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I have discovered an amazing new way to free up my time so that I can devote more of it to posting blogs regularly and more often, researching new treatments, expanding the types of wellness topics I write about, responding to personal email questions, and writing that cancer book I’ve been talking about.

Best possible scenario is that the move works so well that I can hold limited trials for specific treatments like cancer, open my own wellness center, and maybe start marketing my own supplement products. All of which are long time goals. The possibilities are unlimited, and I’m so excited!

Until now I have concentrated on diseases and disorders, and the supplements needed to control them. But after this move I’ll also be talking about:

Exercise & Fitness • Anti-Aging Solutions • Pain Management • Food & Recipes • Pet Health • Diet & Nutrition • Beauty Tips • Increasing Longevity • Children’s Health • Relaxation & Anti Stress • Health In The News • Weight Management • Oral Health • Infertility • Best Spa Treatments • New Health Discoveries • Geriatric Medicine • And More….

Unfortunately, to make this move work I will have to shut down Lynn Capehart Wellness Project 2011-2018 to the public. In fact, if you are reading this, the site is probably already dark or will be very soon, except for the three essays, which can still be accessed. I will not write any new blogs on the word press site, but it will be accessible to those who join me as members on the new site.

My blog is read in 146 countries, because it is unique and informative, and because the treatments really work. The problem is that I get zero to no compensation for it, meaning I have to work a day job to stay afloat, meaning there is no time or money for the other pursuits I mentioned above. By working in a paid membership platform I can devote myself solely to writing and researching wellness.

The cost to you each month for access to the new stream on Patreon.com, as well as, the original 54 blogs on WordPress is less than you would spend for a large bag of chips. Unfortunately, my requests for donations over the past five years, in order to keep the WordPress site public and free, were ignored. In order to survive, I have to make this move and start charging for my blog streams.


Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for creators of content to get paid for their work.

Many writings, paintings, and other works of art we enjoy today, those by daVinci, Botticelli, Dickinson, Michelangelo, Picasso, and countless others, only exist because of the support of wealthy patrons who paid their bills and put food on the table, enabling them to concentrate on their work and not have to take a job with the local seamstress, blacksmith, or fish monger.

Sometimes a single patron made it possible for an artist or writer to have the time and freedom to produce work that still enchants, enlightens, and informs our souls today. It isn’t easy to find anyone nowadays who can afford to do that, or who is willing to do so even if they can afford it.

But if an artist is lucky, they can find a lot of people willing to give a little on a regular basis. That’s what Patreon is all about and what I am looking for.

Patrons join Patreon and agree to support a specific artist or writer and pay an agreed upon amount to the creator monthly, or each time they publish.

I am going on the monthly plan with a goal of creating one or more blogs a month. Your credit card will be charged each month. You can cancel membership at any time.

When you register on Patreon as one of my patrons, you will have access to all my new blogs posted there. I will also add your email to the word press blog, so that you can access it any time by simply signing in under that email.

I am hopeful that most of you will be able and willing to follow me to Patreon and continue to receive my blogs. But in order to make this move workable, I will only be able to answer private emails from my Patreon patrons.

For anyone wanting to make a tax-free donation without joining Patreon, you may still do so through paypal.com to the account of lynncapehartnonprofit@outlook.com. And I thank you in advance.

I’m not sure about the link so please go to www.patreon.com and type my name into the search box.

I wish you good health and a long life. I look forward to continuing our relationship and interacting with you on Patreon. I have a lot more to share with you. If you are unable to follow me on this new journey, please wish me good luck and safe passage. And I wish you the same.



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