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This blog is not about trying to get you to quit smoking tobacco. If you are still puffing away in the face of all the evidence of why you shouldn’t, nothing I say here will make you stop. You’ll quit if and when you feel like it, no matter how much your spouse, children, friends, parents, and society in general nag at you.


This blog is about how to protect your health while you smoke. It is dedicated to people I care about who are still smoking, like Banana, Vivian, Jack, Barbara, Rhomie, Mary, Julie, Jacqui, and others I don’t know personally, but who have been outed by the press, like Barack Obama and John Boehner. If you’re only puffing in the bathroom twice a day, or if you’re a pack a day hound, you will notice the difference in your lungs if you use this L-Cysteine therapy regularly. You will also lessen the overall ruination that cigarette smoking does to your body, and increase your years.

This supplement therapy upsets the purists. They tell me I shouldn’t give smokers a “free pass.” That I should join the nag brigade, and wag my finger with the rest, not tell smokers how to get away with their crimes. My response is that smokers’ illnesses take a terrible toll on society generally, financially, and emotionally, not to mention the poor smokers. So maybe in addition to the nagging we should show them how to protect their bodies. This therapy is also a good idea for people regularly exposed to second-hand smoke.

Around the world, nearly 5.5 million deaths a year are attributed to tobacco (cigarette, cigar, and pipe delivery systems). That number is expected to rise to 8.5 million yearly by 2030. The habit kills nearly half a million Americans every year, of which about 50,000 (10%) who don’t themselves smoke, still die of second-hand exposure from hanging out with smokers. Studies show that a third to half of all smokers are killed by their habit, and that they die an average 15 years sooner than they would had they not smoked. Fifteen years!

Let’s put these numbers in perspective. Let’s say you’re on your way to lunch with a client, already tasting the miso soup and shrimp tempura, and you pass a man standing in an alcove by a dumpster, taking a cigarette break. Without more investigation you know that he has a 1 in 2, or a 1 in 3 chance of dying from causes directly related to that cigarette, and that he will probably take a loved one with him, when he goes 15 years before he’s supposed to. Fifteen years!


Before I explain how to use L-Cysteine and Vitamin C Complex, let’s look at what happens inside your body as you smoke, to help you understand why this particular supplement therapy will help you.

As background, let’s first talk about Cilia, which are important to the health of your respiratory tract. Cilia are hair-like strands that line the mucous membranes of the tract. They protect the entire system by filtering out and trapping dust and other foreign particles, preventing them from penetrating the air sac. (Getting inside you.) The tips of the Cilia are normally kept slightly sticky in order to facilitate this function, and there are tens of thousands of them.

The Cilia, then, are the guards at the gate charged with keeping marauders out of the castle. Each guard is equipped with a special, highly-advanced “sticky” weapon, a Glutron, that draws in and neutralizes all attacking firepower. You’re safe inside the castle because the Cilia stand ready, and are equipped, to defend you.

Naturally, the first thing invaders do is target and kill those guards, because as long as they are in place, your enemies can’t get to you. But with the guards weakened and dying off rapidly, the castle is left defenseless. The haters can walk right in and take over. In other words, without healthy Cilia, there is nothing to stop nicotine and other toxins in cigarettes from directly entering your system.

So, with all that in mind, let’s light up:

1.         When you smoke a cigarette three things happen relative to the Cilia:

(a)        The hot smoke singes the tops of the Cilia with each draw, actually burning them. This is understandable when you discover that the temperature of the smoke while you’re drawing it in is nearly 1300 F, and almost exactly 700 C.

[I understand that the exact temperature of hell cannot be computed, but according to The Journal of Irreproducible Results, it must be less than 444.6 C, which is the temperature at which brimstone or sulphur changes from a liquid to a gas. So, at least figuratively speaking, cigarette smoke is hotter than hell.]

(b)        The body immediately sends moisture to the scorched Cilia tips to put out the fires, cool, and lubricate them.

(c)        Each cigarette leaves behind a bit of TAR residue on the burned Cilia tips as they smolder and finally cool.

Definition: T.A.R:  You often hear “tar” used in connection with smoking cigarettes. It is an acronym for Total Aerosol Residue, and does not refer to the stuff they put on roads or use with feathers in Daffy Duck cartoons. TAR contains the most carcinogenic and destructive components of tobacco. It is what’s left behind after you smoke, and it builds up on the Cilia and in the lungs over time, causing massive biological mutations.

2.          As you draw on the cigarette, the nicotine and chemical laden smoke irritates your entire respiratory system, even as it sensuously fills your lungs, damaging cells in your nose, mouth, throat, voice box, windpipe, lungs, and heart—through which the smoke tainted blood must pass to get to your brain and give you that special nicotine rush.

3.         You have another cigarette and another, and your body continues to send extra moisture to your Cilia tips, trying to put out the fires. As this routine is repeated with each cigarette, each smoky breath, the moisture builds up on the tips and thickens into phlegm as it dries from normal breathing. That’s where smokers’ congestion comes from, and why there’s usually a bit of phlegm left in your lungs after a cigarette. You may not notice the phlegm, if you’re not coughing it up. If you aren’t taking an emulsifier, most of it just sits there and continues to thicken.

4.         When the Cilia tips become coated with so much TAR that the body’s attempts to moisten them fail, they can no longer filter out and trap the nicotine and other toxins, which then begin to penetrate the membranes directly.

5.         Free radicals are created from the cells damaged by TAR, and they lead to oxidation and inflammation (Blog 3) in the respiratory regions, but especially the lungs. Chronic respiratory distress in the form of inflammation from smoking cigarettes leads ultimately to lung cancer (Blog 4) and other inflammatory based diseases in the tract, unless you protect yourself with food supplements and good diet choices.

There are tens of thousands of Cilia in the respiratory tract, but to illustrate the above even more clearly, let’s follow the life span of just one of them. We’ll call her “Celine.”

The brave Celine is assigned to help guard the lungs of a habitual cigarette smoker. She’s been trained well on her Glutron weapon with its advanced “sticky” technology, and is ready to do her duty despite the inevitable risks. Shortly after reporting in she watches as the air sac fills with fiery smoke around her. Even though she’s been through simulated training, she still freaks when her hair catches fire. She screams in distress, and central control sends water to extinguish the fire.

The air finally clears but it takes Celine a while to calm down. When she does, she notices a dark spot on her head that won’t go away when she pokes at it. Barely an hour later the smoke comes again, then more fire on her head, her screams, which bring water, and later another dark spot on the other side of her head. This happens repeatedly, until the top of Celine’s head is so burned it’s just a singed lump.

With her brain burned up, her Glutron disabled, Celine can no longer filter out and trap the nicotine and other toxins that invade with the smoke. Celine starts shutting down. As she lay dying, she watches helplessly as the cancer task force marches past her. They thumb their noses at her in turn, as they penetrate the walls of the defenseless lungs—the castle—and start production. Unopposed of course, because poor Celine, the brave Cilia, is dead.


The high sulphur content of L-Cysteine, an amino acid, reduces TAR buildup in your respiratory tract. It keeps TAR from accumulating on the Cilia tips, crippling and killing them. It works fast and makes a big difference you can feel. It makes it easier to breathe, and eliminates that feeling of “breathing through cotton,” of which many smokers complain. It is the speed at which the Combo moves the toxins out of your lungs and blood stream that makes it so valuable in protecting smokers’ health. L-Cysteine will not work well on its own, however. But when taken in combination with Vitamin C Complex, it moves toxins out of the lungs so fast and expeditiously, that they have less opportunity to do damage. It also relieves smoker’s cough. Vitamin C Complex assists L-Cysteine in its detoxifying functions, as a catalyst, helping L-Cysteine work more efficiently.

Definition: VITAMIN C COMPLEX: It contains Vitamin C (as Rosehips and/or Ascorbic Acid) plus Rutin, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Hesperidin Complex, and Acerola. Puritan’s Pride also adds Alfalfa and Barley Grass to its C Complex. (If you can’t find C Complex, use straight C.)

Since smoking damages cells and causes free radicals and inflammation, in addition to L-Cysteine and Vitamin C Complex, Beta Carotene is also prescribed, as is Vitamin D3, which Beta Carotene needs to neutralize free radicals. Lecithin is prescribed to make sure you get rid of the mucus that forms on the burned Cilia tips. Otherwise, you will still face chronic congestion.

Supplement Breakfast Dinner Brand Strength
L-CYSTEINE (capsules only) 3 capsules 3 capsules Puritan’s Pride #100 500 mg
VITAMIN C COMPLEX 3 tablets 3 tablets Puritan’s Pride #3140 1000 mg
BETA CAROTENE (softgels only) 10 softgels (or more) 10 softgels (or more) Puritan’s Pride #1223 25,000 IU (equivalent to 15 mg)
Vitamin D3 (softgels only) 1 softgel 1 softgel Puritan’s Pride #15605 1000 IU
LECITHIN (softgels) 5 softgels 5 softgels Puritan’s Pride #303 1200 mg
LECITHIN (granules) 1 tbls Puritan’s Pride #1064 NA
If you still have smoker’s cough after using this therapy daily for one week, try Puritan’s Pride Vitamin C & Zinc Lozenges #5351. They stop coughs faster than anything you’ve ever seen. The zinc actually plugs the “doorways” in your nasal passages through which bacteria and viruses would otherwise enter.


► Remember, these are not pills you’re taking, but concentrated food supplements. This isn’t medicine. It’s nutrition.

► When you open a bottle of L-Cysteine you will notice a strong odor. It’s supposed to smell like that. It’s the sulphur.

► In order for L-Cysteine to work effectively it must be taken with twice its weight in Vitamin C. So, if you were to take 1000 mg of L-Cysteine, you would need 2000 mg of Vitamin C in order to get the L-Cysteine to work properly. This therapy will not work as I have described if you take L-Cysteine alone, or without enough Vitamin C.

Lecithin is the best natural emulsifier available, and will safely breakup and remove congestion from your lungs and sinus. I have recommended Puritan’s Pride brand because theirs is from soybeans only, and contains a minimum of 70 mg of phosphatides in each 1200 mg softgel, equivalent to 61 percent phosphatides. The value of a Lecithin product is determined by the percentage of phosphatides it contains, because they activate the fat emulsifying process in your body. You may use another brand but make sure it conforms to these specifications or it will not work as I described.

► When you use Lecithin regularly, in the beginning you will notice that you are coughing up and blowing out of your nose, a lot more mucus than usual. And it may appear thicker, nastier, and more opaque than usual. This is happening because Lecithin is breaking up congestion blockages in your lungs and other areas, causing mucus and other wastes to be expelled. This is a good sign and will taper off as your body cleans itself.

► Lecithin Granules are best used in blender drinks and sprinkled on salads, fresh cut fruit, and cereals. Make sure to consume it uncooked, in its natural state. You can use it in cooked recipes for texture and smoothness, but those amounts do not count toward your daily maintenance dose.

► One heaping tablespoon of Lecithin Granules is equal to six softgels. You can’t take too much. Feel free to use additional amounts liberally.

► If you take Beta Carotene without also taking Vitamin D, you will deplete your stores of Vitamin D and develop a Vitamin D deficiency. It usually manifests as sores on the inside of the mouth. Always take Vitamin D when you take Beta Carotene.

Vitamin D3 is recommended because it more closely replicates the Vitamin D made naturally on your skin from contact with the sun. But if you can’t find D3, take straight Vitamin D.

Do not use L-Cysteine if you are allergic to sulphur.

Please be nice to each other, and look for my next blog: Blog 9: Multiple Sclerosis, where I tell you how to prevent it and avoid it in its onset stages.


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