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(See Comments at end for a brief discussion of male pattern baldness.)

CATEGORY: 1: Simple Malnutrition


Hair so thin your scalp is showing where it didn’t before. Hair that falls out, won’t grow back and leaves bald spots behind. Hair that grows maddeningly slow then weakens and splits at the ends. Hair that grows to a certain length shorter than you want and won’t grow longer. Hair that used to grow to your satisfaction, but has slowed way down. Hair that has fallen out due to a medical condition or treatment, but is growing back too slow for you. These kinds of hair trauma are no joking matter. Any one of these problems can be devastating to one’s sense of self, but it’s particularly hard when you’re only 11, like Natalie L., and think that all the other kids notice.

Natalie is a beautiful, cerebral child, the oldest daughter of my friend, Rita L., a preemie RN, who herself is one of nine siblings—five girls. Natalie’s brown hair had grown so thin and wispy that her scalp was visible, and she wasn’t alone. All the women on that side of the family, including Rita, have similar problems. They always assumed it was an inherited trait because they all have the problem. That may be true, but another way of looking at it is to say that what they actually inherited was DNA that gives them all a need for extra B Complex in general, and Folic Acid in specific. The lack thereof is what causes the hair loss.

It is known that family members share similar health issues, like hair problems in Natalie’s family, or breast cancer in another family, simply because they share similar DNA. But there’s more to it than that. The similar health problem may come originally from the shared DNA, but it is the lack of the proper food supplements later that permits the disorder to present itself. In other words, vulnerability to a given disorder is due not only to the shared DNA, but also to a common way of eating—all those family recipes and eating rituals passed down, and over—which is nutritionally deficient. Since family members are eating similarly deficient diets, they are developing similar health problems.

I have heard of women in breast cancer prone families having one or more healthy breasts removed, because their sisters, mother, or aunts developed breast cancer. This is certainly one approach to avoidance, but please understand that you don’t have to do anything nearly so drastic. Shared DNA may result in deficiency X. But X can always be treated with the correct food supplements, and thereby controlled and completely avoided.

I put Natalie and Rita on the same supplement regimen, with Natalie’s dosage slightly lower. A little over a month later, Rita had two inches of new growth and it’s growing in thicker and healthier looking. Natalie had four gorgeous inches of thicker new growth! When Natalie looks in the mirror now, she beams. For the first time in years, Natalie’s hair in front is long and thick enough to flop over her eyes and cheekbones. She’s got a real Veronica Lake thing going on, and you can’t see her scalp.

As an assist for the Folic Acid, I also gave them B Complex, Biotin, and Silica. Folic Acid is part of the B Complex. These support vitamins help grow hair, but if your funds are tight, start with Folic Acid and B Complex right away, and add Biotin and Silica when you can. Folic Acid will also stimulate eyebrow growth.


You need a lot of Folic Acid on a regular basis to get your hair to grow in earnest. (Remember, you’re not thinking of supplements as “pills” any more, which suggests medicine, but rather as what they are, “concentrated nutrition.” Food, in other words.) When you stop the Folic Acid, it’s like turning off a tap; your hair stops growing immediately. You have to take it regularly, like clockwork, twice daily. The more Folic Acid you take, the faster your hair will grow, up to a point. (There is a point at which taking more Folic Acid will actually cause your hair growth to slow down. But you’ll notice when you get there.) If you’ve chosen a certain number to start and don’t see results in a few days, it just means that you need to increase your dosage.

I take 18 tablets twice daily for optimum growth; Rita has been taking 15 twice daily, and Natalie 7 twice daily. I use Puritan’s Pride brand because it works well, and the tiny, tic-tac size makes it easier to take so many. I started with 10 tablets twice daily a couple years ago, and that worked for a while. But over time I have had to increase the dosage to keep my hair growing the way I want. I have been taking 18 twice daily for over a year and am happy with the results.


FOLIC ACID 10-18 tablets 10-18 tablets Puritan’s Pride #2845 800 mcg
B COMPLEX 100 (capsules only) 1 capsule 1 capsule Puritan’s Pride #10282 100 mg/mcg
BIOTIN 3 tablets 3 tablets Puritan’s Pride #7961 1000 mcg


FOLIC ACID 7-10 tablets 7-10 tablets Puritan’s Pride #2845 800 mcg
B COMPLEX 50 (capsules only) 1 capsule 1 capsule Puritan’s Pride #19973 50 mg/mcg
BIOTIN 2 tablets 2 tablets Puritan’s Pride #7961 1000 mcg


When using Folic Acid in high doses for an extended period. The individual components of B Complex depend on each other to interact properly within your system. Folic Acid is part of the B Complex. If you take any one component for an extended time without the whole complex, you will deplete another component and create a different deficiency. Therefore, you have to take the full B Complex mixture as long as you take Folic Acid.

I highly recommend staying away from tablets and using only B Complex capsules. Tablets can be very hard to digest. I also suggest taking B Complex with food, again because of the digestion issue. If you have a cast iron stomach, don’t worry. Otherwise, it can cause a terrific tummy ache for some people.

Please be nice to each other, and look for my next blog: Blog 3: The Danger of Inflammation, where I explain why it is the single biggest health threat that you face.


Your support is greatly appreciated.


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