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CATEGORY: 4: Excess Toxicity




I’m feeling pretty mellow, but keep reminding myself that I can’t lose my wits in this situation. The rays of the setting sun streaming through the plate glass are warming my face and bare shoulders, but not the champagne. It’s still cold and bubbly.

I am standing in my tight little black dress, sucking in my stomach, trying to avoid the cum laude catering servers who are determined to keep my glass full. I shake my head and shift my arm left to avoid one, only to watch as my flute is filled precipitously by another smiling white jacket. They’re all over me, smiling and pouring, like they have a mission. I have to be careful, because this is no ordinary party. I have an impression to make. That’s why I don’t want to just put down my glass and walk around looking superiorly sober. Besides, I like champagne, and they’re serving my favorite, Mumm’s Extra Dry. But the white jackets are making it hard to keep track of how much I’m drinking.

It’s the annual Christmas and bonus-distribution affair at the senior partner’s mansion, located on a street named after her: Astrid Lane. Ordinarily, if I pass my two drink minimum I get giddy, glib, and then gone—right out of my good senses. (I seem to prefer affecting foreign accents I’m not any good at. Astrid would naturally think I was making fun of her, so definitely can’t go there.)

I was just given a bonus check by Astrid herself, remarkable when you consider that I have only been working six weeks. Scandinavian, dynamic, sharp witted, and foreign sounding, Astrid hired me to do her legal writing, because although her English is nearly without accent, she can’t write a legal IOU. I was flummoxed at first to be given anything. When she smiled and handed me the envelope, I thought, how sweet, a token so I don’t feel left out. But I almost choke on the next swallow when I peek in the envelope and see the check is for $2500. Holy cow! If this is what she thinks of me, I don’t want to do anything to mar the vision by drinking too much and getting giddy and glib, and that other stuff.

Through the window I see all the way to the Pacific Ocean, past the lemon trees, rose bushes, and palms. But I am only pretending to be interested in the sunset and flora, because the darkening glass presents a perfect mirror of what’s happening in the living room behind me. I can gape and smirk like the others, but without appearing to. Over near the fireplace, Traci, the lead paralegal, is in the midst of demolishing her career at the firm, with a little help from the bubbly, of course.

Usually careers aren’t made or stayed at these affairs, but maybe they can get nudged. We’ve all been at these parties, and no one seems to mind if someone drinks too much once a year, and acts a little crazy. This can’t be Traci’s first annual party, so I’m sure everyone has seen this behavior before. If only it weren’t Astrid’s 18-year-old son, Ghee, who Traci is play humping on the carpet, riding his hips like a cowgirl without the blues. Complete with a loud and graphic sexual menu of other options. “Oh baby!” I guess she is so drunk she really has forgotten where she is, and what’s at stake. Astrid bars the door later and takes the keys when Ghee tries to leave with Traci. “But, Mom.” Though he is correct that she is too wasted to drive herself home.

Alcohol can be a bane or a benefit depending on your discipline. It is said that drinking a couple of glasses of red wine a week will lessen your risk of heart problems. I guess alcohol helps emulsify the fats so they don’t form blockages in arteries. How else to explain that the French eat a diet higher in cholesterol and fats than Americans, but have lower incidence of heart disease and other blockage disorders? Moderate red wine consumption is also said to lower risks for diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Astrid didn’t fire Traci right away, but their relationship was permanently changed. By Spring Traci was gone. I drank more than my two drink limit that night, and didn’t get even a little giddy. If you take the L-Cysteine and Vitamin C Complex combo before and while drinking, and sip instead of gulp, it will move the alcohol through your liver so quickly and efficiently that you may feel little or no intoxication. And you won’t lose your job at the party.


people drinking alcohol

A hangover results when you drink faster or drink more than your body can process, causing a form of self poisoning. When you drink, your body uses three major organs to metabolize and slough it off. About 5 percent through your kidneys, which explains the extra urination when you drink. About 5 percent through your lungs, which explains rank booze breath when you drink a lot, even after you brush your teeth the next day. But the majority, 90 percent, is metabolized through your liver, which explains why drinking too much alcohol is the number one cause of cirrhosis of the liver.

Definition: CIRRHOSIS OF THE LIVER: Years of alcohol abuse result in chronic inflammation in the liver, where normal cells are damaged. (Remember free radicals and the discussion of Inflammation in Blog 3?) Scar tissue, which is not as porous as healthy tissue, forms over the inflamed areas as they heal. Over time when too much scar tissue replaces healthy tissue you have CIRRHOSIS OF THE LIVER.  The spreading of scar tissue (cirrhosis) changes the structure, shape and size of the liver and the blood vessels that nourish it, obstructing the normal flow of blood through the organ, because it has become less porous. As it becomes more scarred, the liver loses its functional abilities to produce proteins, fight infections, process hormones and nutrients, filter the blood of medications and poisons including alcohol, help digest food, store energy, oh, and keep you alive. CIRRHOSIS OF THE LIVER is the twelfth most common cause of death in American adults. It is twice as common in men as in women, and occurs in more than half of malnourished chronic alcoholics. As it worsens, it is known to lead to liver hemorrhage, liver cancer, impotence, blood poisoning, hepatitis B and C, coma from liver failure, and death.
One thing they never mention in these tables is that drinking too much alcohol ages you prematurely. Even if you start out fairly attractive, a life of excessive alcohol consumption without additional nutritional protection will age you beyond your years, and put you at risk for all the associative disorders. If you tie one on every night you are killing your liver, and it has many functions that are designed to keep you beautiful. Real beauty is good health and vitality, not “perfect” features: you can observe it in skin, eyes, hair, teeth, breath, and body language. Alcohol abuse diminishes all these markers of beauty.


This was my first big party with Astrid’s firm, but I knew what to expect. Excess. Too many food choices, too much champagne, wine, and hard booze, yours for the asking. A limitless supply in which you are encouraged to overindulge. Knowing this, right before I left the house I took a double dose of L-Cysteine and Vitamin C Complex, with B12, even before I had a single drink. I added another three double doses to a baggie, figuring I wouldn’t be there for more than six hours.

L-Cysteine is an amino acid, one of the elements that make up a whole protein. It has an incredible ability to efficiently clean out the lungs and the liver remarkably fast. Vitamin C Complex assists L-Cysteine in its detoxifying functions, as a catalyst, making the L-Cysteine work more efficiently.

Definition: VITAMIN C COMPLEX: It contains Vitamin C (as Rosehips and/or Ascorbic Acid) plus Rutin (but not enough, which is why you need extra), Citrus Bioflavonoids, Hesperidin Complex, and Acerola. Puritan’s Pride also adds Alfalfa and Barley Grass to its C Complex. (If you can’t find C Complex, use straight C.)

Since 95 percent of the alcohol you drink is processed by the liver and the lungs, and that’s where L-Cysteine does its best work, you can avoid hangovers by taking the combo before you drink, while you’re drinking, when you get home and before you go to sleep, or when you wake up hungover. If necessary, as in a business cocktail setting, you can even use the combo to drink without intoxication.

Vitamin B12 is prescribed because it improves the delivery of oxygen to all parts of your system. It helps you stay alert while drinking, or wake up fast if you don’t take the supplements until the morning after.

Supplement Before Drinking While Drinking Before Bed Brand Strength
L-CYSTEINE (capsules only) 2 capsules 2 capsules every two hours 2 capsules Puritan’s Pride #100 500 mg
VITAMIN C COMPLEX 2 tablets 2 tablets every two hours 2 tablets Puritan’s Pride #3140 1000 mg
VITAMIN B12 (no time release products!) 2 tablets 2 tablets Nature’s Life (800-247-6997) 1000 mcg

If you drink too much in a situation when you have not been able to take your supplement therapy in advance, and you wake up hungover, you can eliminate it the morning after.

Supplement When You First Wake Up Every Hour Until You Feel Better Every four hours for rest of day Brand Strength
L-CYSTEINE (capsules only) 3 capsules 2 capsules 1 capsule Puritan’s Pride #100 500 mg
VITAMIN C COMPLEX 3 tablets 2 tablets 1 tablet Puritan’s Pride #3140 1000 mg
VITAMIN B12 (no time release products!) 4 tablets Nature’s Life (800-247-6997) 1000 mcg

If you drink heavily on a regular basis, after a while you’ll notice on your face little red lines that are tiny broken blood vessels. There is also similar damage occurring inside that you cannot see. Alcohol destroys elements of the Vitamin C Complex, especially Rutin. Without enough Rutin in your system, the walls of your arterial system weaken, thin, crack, and permit leakage. This Rutin deficiency leads to all sorts of disorders associated with weak arterial walls, from bleeding gums to hemorrhoids, nosebleeds, varicose veins, rosacea, brain stroke from rupture, and many more.

Remember the actor W. C. Fields, with the big red alcohol nose? As the blood vessels in the nose weaken, they cause the nose to lose its shape and contour, get soft and mushy looking. So too, your face. If you drink a lot and are noticing these tell tale broken blood vessels on your face, you should be taking L-Cysteine, Vitamin C Complex, and Rutin regularly. Rutin will actually tighten and repair weakened, thinning blood vessels, and stop leakages anywhere in your arterial system.

Since excess alcohol causes inflammation in the liver, which leads to cirrhosis (scarring), Beta Carotene and Vitamin D are also prescribed for regularly heavy drinkers.

Preventing And Repairing Alcohol Related Conditions (Weak Blood Vessels, And Liver Damage) Remedy At A Glance Chart (Maintenance)
Supplement Breakfast Dinner Brand Strength
L-CYSTEINE (capsules only) 2 capsules 2 capsules Puritan’s Pride #100 500 mg
VITAMIN C COMPLEX 2 tablets 2 tablets Puritan’s Pride #3140 1000 mg
RUTIN 4 tablets 4 tablets Puritan’s Pride #1561 500 mg
BETA CAROTENE (softgels only) 10 softgels (or more) 10 softgels (or more) Puritan’s Pride #1223 25,000 IU (equivalent to 15 mg)
VITAMIN D3 (softgels only) 1 softgel 1 softgel Puritan’s Pride #15605 1000 IU
Let’s be straight. If you’re drinking every day or even almost every day, you need to take the extra precaution of following this therapy. When your liver gets messed up, the party ends fast and painfully. And who wants a red paunchy nose?


Try to drink several ounces of water, or another liquid other than alcohol, when you take the supplements. The additional liquids help the supplements work and flush your system of alcohol.

► When you open a bottle of L-Cysteine you will notice a strong odor. It’s supposed to smell like that.

► In order for L-Cysteine to work effectively it must be taken with twice its weight in Vitamin C. So, if you were to take 1000 mg of L-Cysteine, you would have to take 2000 mg of Vitamin C in order to get the L-Cysteine to work properly. This therapy will not work as I have described if you take L-Cysteine alone, or without enough Vitamin C.

Do not use L-Cysteine if you are allergic to sulphur.

► Do not use time released Vitamin B12 products. For this therapy to work you need the sudden jolt of the full dose in your system all at once.

Please be nice to each other, and look for my next blog: Blog 8: Protecting Cigarette Smokers’ Health where I tell you how to protect your lungs, heart and other organs, while you smoke tobacco, and think about quitting.


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