this information as not relevant, when it is the answer to our global nightmare. They will point to the fact that I extrapolate from research about herpes to support claims about a new virus. They will tell you these viruses are unalike and can’t be lumped together and treated the same. They will point to the fact that there are no clinical trials to support exactly what I say here.

It seems to me that doctors, the medical industry generally, have lost the ability to think and strategize about a disease. They sit and wait obediently for clinical trial results before proceeding. Maybe it’s the high cost of negligence lawsuits and malpractice insurance that has made them so fearful, but physicians are loath to try anything new, to even think about new ways independent of what they are told by clinical trials.

Trials are fine, but doctors can’t abandon the use of thought, imagination, and professional analysis to solve new health problems like Covid-19. This lack of curiosity is one reason Covid-19 managed to get ahead of us. Doctors have to open their minds to new ideas, maybe even come up with a few on their own. Waiting for pharmaceutical trial results without also exploring other ideas was addressed by a Lysine study:

“Lysine supplementation is not expected to significantly improve public health or generate sufficient profit to attract the funding required for randomized controlled trials. There is therefore a bias in research toward pharmaceutical as opposed to nutritional management of herpes simplex. This bias may extend to other diseases that are affected by nutritional imbalance, and it transfers power from patients to pharmaceutical companies.” (“Lysine For Herpes Simplex Prophylaxis: A Review of The Evidence.”)

This elevation of the profit margin over the well being of patients is another reason Covid-19 managed to get ahead of us. It can be said now that but for that lack of research, Lysine could have been available to prevent many deaths much sooner. (Ibid.)

Above I cite to a clinical trial where patients given in excess of 3000 mg of Lysine daily reported they felt better. The question then becomes: Why did they drop it there? If it was found that 3000 mg daily worked better than 1000 mg daily, why didn’t they try 5,000 mg daily? They found confirmed improvement by increasing the dosages; why not continue that therapy and see what could actually be cured with nutrition? (“Lysine For Herpes Simplex Prophylaxis: A Review of The Evidence.”)

The answer is because there is no money in nutritional supplement research. (Ibid.) Add that to doctors’ intellectual paralysis when confronted with new information not specifically supported by clinical trials, and you have preventable disasters like Covid-19.

Here is an email from an RN in Chicago that sheds more light on the fact that doctors have continually failed to heed new information right in front of them. She was on the front line and self-quarantined after she came down with Covid-19 symptoms two weeks after testing negative. It took her five days to feel like herself again on Lysine:

“I have reached out to many colleagues. I don’t understand why no one will listen or even try L-Lysine. Even though I am a nurse unfortunately I don’t hold much weight . . . . I’m thinking of leaving the profession entirely due to most of what I’ve said [in these emails] . . . . I will definitely try to reach out more . . . . Your treatment can save lives. It worked for me.”

The research cited herein is public domain. If I can find it, so can Dr. Fauci, but since there are no clinical trials that support my exact conclusions they will be dismissed. There is enough research available and supported to suggest to the medical industry that it should be working with Lysine. I do not mean to cast dispersion, but there would be many fewer deaths from Covid-19 if Lysine were made accessible to everyone. Our lives would not be in such turmoil now.

Let’s Recap:

1. There is evidence certain viruses can’t replicate and grow without the amino acid Arginine.

2. There is evidence the amino acid Lysine blocks Arginine from providing this assistance to certain viruses.

3. There is evidence Lysine is effective on certain viruses, such as those that cause cold sores and genital herpes.

4. There is evidence higher doses of Lysine work better on certain viruses than lower doses.

5. There is evidence Lysine is not toxic when taken orally in excess of 3000 mg daily.

6. There is evidence of an industry-wide bias against clinical trials for nutritional supplements.

7. There is evidence this bias stems from the low profit margin of nutritional-supplement research, simple greed.

8. There is evidence this greed bias prevents Lysine from being fully vetted as a treatment for Covid-19, despite its effectiveness against certain other viruses.

9. There is evidence it’s highly possible Lysine will also work on Covid-19 when administered correctly.

10. There is enough evidence of Lysine’s success treating certain viruses to warrant review of it’s efficacy in treating Covid-19.

11. Therefore, based on the above, Lysine should be considered for those with Covid-19.

I wrote a blog on Covid-19 on February 13, predicting where we are now, because I knew that without Lysine there was no hope we would stop the disease. I further predict it could take years to wipe out—it will keep bouncing back—if we don’t try more effective measures now. “Viruses are able to effectively hide from the immune system, and reactivate just enough to start up a new generation.” (www.cdc.com)

I write to you, Mayor, because you are at the epicenter. I also write because I have watched you, and you are a steadfast man with strong values who can hold his ground when he believes in something. And do it without rancor or anger or alienation. You are also a thinker. That’s what we need now more than ever. Someone who can think independent of the crowd, someone who can break from the norm to forge a new path. Even one untried. We need intellect now, not rote.

If there is any chance to save lives with this therapy, how can we not at least try it? Lysine won’t hurt anyone—the worst it could do is not work—so why not give it a chance? I hope this letter helps you understand that with this information you now stand, literally, one degree from saving the world. What New York City does successfully the world will follow. I beg you to investigate more with your own mind. This crisis never should have happened.

Call me if you like. Let me explain further. I can answer any questions you have. Dr Fauci says, “There is no magic bullet that can end this pandemic.” He’s wrong Mayor, and just as misinformed as the others. Lysine is the answer.


Lynn Capehart

BA Columbia University, with Honors

JD University of Michigan

Blog: Lynn Capehart Wellness Project, started 2011, read in 146 countries

Relevant Book: Vitamin Remedies That Really Work!


To Fight or Prevent Covid-19: 

AVOID FOODS HIGH IN L- ARGININE, which promotes virus growth:

Nuts like peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts

Pumpkin and sesame seeds




Wheat products

(“Which foods are high in arginine?” Medical News Today, Medically reviewed by Katherine Marengo, LDN, RD, specialty in nutrition, October 4, 2018, Written by Jenna Fletcher.

EAT MORE FOODS  HIGH IN LYSINE, which inhibits virus growth:


Dairy products like milk, yogurt, most cheese but especially Parmesan

Fish especially flounder, sardines, cod, and shrimp

Red meat, poultry, and pork

Fruits like apples, pears, and especially dried apricots

Veggies like avocados, beets, tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes

Soy-based products like tofu and soybeans

Beans like kidney, navy, black, chickpeas, and hummus

Nuts like cashews and pistachios

(“40 Sources of Lysine To Add To Your Plate,” Healthline.com, Medically reviewed by Natalie Butler, RD, LD on May 24, 2018, Written by Kathryn Watson.)

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