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CATEGORY: 1: Simple Malnutrition


I’ll admit to being a Trekkie, but I’m not a Trekkophile; I never wear my uniform in public, and I gave my life size, standing cut-out of Captain Kirk to Goodwill months ago. Besides the intellectual stimulation provided by the ongoing Star Trek adventures, I was drawn to the ethic of the show, the shared sense of honor and commitment the characters had toward each other. You were always certain the primary characters would raid heaven and hell to protect each other.

The original Star Trek television show didn’t have a big budget from the look of the sets, and sometimes the direction was weak. But there were new ideas presented in plots that gave you something to think about. One of my favorite episode ideas was, Spock’s Brain, which I understand is considered by the actors involved and most fans to be the worst episode of the show. Nevertheless, I liked it, and it helps me to make a point about the way the brain works

In that episode, an alien female beams onto the Enterprise, surgically removes Spock’s brain, leaving the body behind, and takes the brain back to her home planet in the Sigma Draconis system. The aliens connect Spock’s brain to their planet’s power grid. His brain then begins to operate various systems, pumping water, circulating air, running heating and cooling plants, coordinating filtration and sanitation—all the functions that make up a planet-wide life support system.

Just as Spock’s brain, called the Controller in the episode, ran the functions necessary to protect life on Sigma Draconis, human brains also direct an array of functions necessary to keep us alive. In effect, your brain is in charge of your life support system. It is in charge of heart rate, breathing, body temperature, and blood pressure. When’s the last time you thought about any of these things consciously? It processes enormous amounts of information that flood into it nonstop while you are awake, from your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. It permits you to be mobile, stand up, move around, walk, or sit up. It lets you experience emotions and sensations. Everything happens in your head; that is where your world unfolds.

And more in keeping with what people associate with brain power, your brain permits you to think, reason, analyze, differentiate, store and recall memories, and even dream. It enables you to communicate your desires and grievances to others. Each part of the brain has its own function, but these functions must all work together for you to stay alive.


When you think about all it has to do, it’s easy to understand that your brain needs a lot of nutrition to perform a multitude of tasks. Or at least to perform them well. Your brain is a hungry creature. It’s the big dog at the top of our internal food chain; it even sits all the way at the top. The hungry dog consumes a full quarter of all the nutrition you take in. It sucks up over twenty percent of the oxygen carried in your bloodstream. Every heartbeat pumps almost a quarter of your blood into Hungry Dog’s lair. Meaning, at any given time up to a quarter of your blood supply is sloshing around inside your head.

Hungry Dog receives all this nutrition through your network of blood vessels. If Hungry Dog doesn’t get enough nutrition from your bloodstream, it will slowdown, forget where it’s buried its bone, grow snappish and snarly, and simply will not perform up to its full potential.

Hungry Dog likes to gorge itself on carbohydrates. Yum. Every kind of fruit, vegetable, nut, grain, and legume. It also likes milk, fish, eggs, and green tea. Before Hungry Dog can consume carbohydrates, they must first be changed into glucose in your bloodstream. It is this glucose that provides food energy to your own Hungry Dog.

Glucose is comprised of micronutrients, fatty acids, and amino acids. Amino acids are called the building blocks of protein. One amino acid in particular, L-Glutamine, is very important to brain function. The blood concentration levels of L-Glutamine are three to four times greater than any other amino acid. It is particularly concentrated in the brain and skeletal muscles.


L-Glutamine is a brain food that gives your mental abilities a most potent boost without any manic side effects. Most particularly, it facilitates the transfer of communication between the two halves of the brain. It has a remarkable effect on improving the brain’s ability to learn, think, reason, and remember. And you don’t have to take it for a long time to feel its brain-expanding effects. Some people notice the difference hours after taking their first dose. Others might notice it days later. For some the real effect won’t be apparent to them until they stop taking it. All of a sudden what was normal before isn’t so inviting anymore. Feeling smarter is more fun.

A lot of people wrongly think that Ginkgo Biloba has a direct link to memory improvement. That, all by itself it can improve your thought processes. Not exactly true. Gingko Biloba is an herb and an effective blood thinner. If the blood is thinned, more of it will move faster through an arterial system, even a clogged one. Gingko Biloba helps to get more blood and therefore more nutrients into your brain faster, because it makes the blood skinnier. L-Glutamine feeds your brain, and Ginkgo Biloba thins the L-Glutamine filled blood so it can move quickly to the underserved parts of your brain.


There are two other important support supplements, Vitamin B12 and Lecithin: B12 increases the amount of oxygen carried by your red blood cells, and gets more oxygen to your brain, making you feel more alert and involved. Lecithin is the best natural emulsifier available, and helps keep your brain arteries clear of plaque that prevents good blood flow to the brain.

This therapy will not turn someone with an IQ of 12 into a genius suddenly. What it will do is permit anyone to maximize whatever brain power they already have and increase their ability to remember. It will permit your brain to operate at its maximum capacity everyday. It will help you to be your maximum best. I’m not a morning person, and without taking this therapy beforehand, I would be useless at morning meetings.

To Improve Analytical Abilities & Memory  QUICK GLANCE CHART
Main Supplements Breakfast Dinner Brand Strength
L-Glutamine 3 tablets 3 tablets Puritan’s Pride #3042 500 mg
Ginkgo Biloba (capsules only) 1 capsule 1 capsule Puritan’s Pride #4544 120 mg
Important Support Supplements
B12 1 tablet 1 tablet Natures Life 1000 mcg
Lecithin 3 softgels 3 softgels Puritan’s Pride #303 1200 mg
If you’re in a stressful situation where your mind is constantly being pressed to perform at peak potential, add a third dose of all supplements at lunch time.


Ginkgo Biloba is an effective natural blood thinner. If you are on a prescription blood thinner, like Coumadin, know that Ginkgo Biloba will duplicate your prescription medication.

Please be nice to each other, and look for my next blog: Blog 21:  Rheumatoid Arthritis, where I tell you how to get it completely under control and stop all symptoms within two to four weeks.


Your support is greatly appreciated.


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